Aluminium Tubes

Aluminium tube extrusion profile is what we usually called aluminium tubes. FONNOV ALUMINIUM produces a wide range of aluminium tubes for commercial and industrial use. 

Aluminium Tube Shapes

Fonnov can produce round aluminIum tubes, square aluminium tubes, rectangular aluminium tubes, hex aluminium tubes, oval aluminium tubes, and we also produce telescopic tubes. Custom shapes also can be produced as per drawing. 

aluminium tubes-fonnov aluminum extrusion

Aluminium Tube Sizes

Fonnov can produce large diameter aluminium tubes up to OD250MM, as well as small aluminium tubes. We also produce thin wall tubes and thick tubes.

Aluminium Tube Materials

6xxx series aluminum alloy is the most suitable raw material for extrusion. The aluminum tubes we produce are mainly with alloy 6063 and 6061.

Aluminium Tube Use

Aluminium tube is a metal product with large demand among different industries, and it is can be seen everywhere in our life and industrial production.

Secondary Machining for Aluminium Tubes

Many aluminum tubes require extra machining and secondary finishing for use. Fonnov aluminium fabrication factory provides extra CNC milling, CNC cutting, laser cutting, bending, welding, assembly, etc. 


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