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Aluminium Baffle Ceiling System

FONNOV Aluminium is a manufacturer of aluminium baffle ceiling, and also an OEM baffle ceiling manufacturer for worldwide famous metal ceiling brands. 

  • The aluminium baffles made of both aluminum extrusions and aluminum plates.
  • The baffle shape design can be square, rectangular, round, or custom-shaped.
  • The aluminium baffle ceilings are available in various sizes and colors. Wood finish is the most popular color option for many architects.
woodgrain baffle ceiling 23-fonnovaluminium

The aluminium baffles can be installed at varying heights, creating a different visual display. If you want to bring your ideas to life with any special design requirements, our customized aluminium baffles can be manufactured with all kinds of finishes, dimensions, shapes, colors, and patterns.

Benefits of FONNOV’s Aluminium Baffle Ceiling

The suspended aluminium baffle ceiling system from FONNOV offers a special elegant pattern with a linear look ceiling. It is widely in offices, lobbies, schools, libraries, indoor sporting arenas, restaurants, shopping malls and retail areas, transportation centers, including the train station and airport terminals.

  • It is airy and ventilating, its lines are neat and tidy, and its layers are clear, which makes decoration a simple, clear, and beautiful style.
  • The aluminium baffle ceiling is a type of metal baffle ceiling, and the metal material is durable with high strength.
  • Easy installation with standard carriers. The suspended system can be easier to install and offer easy access to maintenance and the installation of additional services such as lighting, sprinklers, and climate control systems.
  • Open space for integrated ceiling solution.


  • A wide range of baffle blade design options
  • Can be customized to your design needs
  • Available in numerous RAL colors, metallic finish, anodized finish, and wood grain colors
  • Choose from a range of widths and heights which can be installed at a varied spacing

Aluminium Baffle Ceiling Series Options

According to the different production processes, the aluminium baffle ceiling series are Extruded aluminum baffle and U-shaped baffle.


The extruded aluminium baffle ceiling is made of 6063 or 6061 aluminum alloy through the extrusion process. Its hardness and straightness are all much higher than the U-shaped baffle. Its suspension grid connects the baffles with screws. The shapes of the extruded aluminum baffle can be rectangular, square, round, and custom-designed. The extruded aluminium baffle ceiling is now the most popular metal baffle ceiling series for architects and interior construction.


U-shaped aluminium baffle ceiling is made of 1100 or 3003 aluminium panel through rolling or forming process, and its suspension grid is a type of keel snap structure.

Aluminium Baffle Ceiling Size Options

FONNOV provides a full range of standard and custom-sized aluminium baffle ceilings.

The baffle width can be 10-400 mm, the height is 20-600 mm, and the thickness is 0.4-4 mm. We provide precision cutting with custom lengths for your project.

Width: 10mm  15mm  16mm  18mm  20mm  25mm  30mm  35mm  40mm  50mm  60mm  70mm  75mm  80mm  100mm, etc.

Height: 30mm  40mm  50mm  60mm  70mm  80mm  100mm  120mm  150mm  160mm  200mm  250mm, etc.

CLICK the above aluminium baffle ceiling you prefer for size details.

Aluminium Baffle Ceiling Color Options

FONNOV has complete coating production lines for aluminium baffle ceiling, including anodizing, powder coating, and woodgrain finish.

  • Powder coated RAL colors (popular colors: white, cream, black, grey, brown, blue, green, yellow, red, etc.)
  • Powder coated metallic colors
  • Anodized colors (popular colors: silver, black, copper, bronze, champagne, etc.)
  • Wood grain colors (popular colors: oak, teak, cherry, walnut, cedar, red wood, etc.)

Custom color-matching is available upon request. Send us now the color number or color sample to match color for your project.

Powder Coating Finish RAL Colors Chart


Anodized Colors

Installation of Aluminium Baffle Ceiling

Different metal baffle ceilings have their unique suspension grid installation methods. Please choose the above aluminium baffle ceiling to see its installation method.


Here are most of the questions related to the aluminium baffle ceiling. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

What is wood baffle ceiling?2022-04-25T07:26:50+00:00

Wood baffle ceiling is the ceiling baffles that in wood texture. Wood baffle ceiling can be made of solid wood or wood finish aluminium. Wood appearance seems warm and bring people in nature. The wood baffle ceiling brings both linear aesthetic and biophilic aesthetic to the space. Fonnov’s wood grain aluminium baffle ceiling looks like solid wood baffle ceiling.

baffle ceiling -fonnovaluminium

What is metal baffle ceiling?2022-04-25T07:30:05+00:00

Metal baffle ceiling is the baffle ceiling made of aluminium or steel. Most of the metal baffle ceilings are made of aluminium. The aluminium material can be extruded aluminium and pre-coated aluminium panels. Extruded aluminium baffle ceiling is much better in strength and hardness, and creates a better linear aesthetics in space.

Aluminum Baffle Ceiling Extruded Profiles Wood Color 6063 fonnov aluminium

What is baffle ceiling?2022-04-25T07:30:58+00:00

Baffle ceiling is a suspended ceiling design that creates linear aesthetics. This linear design is very suitable for open spaces, and we can see baffle ceilings in many commercial areas, offices, restaurants, building halls, etc.

baffle ceiling subway station fonnov aluminium

What is metal baffle ceiling price?2022-04-25T07:32:08+00:00

Price is based on baffle blade dimensions and surface finish. Contact FONNOV ALUMINIUM with the details for metal aluminium baffle ceiling price.

What is baffle ceiling made of?2022-04-25T07:32:53+00:00

Baffle ceilings can be made of extruded aluminium, pre-coated aluminium, solid wood, wood grain aluminum extrusion profiles, and acoustic material.

Where to buy metal aluminium baffle ceilings?2022-04-25T07:48:52+00:00

Below are the TOP 10 metal aluminium baffle ceiling manufacturers. This will be helpful for your project on aluminium baffle ceilings.

  1. Hunter Douglas Architectural

Hunter Douglas Architectural is a famous architectural material company that has dealt with specified projects for the design and architectural community for over fifty years. They build and install aluminium baffle ceiling products for their clients worldwide, with offices in over one hundred countries. The metal baffle ceiling series are Tavola and Sedes.

  1. Lindner Group

The Lindner Group of companies is based in Germany. They specialize in building envelopes, interior fit-out, and aluminium baffle ceilings.

  1. Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong World Industries is a famous company located in the USA. Armstrong offers ceiling & wall solutions for commercial and residential spaces. This company offers acoustic baffle ceilings and metal baffle ceilings. The aluminium baffle ceiling series is METALWORKS BLADES.

  1. Rockfon Company

Rockfon is an American company located in Chicago. It specializes in the manufacture of acoustic stone wool products, metal ceiling panels, metal baffle ceilings and wooden baffle ceilings. The aluminium baffle ceiling series is Intaline.

  1. Fonnov Aluminum Company

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is a professional aluminum extrusion and aluminum fabrication company in China. It specializes in wood grain finish aluminium baffle ceilings with a full range of sizes and colors.

  1. Durlum Company

Durlum is a company located on the Swiss-German border that specializes in the manufacture of metal ceilings, metal baffle ceilings, lightings, and fixtures to suit modern architecture. The aluminium baffle ceiling series is Polylam.

  1. SAS International Group

This is a UK-based corporation that manufactures different construction materials and structures and aluminium baffle ceilings.

  1. USG BORAL Company

USG Boral Building Products is committed to providing solutions for projects on walls and ceilings. The aluminium baffle ceiling series is Paraline.

  1. Knauf AMF Company

Knauf ceiling offers aluminium baffle ceiling design and solutions for interior spaces.

  1. CertainTeed Saint-Gobain Company

This company provides aluminium metal baffle ceilings and wood baffle ceilings for interior commercial spaces.

What is the benefit of wood grain aluminium baffle ceilings?2022-04-25T07:51:04+00:00

Many architects prefer going for wood grain aluminium baffle ceilings because of their benefits.

The baffle ceiling is very helpful to control and correct some acoustic problems like echo and noise. Aluminium baffle ceilings are mainly used in offices, commercial areas, public transportation areas, classrooms, or libraries. It can largely improve sound intelligibility.

It is a unique ceiling design that brings an open room atmosphere. Unlike other suspended ceilings, the aluminium baffle ceiling allows a roof view. Its design also provides a decorative function, not only linear baffles; you also can see wave-liked(curve) baffles. These all make the interior design more striking.

Aluminium baffle ceiling also provides variant designs by different baffle sizes (width & height) and baffle distances. FONNOV ALUMINIUM can customize all these dimensions.

Aluminium Baffle Ceiling is very easy to install and remove. When installed with lights, wood grain aluminium baffle ceilings give the space a warm and great feeling.

Do you supply curved baffle ceiling?2022-04-25T07:51:40+00:00
Curved Ceiling Custom Deisgn Powder Coating PVDF-fonnov aluminium

FONNOV produces curved aluminium baffle ceilings. Please provide your drawing for fabrication manufacturing.

Do you supply rectangular tube for ceiling?2022-04-25T07:52:46+00:00
Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing Wood Color For Exterior Facade Louvres fonnov

FONNOV ALUMINIUM has full series of tubes for ceiling and wall application.

How to install the extruded aluminium baffle ceiling?2022-04-25T07:53:43+00:00
aluminum extrusion baffle ceiling installation1 -fonnov aluminium

FONNOV will provide installation accessories if you need.

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