Wood Finish Aluminium Battens System

FONNOV ALUMINIUM produces aluminium battens for both interior and exterior applications. Aluminium battens are widely used in wall claddings, ceilings, pergolas, fence, gates, screening, etc. It creates a kind of spatial linear aesthetics for your walls, ceilings and fencing.

Benefit of Aluminium Battens

  • Endless Design Possibilities

Aluminium battens offer architects and interior designers endless design possibilities with a wide range of batten sizes and colours, especially wood finish aluminium battens are available to get a natural timber aesthetic with metal high strength. These are all can be custom designed.

  • Easy Installation

No matter baffle ceiling, or click-on battens, FONNOV aluminium batten system offers aluminium battens in simple, convenient and fast installation. For click-on battens, two pieces click on together(the main part tube can be easily push-clicked onto the mounting track) offers easy installation.

  • Low-maintenance

Aluminium battens are mainly in timber finish. Comparing with real timber, one of the most attractive features of the aluminium batten is low maintenance. Instead of ongoing staining and painting for wood battens. The only maintenance is cleaning with water to remove any dirt.

  • Light-Weight & Strong Strength

The aluminium battens are with hollow inside design, although they have the appearance of timber look, it is actually lightweight but it is still with the advantage of metal aluminium high strength.

Finishing & Colors of Aluminium Battens

Fonnov aluminium battens can be powder coated, PVDF painted and woodgrain sublimation. A wide range of colours is available to suit your project style and weather durable request. PVDF painting can assure a 30 years warranty. For exterior use of powder coating finish and wood finish, FONNOV offers super durable product solutions.


Sizes of Aluminium Battens

Whether it’s a square, rectangle or round battens you’re looking for; there’s a range of size options as small as 10 x 10mm and large as 400mm to choose from. In addition, they are available in varied aluminium thicknesses. There must be a batten solution for your project when strength and rigidity are required.

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