Aluminum Finishes Of Extruded Profile

Many kinds of aluminum finishes can be chosen in Fonnov Aluminium.

Architecture and building construction is the primary consumption market of extruded aluminum. Windows and doors, as well as facade curtain wall, contribute most to the aluminum profiles. If the aluminum profile is not surface-treated, it has an unattractive appearance and is easily corroded in the humid air. This makes it difficult to meet the requirements for high decorative and weather resistance in building materials.

Aluminum alloy 6060T5, 6060T6, 6063T5, 6063T6 can meet the mechanical property request of this application, but different surface treatments can show different appearances, which users pay most attention to it.


←Anodized Aluminum Finish is an electrochemical process that creates a durable anodic oxide surface on aluminum profiles. In the anodizing process, the pretreated extruded aluminum parts are immersed in an acid electrolyte bath and an electrical current is passed through the solution. This process can create an aluminum oxide layer. Dyes can subsequently be applied, with the final step sealing.

→Powder Coated Aluminum Finish is a dry finishing process. A electrostatic spraying machine is used to spray powder coating on the surface of the aluminum profiles. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the aluminum profile to form a powder coating. The bake oven cures and turns into a final coating with different appearances.


←Woodgrain Aluminum Finish is based on electrostatic powder coating spraying. The wood grain pattern on the transfer paper or transfer film is quickly transferred and penetrated the sprayed coating by the sublimation process on aluminum extrusion profiles. This finish has a clear and natural feeling of timber.

→PVDF Aluminum Finish is a super durable finish. This Fluorocarbon spraying process mostly uses multi-layer spraying to fully take advantage of the durability and weather resistance of Kynar 500 metallic paint. Strict quality control is required from the pre-treatment process, spraying the painting process to the curing process to ensure a qualified aluminum profile.


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