Aluminum straw is a type of metal drinking straws that made of aluminum tubes. It can be straight or bent. They come in different colors including red, yellow, and green, etc. Besides, shades of blue like dark and light blue as well as purple are also available in the market.

The strong aluminum straws are hard enough not to easily break. They have no taste and therefore you’ll only feel the taste of your drink. The aluminum straws also have no fade and this ensures that it retains their color for the long time you’ll use them.

Aluminum straws continue to grow in popularity by the day. The eco-friendly drinking straws are designed using aluminum tube material that lasts long and is readily available. When compared to others, the aluminum drinking straw also offers relatively superior qualities.

Reasons why Aluminum Straws are Prioritized

  • Durability

Aluminum straw is anti-corrosive and rust-resistant. For that reason, metal drinking straws made out of it tend to last longer compared to other materials like paper. The low-maintenance metal also has the right energy combination to keep it going for ages before needing replacement.

  • Environment Friendly

Aluminum straw is made of colored anodized aluminum tube. During the design, nature must be considered. The dye used must be environment and human-friendly.

Besides, the dye shouldn’t be able to react to heat changes. This means that the dye should stick to the aluminum straw whether the temperature is too high or too low. Some straws tend to lose their dye when the temperature changes.

  • Easy to Clean

Aluminum straws will mostly come with cleaning brushes. The portable cleaners make it easy to clean these straws after using them. The cleaners are also efficient and get to every part of the straw. This means that the straws stay under perfect hygienic conditions.

Some materials make it so hard to clean. For instance, plastic has a high affinity to retaining fatty materials. Therefore, going for aluminum straws is considered a wiser decision.

  • The Green Economy

There’s been a lot of conversation revolving around the green economy. At one point, the world authorities decided to ban plastics. The reason behind this was mostly because plastics are hard to decompose and this hurts the environment at the end of the day. It doesn’t end there. Countries have to spend extra funds in trying to restore the right environmental conditions.

The green economy works towards sustainability. This means an economy where products are not only reusable but they’re manufactured in such a way that they don’t adversely affect the economy. Besides, recycling and reusing products play a significant role in cost control.

  • Strength

If you use a plastic straw to drink liquids with temperature differences, you may have challenges. The straw may be affected by high temperatures. In most cases, Aluminum can handle high or low temperatures. For that reason, metal is preferred over most other materials.

The metal drinking straws also have enough stamina not to crumble in no matter the thickness of the liquid being sipped through it. This makes it a superior alternative over most of the others.

anodizing for aluminum tubes-fonnov


Just like all other straws, aluminum straw has its shortcomings. Some manufacturers opt for materials like stainless steel and silicon or even plastic.

One advantage plastic has over metals is the heat conductivity factor. Metals conduct heat and that can be an advantage or disadvantage sometimes. For instance, it will be a boost when taking a very cold drink on a sunny afternoon. The aluminum straw will amplify the coolness and the user will feel better.

The same can’t be said when the liquid is hot. The aluminum straw is likely to transfer the heat to the user’s mouth and that may not be desirable. In such cases, a plastic straw may be preferred by most people. This puts aluminum straw at a disadvantage. At that point, most manufacturers will opt for other options.

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