Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is a professional extruded aluminum heat sink manufacturer, producing aluminum heatsink extrusions and machined aluminum heat sink since year 2004.

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FONNOV ALUMINIUM extrudes heatsinks with national standard aluminum billet, we don’t produce with scrap aluminum. Once scrap aluminum is used, the surface is likely to be rough and the mechanical properties cannot be reached to the standard. FONNOV ALUMINIUM uses high-quality steel tooling dies ensures that each side of heatsink has high strength and toughness, because each side has to withstand a large extrusion force. If there is a big difference in performance between each other, it is easy to break. FONNOV ALUMINIUM can produce heat sinks with a width of 500mm by 4000TON extrusion press. FONNOV ALUMINIUM has been engaged in the extrusion industry since 2004, there are hundreds of existing dies of the heatsink, which will help reduce your costs.

Extra machining works(such as CNC milling, hole punching, drilling, tapping, etc) can be done in the FONNOV fabrication factory for your direct use.

Aluminum extrusion makes the production of heat sink easier and relatively low cost. Aluminum has good thermal conductivity and is easy to process into complex shapes. The commonly used AA6063 aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity (160-180W/m·K). There are many shapes of extruded heatsinks, which are usually customized according to the needs of industry products, achieving the ideal heat dissipation effect. There are comb shape, tree shape, fishbone shape, round shape, and so on. Their common characteristics are: the distance between the heat sinks is short, the groove shape is formed between two adjacent heat sinks, and the aspect ratio is large. The wall thickness difference is large, the heat sink is usually thinner, and the bottom plate at the root is thicker. Increase the surface area of the aluminum profile, and the heat dissipation effect will be better. The surface of the extruded heatsink is anodized (always natural silver clear anodizing or black anodizing) to improve the corrosion resistance, wear-resistance, and aesthetics of the aluminum material.

Aluminum heatsinks are more and more widely used due to their good heat dissipation performance. They are mainly divided into large aluminum heatsink profiles for central air conditioning and transportation industry, and small precision high-powered aluminum profiles used in electronics and precision machinery and instrument industries. The big extruded aluminum heatsinks have a large cross-sectional size, with a width of 200~800mm, and need to be produced on a large extrusion press. The small aluminum heatsinks generally have a smaller cross-sectional size and stricter accuracy, which is quite difficult in extrusion production. To produce qualified heatsink extrusions, high-quality aluminum ingots, high-precision tooling dies and extrusion processes are all required.

Aluminum heatsinks are widely used in lighting, automobiles, wind power generation, construction machinery, air compressors, railway locomotives, household appliances, computers, and other industries due to their excellent performance. Welcome to contact us [email protected] for your needs of custom aluminum heat sink.

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