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Can I use 6061T6 instead of 7075T6?2024-02-29T02:59:00+00:00

Different aluminum alloy and temper is with different mechanical properties, as well as different requirement in application. Click How to Choose Aluminium Profiles: 7075T6 VS 6061T6 to see the differences of 6061T6 and 7075T6, which can help you to confirm the material that you need for production.


What standard shapes can you extrude?2022-07-10T01:36:42+00:00

Our customers can easily find any standard shapes with an existing die found in FONNOV. Including hollow round tube, square/rectangular tubing, rod, bar, channels(u/j/h/zee), angles, beams, etc. Wholesalers mainly stock these standard extrusions, and we are keeping a good business with customers in the USA, Europe, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Lead time for standard aluminum extrusions is always shorter than custom extrusion.

What is the max. width you can extrude?2023-12-05T03:13:45+00:00

The max. width that we can do depends on the exact profile shape. Please send us your CAD drawings for a brief check firstly.

The wider the cross-section, the larger the extrusion press is needed. Our largest capability is with width 750mm for some shapes. Many construction companies will be concerned about the maximum width that an aluminum extruder can do. For example, the width of the aluminum formwork usually needs to be at least 300mm.

In cooperation with top institutions in China, we offer and produce aluminum extrusions with a maximum section width of 1100mm. We are working with many famous transportation companies on large size aluminum extrusions.

Can you provide machining service for extrusion order?2023-05-04T04:13:17+00:00

We have an aluminum fabrication shop to provide CNC machining and fabrication service.
The material is not only aluminum extrusion products but also aluminum sheet panels. Please send us your CAD and 3D drawings for a quote.

Click Aluminum Machining / Fabrication to know more.

CNC Machining On Heatsinks

What anodizing colors can you produce?2022-07-10T01:37:15+00:00

Click Anodizing Colors For Clear Anodizing & Dyed Anodizing produced by FONNOV ALUMINIUM.

Catalog of Slot Aluminum Extrusion2022-01-11T09:12:33+00:00

FONNOV produces a full series of T slot(slotted) aluminum extrusion for your framing project. Usual dimensions are 2020/2040/3030/4040/8020/4080/3060/8080. For more, click Slotted Aluminum Extrusion with Full Series produced by FONNOV ALUMINIUM.

We also supply accessories for aluminum slot frame installation. Nuts, bolts, angles, corners, connectors are all available.

slot aluminium extrusion-fonnov

Can I get your newest timber look aluminum colorchart?2024-02-20T02:22:15+00:00

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is very famous for woodgrain aluminum among our customers. We have made more than 1000 wood colors. Anual popular timber-look colors will be published in each early year. 

Click Timber Look Aluminum Color chart to see the updated wood grain colors. They are popular in our existing market in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Or email us your project for suggestions. 

wood aluminum ceiling color -fonnov aluminium

What is the difference of 6060 and 6063?2022-04-30T01:49:30+00:00

Some countries prefer to use aluminum extrusion with alloy 6060 for production, and some countries perfer to use 6063 instead. The mechanical properties are nearlly the same. Click 6060 VS 6063 to see details of the two popular aluminium alloy for production.

6063 aluminium ingot for extrusion-fonnov


Profile Length for Delivery2023-02-28T03:34:32+00:00

Max. L=5800mm for 20 container ( choose 40 container if L>5900mm)

Max. L=3000mm for LCL goods by sea (contact shipping agent for goods with L>3000mm, some shipping company accept with a higher cost.)

Max. L=2000mm for EXPRESS


Delivery Ports2023-02-28T03:34:42+00:00

The ports near FONNOV are LIANYUNGANG, QINGDAO, SHANGHAI. Our suggestion:



You can consult your shipping forwarder for the most suitable delivery port.



Packing & Loading Details2023-02-28T03:34:57+00:00

aluminum extrusion packing loading-fonnovaluminium

▹Bundle Packing

Inside Packing Material: plastic protective film for each piece / plastic bag for each piece / none (optional)

Outside Packing Material: bundles by waterproof craft paper / EPE film / shrink film (optional)

▹Carton Packing

Inside Packing Material: plastic bag for each piece / none (optional)

Outside Packing Material: by carton

▹Wood Pallet Packing

Inside Packing: carton packing

Outside Packing Material: wood pallet

▹Plywood Case Packing

Inside Packing: bundle packing

Outside Packing Material: plywood case


What is the difference of 6063T5 and 6063T6?2022-04-30T01:50:09+00:00

Different temper is with different mechanical properties and prices, as well as different requirement in application. Click 6063T5 VS 6063T6 to see the differences of T5 and T6 of 6063 aluminum alloy, which can help you to select the material that you need for production.



Can I know your door extrusion dimensions?2022-01-05T15:41:02+00:00

Click FONNOV ALUMINIUM In-stock Warehouse in Xuzhou to see the door designs firstly in our warehouse.

If the designs are not workable for your market. Please send us your design drawings to produce in our extrusion factory.

What is your powder coating process?2019-10-26T16:14:45+00:00

Click  Aluminium Powder Coating Process in FONNOV ALUMINIUM extrusion Factory  to see the powder coating process in our plant.

What is your aluminum extrusion process?2022-04-30T01:50:37+00:00

Click Aluminum Extrusion Process from FONNOV ALUMINIUM Old Factory to see the aluminum extrusion process in our plant.

How many wood finishing colors can be made?2024-02-20T02:22:40+00:00

FONNOV is a professional company on woodgrain finish on aluminum. More than 1000 wood colors have been made by FONNOV ALUMINIUM. We also accept custom timber colors.

Click Wood Grain Colors from FONNOV ALUMINIUMto see some colors which popular in our existing market.

What is PVDF coating?2019-10-26T16:15:49+00:00

Click 2-COAT And 3-COAT PVDF Coating Process On Aluminium to see the production video from FONNOV ALUMINIUM extrusion plant.

How to make wood finish aluminum profiles?2024-02-20T02:22:59+00:00

Click Sublimation Process – How to Make Aluminium Look Like Wood to see the production video from FONNOV ALUMINIUM plant.

What is your MOQ?2022-07-10T01:38:13+00:00

Generally 500KG per design.

1TON per design for 7075T6 extruded profiles.

What is your standard for window door profiles?2022-01-05T15:41:15+00:00

National Standard GB/T 5237-2008

How long for the sample?2022-07-10T01:49:01+00:00

Sample / Die (Mould): within 15-20 days after payment & drawing are confirmed by clients.

What is your delivery time2022-04-30T01:51:18+00:00

Batch Production: 20-25 days after sample confirmed & down payment received.

What should I provide for a quote from you?2023-02-28T03:35:38+00:00

▹Drawing is necessary. CAD drawing for aluminum extrusion request. CAD and 3D drawing for machining and fabrication request.

▹Required quantity / aluminium alloy and temper / surface finishing / dimension tolerance / quality standard.

The information above is all needed for the price. Please let us know more about your aluminum project.


Can I get a sample?2022-04-30T01:51:40+00:00

▹If we have existing die for your required profile, we can produce sample, but EXPRESS charge will be in your account.

▹If we don’t have existing die for your design, you should pay die charge and Express charge for samples.

▹Sample is free for quantity <1M. If quantity is more than 1M, we will charge for sample.


What is your payment term?2022-04-30T01:51:54+00:00

▹30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T should be paid before delivery.

▹L/C at sight

Note: Settlement term for balance payment: final quantity shall be based on actural phsical weight including packing (standard pound worse tolerance ± 3%)

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