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Aluminum Door Extrusions

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FONNOV ALUMINIUM has produced aluminum door extrusions for almost 20 years.

  • We are your single-source supplier and manufacturer for custom aluminum door frame profiles with two extrusion factories and a fabrication factory.
  • Our existing extrusion dies for aluminum door frame profiles will be beneficial to saving your cost on tooling dies.
  • All kinds of surface finishing options are available for your different coating requests. Powder coating, anodizing and woodgrain finish are the most popular finishing options for aluminum door extrusions.

Contact our consultants for more aluminum door extrusion profiles.

Your Single Source Supplier of Aluminum Door Extrusions

Aluminum Door Extrusion Shapes & Sizes

We produce aluminum door extrusions with all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Aluminum Door Extrusion Surface Finish

The aluminum door extrusion profiles can be anodized, powder coated, wood-look and wet-painted.

CNC Machining & Fabrication Service For Aluminum Door Extrusion

Services including precision cutting to length, hole-punching, CNC milling, bending, welding, laser cutting, deburring, counter sinking, assembly, laser etching, etc.

Supply Custom Aluminum Extrusions

For Doors

The aluminum door extrusions can be used to fabricate sliding glass doors, aluminum garage doors, aluminum trailer door, aluminum front door, aluminum hinged door, aluminum casement door, aluminum folding doors, and so on. Not only the aluminum door frame extrusions, we also produce supplemental aluminium profiles for glass beading and water draping that are inlaid or fixed to the door frames.

FONNOV ALUMINIUM manufactures aluminum door extrusions in a large variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Production of aluminum door extrusions is based on our NATIONAL STANDARD GB/T5237-2010. We provide quality certificate for each order on the chemical component, mechanical properties, and finishing test.

  • Material for Aluminum Door Extrusions

6063 aluminium ingot for extrusion-fonnov

6000 series aluminium alloy (6063/6061/6005/6082) is the primary material option for producing the aluminum door extrusions. Aluminium alloys 6063 and 6060 are commonly used in FONNOV ALUMINIUM to produce aluminum door frame extrusions. The aluminium billet that we are using is with the national standard. Temper can be T5 and T6.

  • Thickness of Aluminum Door Extrusions

quality test-fonnov aluminium

The general thickness of the aluminum door extrusions is 1.4mm. All parts have a tolerance range, and the smaller the dimensional tolerance, the better the aluminium profiles are.

The different market prefers different wall thickness for aluminum door extrusions. 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm 2.0mm are available.

  • Finishing Options for Aluminum Door Extrusions

▹Powder Coating & Woodgrain Powder Coating

Powder coating is the most popular finish for aluminum door extrusions in residential projects. It brings a durable finish with a wide range of colour options. White, black, brown, grey, and beige are the most popular powder coating colours for aluminum door extrusions. Some projects close to the sea will prefer super-durable coating for aluminum door extrusions.

aluminum extrusion shapes - fonnov aluminium

Wood finish is based on the powder coating process. It provides a timber look and makes the aluminum frame looks like wood. A wide range of wood colours is available in FONNOV ALUMINIUM.

wood grain finish aluminium profiles-fonnov

The thickness of the powder coating on the surface of aluminum window extrusion profile is at least 40 μm, and the standard thickness should be 60-80um. The layer on the decorative surface of the profile shall be smooth and uniform, and no defects such as wrinkles, flow marks, bubbling, or cracks shall be allowed.

  • Machining And Fabrication for Aluminum Door Extrusions

cnc sawing-fonnovaluminium

FONNOV ALUMIINIUM offers value added machining and fabrication for aluminum door extrusions. The operations include precision cutting, miter cutting, punching, drilling, punching, CNC machining, deburring, tumbling, assembly, and etc.

With 20 years of experience as a trusted aluminum door extrusions manufacturer, FONNOV ALUMINIUM is the best choice for many sliding glass door companies and fabricators.


Professional Aluminum Door Extrusions Manufacturer


FONNOV produces and controls automotive aluminum extrusion quality in strict accordance with National Standards GB/T6892 and GB/T3191. Our customers are all over the world, and we are quite familiar with both American Standard ASTM B221 and European Union Standard EN755 of extruded aluminum products. The rich experience helps us know how to meet the strict quality requirements.

We use aluminum billets that strictly in line with national standards to complete the extrusion.

You Best Choice of Aluminum Door Extrusions Manufacturer

Do you need custom aluminum extrusions for your aluminum door project? Or, you want to develop more vendor options for your aluminum door frames?

Search no more. FONNOV ALUMINIUM is the right aluminum door extrusion profiles manufacturer for this task.

  • Experience

FONNOV is working with many aluminum window and door fabricators. Our manufacturing workers have built up rich, deep experience on aluminum door frame extrusions, so they know what customers like on the door aluminium profiles and how to meet customers’ quality requests.

  • Strict Quality Test

FONNOV is strict on qualify of aluminum door extrusion profiles. Providing high-quality aluminum door frames and aluminum door frame extrusions are what we should do for our customers. We provide Quality Test Report for each delivery.

Aluminum Door Extrusion Mechanical Properties

Alloy & Temper Wall Thickness (mm) Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation /%


Hardness HV
6061-T6 all 265 245 8
6063-T5 all 160 110 8 58
6063-T6 all 205 180 8

✣The tested value is Min.

Aluminum Door Extrusions FAQ

Here are most of the questions related to aluminum door extrusions. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

What surface treatment would you recommend for aluminum door frame extrusions?2024-01-09T02:29:22+00:00

The ideal surface treatment depends on your preference and project requirements. However, there are several common surface finishes for these extrusions. Each has its pros and cons, which can help in choosing. One of them is powder coating, a process based on electrostatic charging. It offers different colors and is UV-resistant. If you are fascinated by the raw look of aluminum, you can try mill finish for aluminum sliding door extrusions. The extrusion is left as it is when it emerges from the extrusion die. If you are looking for a combination of corrosion resistance and decorative surface, consider the anodized surface. Get in touch and we will guide you about these and other surface treatment options.

Why should I pick an aluminum sliding door frame over uPVC?2024-01-09T02:26:06+00:00

The uPVC material may be more thermally efficient and affordable, but aluminum beats it in some crucial areas. For instance, aluminum is significantly stronger. This means that aluminum can support the design of sliding doors with a larger glass exposure area than uPVC can. Even on the initial price, the difference is sometimes not even notable. Aluminum can last for well over four decades while uPVC usually starts to deteriorate after 35 years. Adding the shorter life to the need for thicker frames, the return on investment for aluminum door extrusions starts to make more sense.

What is the recommended thickness for these aluminum door frame extrusions?2024-01-09T02:23:35+00:00

There is no specific recommended thickness for these extrusions. We can only talk about the minimum thickness, which is 0.8mm. Other than that, Fonnov Aluminum will always strive to deliver frame extrusions that fit the door design requirements. We would urge you to consider a few factors when determining the thickness of your aluminum door frame extrusion profiles. First, look at the exact design of your sliding door. Consult your contractor on the best thickness to order. You may even involve a designer.  The desired performance of the sliding door is another critical factor. While a thicker frame is good for security, it is more tasking to use. It might even be a safety hazard, say, where kids are involved.

Can alloys 6063 and 6060 match the lightweight and strength requirements for sliding door extrusions?2024-01-09T02:20:05+00:00

Yes, aluminum alloys 6063 and 6060 are ideal for sliding door extrusion applications in this respect. The aluminum extrusions are inherently strong, a reason why many users prefer it for applications added security is paramount. The sturdiness also comes with low weight, which adds to the performance and durability of the door extrusions. Being lightweight, the sliding door extrusions make the installation, use, and maintenance of the sliding door relatively easy.

How is the anodizing process carried out?2024-01-09T02:18:20+00:00

To anodize the sliding door aluminum extrusions, we immerse it in an electrolytic solution. This solution is often an acid. The aluminum is the anode (positive electrode) in this setup. To complete the circuit, we introduce the cathode (negative electrode). We then pass a direct current through the circuit. Thanks to the current, hydrogen is generated at the cathode. The anode side gets oxygen. Oxygen is formed on the aluminum side. Consequently, aluminum oxide forms a thick layer. Once this layer is formed, the alloy is protected. We can then dye the material to seal it even more for optimum durability.

Do the materials you use for sliding door aluminum extrusions withstand warping?2024-01-09T02:16:03+00:00

Yes, these doors are highly resistant to any form of deformation, including warping. The two popular alloys are balanced in composition which makes deformation highly unlikely. This feature works excellently together with the thermal stability of the metals. You can be sure that doors made from our extrusions will maintain their shapes. The structural integrity of the aluminum door frame extrusions also stays intact despite the prevailing weather. So, yes, the extrusions perform reliably for a long time.

How do you inspect the aluminum door extrusions for the highest quality?2024-01-09T02:14:13+00:00

Our quality inspection for the door extrusions is based on the need for the die design and the resulting extrusion to match. Further, the visual inspection focuses on any scratch marks, physical damage, stains, and die lines. We don’t give the product a quality pass until we have ruled out any form of imperfection on the aluminum door extrusions.

Inspection is done throughout the production process. The raw materials and machinery & equipment are keenly inspected for compliance to specifications.

What color would you recommend for the sliding door aluminum extrusions?2024-01-09T02:11:55+00:00

The color you choose for the door aluminum extrusions is all about your tastes and preferences. The sliding door aluminum extrusions at Fonnov Aluminum are available in different colors. Perhaps you need a specific hue for the extrusions.

The options of colors for aluminum door extrusions are therefore limitless. However, there are popular colors at our factory that you can get instantly. These are white, black, brown, grey, and beige.

What properties of aluminum alloys 6063 and 6060 come in handy in the extrusion process?2024-01-09T02:09:17+00:00

Both aluminum alloys have unique characteristics that make the extrusion process effective. First, they exhibit superior capability to be extruded – they are easy to form and shape for the process. With this high formability comes the capability to create intricate shapes that are necessary for the unique profiles of our aluminum door extrusions. To add to the benefit of complex geometries, the alloys also have a high strength-to-weight ratio. The combination of strength and formability makes the extrusion process precise and efficient. Coupling these properties with the advanced manufacturing processes, we can produce extrusions that meet different industry standards and requirements.

Does FONNOV offer unique finishes for the aluminum door frame extrusions?2024-01-09T02:07:25+00:00

Yes, we have several interesting surface finishes that can enhance not only the aesthetics of the product but also the performance. Our alloys 6063 and 6060 extrusions for doors can come in special coatings and patterns. If you are looking for that beautiful wooden appeal, we have the irresistible wood finish aluminum profiles for doors. There are numerous options, whether you are looking for a conventional look or a modern one. Because there is so much we can do about the finishes, please contact our team for more discussions.

Are the aluminum door frame extrusion profiles eco-friendly?2024-01-09T02:04:35+00:00

Yes, the alloy 6063 and 6060 aluminum doors are eco-friendly as several features indicate. The first one is the high recyclability of aluminum, thus the doors are sustainable. When it comes to recycling the aluminum extrusion profiles, very minimal energy is required in comparison to primary production. For this reason, our profiles support environmental conservation efforts. Notably also is the durability of these materials, which means that the need for replacements is minimal. The consequent impact on the environment is minimal. As a leading aluminum door extrusions manufacturer, Fonnov Aluminum is committed to using traceable and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

What are the maintenance requirements for aluminum door extrusions?2024-01-09T02:02:45+00:00

The maintenance requirements for our extrusions are simple. First, regularly scrub the door gently using a soft cloth and mild detergent. Abrasive materials should be avoided. As part of routine maintenance, check the moving parts and the rest of the hardware occasionally. Any anomalies or wear should be attended to as soon as possible. Adhering to these fundamental steps can make the door extrusions more usable and extend their life.

What lead time should I expect for the production and delivery of the door extrusions?2024-01-09T02:00:35+00:00

While we strive to deliver our customer orders within the shortest time possible, the lead time can vary. In manufacturing door extrusions using alloys 6060 and 6063, several factors are applicable. These include the order volume and the level of customization requested. To get specifics of your aluminum sliding door extrusions, including lead time, please contact our team. We will get back to you with all the details.

Please clarify the standards for your aluminum door extrusions2024-01-09T01:58:46+00:00

Throughout the production process of our aluminum door extrusions, we strictly adhere to our standards in China. These include the GB/T5237 and GB/T6892. This means that our products are suitable for engineering applications or architectual uses, including door profiles. Therefore, our extrusions make doors that meet the requirements for safety, dependability, and performance.

Can I use your door extrusions in my industrial building?2024-01-09T01:54:47+00:00

Our aluminum door extrusions, manufactured from tough durable alloys 6063, are used widely in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. They are highly adaptable to different conditions. For the industrial building application, exposure to elements, knocks, and chemicals may be common. The door extrusion must be able to withstand all those issues. The corrosion resistance, strength, hardness, and versatility of our door extrusions are perfect for the industrial environment. Call us for discussions on how to make the extrusions even more applicable. That includes various options of surface finish, such as anodizing and powder coating.

What materials do you use for aluminum door extrusions and why?2024-01-09T01:52:30+00:00

At Fonnov Aluminum, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality aluminum door extrusions for sliding glass doors, aluminum garage doors, aluminum trailer doors, aluminum front doors, and others. Our preferred materials are aluminum alloys 6063, 6060 and 6061. The tempers can be T5 and T6. Both alloys are strong and hard, making them ideal for sturdy door extrusions where durability is a big factor. The corrosion resistance of the materials enhances their durability even further.

How are aluminum door extrusions using alloys 6063 done?2024-01-09T01:47:43+00:00

Aluminum door extrusion is a state-of-the-art of heating aluminum billets and subjecting them to pressure through a die. The die opening is adjustable to form different sizes and shapes of aluminum door extrusions. The formation of aluminum sliding door extrusions starts with the preheating of the steel die and aluminum die to a particular temperature. The billet is loaded into the extrusion press container and the extrusion starts. As the hot billet passes through the press, it acquires the shape of the tool. The extrusion is cooled in a controlled environment, stretched to eliminate internal tension, and finally cut for packaging.

Why choose aluminum for window frames?2022-08-22T07:28:04+00:00

Extruded aluminum is one of the best material choices for window frames. It has a superior strength-to-weight ratio, good corrosion resistance, and a longer life span. The aluminum is also of no maintenance and easy to clean.

There’re many glass options for aluminum windows. You can choose protective glass, soundproof glass, fireproof glass, bulletproof glass, or double-glazed glass.

We not only manufacture aluminum window extrusion profiles but also offers a variety of aluminum window accessories including corner, fittings, hinge, etc.

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