Advertising equipment is everywhere. The most representative one is the lightbox, which has a delicate and powerful picture expression. Its strong visual impact has become the protagonist of advertising signs in stores, shopping malls, and various public places, and is now one of the first choices for many advertising methods. Advertising display stand is also can be seen everywhere.The aluminum profile is the main raw material for the production of advertising equipment frames. The profile surfaces are always powder coated or anodized to natural silver, white or black.

Aluminum Profiles for Lightbox Frame

aluminum profiles for lightbox-fonnovaluminium

The lightbox is composed of an aluminum profile frame, LED light bar, and picture. The lightbox aluminum material is used in the production of lightbox advertisements. The lightbox aluminum material can be bent into various shapes or combined into different shapes. The lightbox is mainly divided into a fabric lightbox and an ultra-thin lightbox.

The frame used in the fabric lightbox is usually 4.5cm, 5cm, 6.5cm, 7cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 17cm and so on. The advantage of fabric lightbox is very obvious, the most important thing is to save space, so it is usually used as a wall advertisement. It is often used as a media advertisement on channels such as airports, subways, and stations.

The ultra-thin lightbox is exquisite in appearance, ultra-thin, and ultra-light. The width of the lightbox frame is generally 4cm, 5cm, 6cm. The thickness of the lightbox can be as thin as 2cm and the weight can be as light as 0.5kg; it is more than 70% more energy-efficient than the traditional lightbox.

Aluminum Profiles for Display Stand Frame

aluminum profiles for display stand-fonnovaluminium

Aluminum display stands are generally used by enterprises for marketing. It is similar to the picture frame. The aluminum frame has an efficient and unique three-dimensional display effect. Many specifications can be produced according to the actual needs of customers. There are many types of aluminum profile specifications, and it is more convenient to change the picture. It can target the specific group at all times and give visual impact to the audience. And maximize the full range of advertising information, to provide a very good display platform for corporate culture, product display, to achieve the best publicity effect.

Aluminum Profiles for Poster Stand Frame

aluminum profiles for poster stand-fonnovaluminium

The poster frame is stable in performance and can be displayed indoors and outdoors. Besides, the poster frame is displayed with double fixed rods, which enhances the stability of the poster frame and refuses to shake.

Why Aluminum Profiles Are Suitable For The Advertising Equipment Frame?

Low density

The density of aluminum alloy is close to 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of iron or copper. This ensures the hardness and material specifications of the aluminum alloy frame material.

High strength

The strength of the aluminum alloy is much higher than the other advertising materials.

Corrosion resistance

The aluminum alloy surface can create a strong aluminum oxide protective film, which can protect the substrate from corrosion. After anodizing or powder coating, it has stronger corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.

Easy processing

Aluminum is easy to cut, bend and fabricate as per request.


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