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Aluminum Alloy 6063


Aluminum alloy 6063 is commonly used in architectural applications, interior, and exterior decoration industry. such as window frames, door frames, curtain wall frames, railing, fencing, decking, furniture. Aluminum alloy 6063 is also the most popular aluminum alloy for many industries where high strength is not the most important factor for the product.

▹Chemical Component

Mg and Si are the main alloying elements for 6063 aluminum alloy. The alloy composition of 6063 is

aluminium profile 6063 aluminum fonnov

Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Zr Others Aluminum
Max. 0.2-0.6 0.35 0.1  0.1 0.45-0.9 0.1 0.1 0.1 totally 0.15 reminder

✣All compositions are in percent.

▹Mechanical Properties

6063 aluminum alloy is a medium-strength heat-tremble strengthening alloy in AL-Mg-Si system. It has excellent processing properties, excellent weldability, extrudability, and electroplating properties, and good Corrosion resistance, toughness, easy polishing, color film, excellent anodizing effect, is a typically extruded alloy. Applications requiring higher strength typically use 6061 or 6082 instead.

The mechanical properties of 6063 aluminum alloy depend greatly on the temper or heat treatment of the material. The most common tempers for 6063 aluminium alloy are:
T5 Condition: Cooled from an elevated temperature and artificially aged.
T6 Condition: Solution heat-treated and artificially aged.

Aluminium Alloy

& Temper



Tensile Strength


Yield Strength




6063-T5 ≤3.00 175 130 65
>3.00-25.00 160 110 7 65
6063-T6 ≤10.00 215 170 75
>10.00-25.00 195 160 8 75

✣The tested value is Min.

▹Physical Properties

Here is the physical property of the aluminum alloy 6063. Note that there is no difference between the T5 and T6 tempers.

Aluminium Alloy Thermal Coefficient of Expansion


μm/m·k  Rm/Mpa

Melting Point


6063 23.4 615-655 55-63 0.033 2.7


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