Aluminium Bending

FONNOV ALUMINIUM provides aluminium bending services in our aluminum fabrication factory. We can custom bend aluminum bars, aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, and pipes and aluminum structural shapes to meet your exact specifications. It is not an easy work to bend aluminum tubes and extrusions, but we have the experience to deliver precision bent aluminum profiles.

aluminum bending-fonnov aluminium

Aluminium bending is always requested in the industries such as railing, furniture, frame sections, and more. And aluminum tubing bending is the most requested service among our customers. Tube bending die is necessary for bending tubes. We need to produce this die based on your tube OD and thickness, as well as the bending request. Below is a 90-degree bent aluminum tube OD38*2.5MM.

aluminum tube bending-fonnovaluminium

Not all the aluminum extrusions can be bent. More complexity of the aluminum extrusion, more difficulty of the bending work. sometimes the structure is impractical for bending. Firstly if the extrusion part is designed for bending while the secondary operation, it should be firstly designed for bendability. A well-designed extrusion can create a seamless connection in a structure. If the extrusion design is not to be bendable, some changes to a section might make it easy to bend to the radius needed.

bent aluminium profile-fonnovaluminium

The different application requires a different aluminum alloy for extrusion. Different aluminum alloys are with different properties in strength, hardness, and also bendability. Some aluminum alloys are more bendable, like 3003, 6063, 6061. Most aluminum extrusion bending involves 6063 and 6061 alloys, as these aluminum alloys offer good strength and formability. But temper T6 is not suggested for bending because it is difficult to form.

Generally, there’re surface finishing requirements for curved aluminum. Both anodizing and powder coating are the most regular surface treatment methods. Sometimes, the bending surface has microcracks. To avoid this, an operation should perform the surface treatment after bending. If certain faces of extruded sections are visible and cosmetically critical, the designer should ensure these faces can be formed free of marking. If it is critical for bending surface smooth, extrusion design should be considered seriously.



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