What type of window is suitable for my house if I want to replace window? You will find there are many kinds of window in the building materials market, so how to choose the right windows for my home?

Each window is made up of window frames + glass + hardware, but the windows opening method is in a variety of ways. So in addition to choosing the window style that suits your home, you also need to consider the window frame material and design, glass and hardware accessories. All of these will greatly affect the performance and price of the window. Each part of the buying guide will greatly help you choose the window that best suits your home.

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We only list the mainstream window styles in the market which are suitable for most homes while replacing window for rooms and balcony.

Sliding Window

The most common window opening method that is used most now.

Advantages: It does not occupy indoor space, and it is easy to install and use curtains as well as mosquito screen.

Disadvantages: It is not possible to open the window completely at the same time, affecting the air circulation in the room, and the ventilation is poor. The sealing is poor, especially the gap between the track and the window. When the heating or air conditioning is turned on, it is easy to leak air. It is easy to seep in rainy weather. Sound insulation and insulation are also poor.

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Casement Window

It is currently a popular style in the middle and high-end market. Divided into inner and outer opening, as well as tilt & turn.

Advantages: The opening area is large, and the sealing performance is better than the push-pull type.

Disadvantages: The inner opening type occupies the indoor space and hinders the use of curtains; the outer opening is inconvenient to install mosquito screens, in addition, it is not allowed to be installed in high-rise residential buildings, which are easy to be damaged or even fall when blowing strong winds.

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Awning and Hopper Windows

They are divided into inner opening and outer opening.

Advantages: The window opening takes up a small space and is suitable for places with limited installation locations such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Disadvantages: The gap can be only limited opened, so the ventilation is not good. The outer opening is not suggested for high-rise buildings. There will be water leaking into the room when inner opening.

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Aluminum Alloy Window

Aluminum alloy is beautiful, sealed, high strength, and colorful, especially wood-like color can make the interior decoration more harmonious. It is a type of window frame commonly used in home decoration.

Regular aluminum alloy window has a large frictional sound when pulled, and the heat conduction is fast. Since the window frame is made of aluminum alloy as a whole, the thermal conductivity of the metal is the strongest, so it will be the bridge for heat transfer when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large.

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Thermal break (thermally broken) aluminum window means that the aluminum profiles are made of aluminum alloy on both sides, and the heat insulation strip is used in the middle. The aluminum alloy is disconnected from the middle, and the separator with low thermal conductivity is connected with the aluminum alloy on both sides, so that the heat is not easily transmitted, so it is called thermal break aluminum. The function of the heat insulation strip is to insulate the heat, and at the same time, it can also play a role of heat preservation, disconnecting the high heat transfer of the aluminum and preventing the circulation of the heat insulation amount.

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Plastic UPVC Window Frame

Plastic steel window frame is: plastic (UPVC) + steel, steel support plus outer layer of high-strength anti-oxidation plastic, with good sealing and heat insulation.

The price of plastic steel window is relatively good performance and economical. It is the window material with the largest consumption on the market. However, the fire performance is poor, and it is not environmentally friendly because it cannot be degraded. After long-term use, the aging is fast, the sealing property will be gradually reduced, and it will be easily deformed after being exposed to the sun and the sun, which will affect the later use.

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Aluminum-Wood Composite Window Frame

The aluminum-wood composite window adopts the structure of the outer aluminum and inner solid wood. The metallic properties of the outer aluminum are not only waterproof, moisture-proof and not easily deformed; the inner wood surface is coated with a special paint for imported wood. Aluminum-clad wood windows are complex in production process, expensive in equipment, high in threshold and high in overall cost.

However, aluminum wood windows used in rainy area are still not recommended: the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy and wood is different, the wood is easily deformed and cracked, and the wood needs maintenance. It needs to be water-based paint maintenance for one or two years. If you like wood grain, consider the wood grain aluminum window frame.

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Float Glass

The float glass has smooth and uniform sides, good transparency, no glass enamel, air bubbles, etc. The structure is compact, heavy, well cut, and not easily damaged. It is the most commonly used door and window glass for civil buildings, with poor safety and poor sound insulation.

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Tempered Glass

It is made of ordinary glass cooled by high temperature processing. It is also called safety glass, and its hardness is twice that of ordinary glass. The high hardness of tempered glass is not easy to be broken, and it will not hurt when it is broken into particles. Therefore, it is also a kind of protective glass. The impact strength and bending strength of tempered glass of the same thickness is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass. Tempered glass has good thermal stability, and can withstand a temperature difference of three times that of ordinary glass, and can withstand a temperature difference of 300 °C.

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Coated Glass

Coated glass, also called heat-reflecting glass, is uniformly coated with a plurality of layers of metal or metal oxide on the surface of the glass to effectively control the transmission of visible light and near-infrared rays. Good light-shielding makes the indoor light soft and comfortable; it has good heat reflection ability and can save energy.

Low-e glass is one of the coated glass. It can reflect more than 80% of the far-infrared heat radiation. It has a good resistance to heat radiation, and it can prevent heat leakage in winter and heat-proof into the room in summer. cost.

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Insulating Glass

It is a high-performance sound-insulating glass made by bonding high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive between two pieces (or three pieces) of glass and bonding the glass piece to the aluminum alloy frame containing the desiccant. Ensure that the glass room is kept as a dry air layer for a long time, no steam and dust, etc. This hollow can provide heat insulation and sound insulation.

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Laminated Glass

The organic resin film is sandwiched between two or several pieces of glass, and the intermediate air is discharged as much as possible by a hot press, and then placed in a high-pressure steam kettle to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the film by high temperature and high pressure, and has high strength. Characteristics. When the glass is broken, it is still adhered to the pvb film, does not fall, has good sound insulation performance, and has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays.

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Vacuum Glass

Compared with the insulating glass, the interlayer of the vacuum glass is in a vacuum state, and the thermal conductivity of the glass is greatly reduced, the quality is better, and the wind pressure resistance is twice that of the insulating glass made of glass of the same thickness. However, because the manufacturing process of vacuum glass is complicated, it cannot be easily mass-produced, and the price is also high, so it is rarely used in general home decoration.

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Float glass is the most commonly used door and window glass for civil buildings. The properties of tempered glass are basically the best, and it is recommended to use (with the “CCC” mark) when conditions permit. If you consider sound insulation, the effect of several types of glass is vacuum > lamination > insulating > single piece glass. At the same time, the insulating effect of coated glass is better than that of uncoated. Also refer to the thickness of the glass. For insulating/vacuum/laminated glass, it is also necessary to know the intermediate gap between the two glasses. The greater the gap, the better the thermal insulation effect.


The hardware of the window includes the handle, the actuator, the sealing strip, the hinge, the wind bracing and the like. The quality of the hardware directly affects the opening flexibility, tightness and age of the window. It is highly recommended to use a high-quality hardware brand to greatly enhance the experience and age.

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The above can only help you choose the window that suits your home. When you choose the right window design, the right window quality, all of these preparations need to be well completed by a good window installation team. Therefore, looking for a good window installation company or team in your local area can guarantee subsequent communication, warranty, connection and other issues, and this is necessary and the most important for window installation.

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