Residential Aluminum Fence

FONNOV ALUMINIUM produces residential aluminum fences with elegant designs. An aluminum fence is a fence made primarily of aluminum. Residential aluminum fences are commonly used to keep children and pets safely contained. Of course, it is used for privacy fencing, to provide privacy and security. And it also can decorate the appearance of a property.

residential aluminum fence-fonnov aluminium

▹Benefits of Aluminum Fence

Unlike iron fence, aluminum fencing will not rust. Unlike wood fence, It also won’t rot or fade. No matter how harsh the weather of heavy rain and snow, your aluminum fence will stand strong. You also will not worry about moisture or sunlight near the sea.

Unlike an iron fence and wood fence, you don’t need to repaint or repair an aluminum fence. Low-maintenance is a big benefit of the aluminum fence.

The surface of an aluminum fence is coated with powder coatings, which makes aluminum fencing more choices of color and texture. This benefit can decorate your yard. The surface also can be coated timber look.

▹Material of Aluminum Fence

aluminum post for fence-fonnovaluminium

The aluminum fence is made of 6063 aluminum alloy, and the fence panels are extruded aluminum with high strength.



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