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How to Choose The Thickness of Aluminum Ceiling Tiles?

Fonnov Aluminium Many consumers have a misunderstanding, that is, thicker the metal ceiling, better the quality. So some ceiling manufacturers prefer to produce thicker ceiling panels by increasing the coatings as well as coating thickness.Even more, some factories produce aluminum ceilings with recycled aluminum, which contains harmful substances such as chromium, lead and mercury, such ceiling is [...]

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Aluminum in Our Daily Life

Aluminum is seen everywhere. In our daily life, aluminum can be seen everywhere, it is strong in plasticity, easy to process and beautiful in appearance. It is commonly used in machinery, household appliances, daily necessities manufacturing, and building decoration. Durable consumer goods like household appliances. Due to its lightweight, beautiful appearance, adaptability to [...]

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Sublimation Process – How to Make Aluminium Look Like Wood

Fonnov Aluminum Ceilings, cladding, curtain walls and partitions with aluminium wood finish are often seen in commercial buildings. In the home interior decoration, wood like aluminium doors and windows are very common now, and aluminum furniture with wood grain color has begun into the market. Comparing with the surface of RAL color, the wood finish [...]

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Baffle ceiling is widely used at airports and rail stations

Fonnov Baffle Ceiling at Rail Station. The hall’s interior decoration of the airport and railway station is critical. In many crowded public places, the baffle ceiling facilitates the circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation of the air, and also distributes the light evenly, making the whole space spacious and bright. These advantages of [...]

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Fonnov Aluminium is closed for Chinese New Year holiday. Please be informed that FONNOV ALUMINIUM office and factories are closed for CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAY. We will be back to work starting Feb 11th, 2019 at 9 am. We wish you all to spend happy time with your family [...]

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PVDF Coating vs Powder Coating (Process and Performance)

Fonnov Aluminium PVDF COATING The company Pennwalt developed a fluoropolymer coating for building based on polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) (trademark Kynar500) in 1965. Since then, PVDF coating has been used in buildings. Rotary electrostatic spray application of PVDF coating is the most common application method. There are 2-COAT system, 3-COAT system, and [...]

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