Founded in 2004, as a professional aluminium extrusion factory, with years of continuous efforts and development, we are actively in production and sales in aluminum extrusion profiles. New extrusion factory with modern production lines was established in 2015, we have complete coating production lines for different surface finishing. Now we can produce and provide anodized aluminum profiles, powder-coated aluminum profiles, wood finish extrusion aluminium, fluorocarbon coating aluminium extruded profiles, and water-based painting extrusion. Extruded profiles can be used in various architectural and engineering industries, like window and door, building and construction, transportation, infrastructure, automotive, energy, etc.

Aluminium bars, aluminum tubing and aluminium profiles with special alloy for the engineering industry also can be extruded (2A12, 2024, 5052, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075, etc). These aluminium extrusion products are mainly used in the field of communication, electrons, high-voltage electrical apparatus, motorcycles, ships, military, aerospace, etc.

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aluminum extrusion plant - fonnov aluminium

Our aluminum fabrication factory established in 2007. We can provide extra value added fabrication and machining service: bending aluminum, milling aluminum, bending aluminum tubing, cutting to a certain length, square hole punch, round hole punch, laser engraving, CNC cutting, and more. These fabricated aluminum components will be very helpful for your products and projects. Aluminium fences and aluminium ceilings for architectural decoration also can be produced in our fabrication factory with a complete production line.

Adhere to the concept QUALITY FIRST, we extrude strictly according to National Standard. GB/T5237-2008 is for aluminium extrusion of architectural uses and GB/T6892-2015 is for aluminum extrusion of engineering uses. Only accept standard pure aluminum billet material which meeting National Standard GB/T3190-2008, with scientific production management to ensure the stability of the production and quality.

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