Anodizing Colors For Clear Anodizing & Dyed Anodizing

When the aluminum alloy is extruded, its surface corrosion resistance is not strong, so a type of surface treatment of anodizing can increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the extruded aluminum profiles. The anodizing color can be clear anodizing and color anodizing (dyed anodizing).

The anodizing process below can make you well understanding of anodizing aluminum.

anodizing process - fonnov aluminium

Surface pretreatment: The surface of the extruded aluminum is cleaned by chemical or physical means to expose a pure matrix to facilitate the obtaining of a complete and dense artificial oxide film. It is also possible to obtain a specular or matt (matte) surface by mechanical methods.

Anodizing: After surface pretreatment, under certain process conditions, the surface of the aluminum profile is anodized to form a dense, porous, strong adsorption AL203 film.

Sealing: The pores of the pores of the porous oxide film formed by anodization are closed, so that the oxide film is prevented from being contaminated, and the corrosion resistance and wear resistance are enhanced. The oxide film is colorless and transparent. By using the strong adsorption property of the oxide film before sealing, some metal salts are adsorbed and deposited in the pores of the film, so that the appearance of the profile shows many colors other than the natural color.

What is Clear Anodizing? How does it look like?

Clear anodizing can also be referred to as regular silver anodizing. The use of clear anodizing in the surface treatment of aluminum alloys accounts for 80%, and most industrial aluminum materials prefer to clear anodizing surface finishing. It has a bit of natural aluminum, elegant and beautiful, corrosion resistance, while taking into account the advantages of lower cost.

clear anodizing-fonnov aluminium

What is Color Anodizing? What colors can it be?

Color anodizing can also be referred to as dyed anodizing. It is with wide range of colors, which has a good decorative performance for aluminum products. This anodizing colors can be black, bronze, champagne, brown, yellow, green, purple, red, blue, gold, etc. Most aluminum products for consumer usage prefer to these decorative anodizing colors.

colour anodising -fonnov aluminium

color anodizing-fonnov aluminium

What Textures Can Be Choosen For The Anodizing Colors?

Smooth texture is the most regular one for both clear anodizing and color anodizing. Meanwhile, anodizing surface finish with sand blasting, polishing and brushing can brings more choices for finishings except anodizing colors.

anodising color -fonnov aluminium

sand blasting anodizing-fonnov aluminium

polishing anodizing -fonnov aluminium

brushing anodizing -fonnov aluminium

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