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Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions – Stocked & Custom

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is a custom aluminum heatsink extrusions manufacturer and stocked aluminium heatsinks supplier.

At FONNOV, there are hundreds of existing dies of the extruded aluminum heatsink, which will help reduce your costs.

FONNOV provides machining services (cut to length, drilling, tapping, countersinking, deburring, CNC milling, etc.) for your aluminium heatsink order.

FONNOV provides anodizing and powder coating finish for aluminum heatsink extrusions.

extruded aluminum heatsink

Is extruded aluminium the RIGHT material for your heatsink project?

An aluminum heatsink is important to prevent overheating in electrical components. It can carry the heat away because of its conductivity. Without an effective heat sink, many electronic components, machines, or equipment will burn out.

Extruded aluminium heatsinks are widely used due to their good heat dissipation. You can find them in LED lighting, automobiles, wind power generation, construction machinery, air compressors, railway locomotives, household appliances, computers, and other industries.

Large-sized aluminium heatsink profiles are mainly used in the central air conditioning and transportation industry, and small-sized aluminium heasinks are used in electronics, precision machinery, and instrument industries.

aluminium heatsink
  • The 6063 aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity (160-180W/m·K).
  • Aluminum extrusion makes the production of heat sink easier and relatively low cost.
  • Aluminum extrusion is easy to process into complex shapes. There are many customized shapes of extruded aluminium heatsinks for an ideal heat dissipation effect. The shape of an aluminum heatsink extrusion could be comb shapes, tree shapes, fishbone shapes, round shapes, etc. Increase the surface area of the aluminium heasinks, and the heat dissipation effect will be better.
  • The surface of the extruded aluminium heatsink is mainly anodized (always natural silver clear anodizing or black anodizing) to improve the aluminum material’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and aesthetics.

The Benefit You Can Get From FONNOV Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions

extruded aluminum heatsinks-fonnov
  • No MOQ For Stocked Aluminum Heatsinks

No minimum order quantity is required for our stocked aluminium heatsinks. Selecting a similar size from us will help save your cost on the prototype. 

  • High-quality Tooling And Material For Production

FONNOV uses high-quality steel tooling to ensure that each side of the aluminium heatsink has high strength and toughness because each side has to withstand a large extrusion force. If there is a big difference in performance, it is easy to break.

FONNOV ALUMINIUM extrudes aluminium heatsinks with national standard aluminum billet. We don’t produce with scrap aluminum. The surface will be rough if using scrap aluminum.

  • Extra Service Of CNC Machining And Secondary Coating

Fonnov delivers your aluminum heatsink for direct use. We also manufacture machined aluminum plates for your aluminum heatsink enclosure.

How Does FONNOV Produce A Qualified Aluminum Heatsink Extrusion?

To produce a qualified aluminum heatsink extrusion, high-quality aluminum ingots, high-precision die and extrusion process are all required.

Many fins on heatsinks make the aluminum heatsink extrusion more difficult than others. How do we ensure getting quality aluminum heatsink extrusions?

  • The steel tooling dies used for aluminum heatsink extrusion should be better. There’re many fins on heat sinks, and each fin will be under great pressure, so we must make each fin very strong. The high quality of the H13 steel die will be reliable to prevent any fins from breaking.
  • Avoiding fins breaking is also the main target during heatsink extrusion. What we should do is a careful extrusion and reduce the extrusion pressure.
  • The heatsink die will be under several amending after each trial to get a perfect dimension. So the aluminum heatsink extrusion is generally with several times trials.

Stocked Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions

We have a large and wide range of existing dies of the aluminium heatsink and electrical enclosure. This can help to save more costs.

The existing stocks are mainly of round aluminum heatsinks(hollow or solid) and straight fins aluminum heatsinks.

If you are looking for a stocked aluminum heatsink with small quantity, select one from our list. 




round heat sink hollow type-fonnovaluminium

Round Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions – HOLLOW TYPE

20*6 20*9 22*8 28*9 33*18
35*9 35*12 35*13 36*6 36*19
36*9 37*12 38*20 38*12 39*23
39*24 40*9 41*22 44*13 45*10
47*24 47*27 49*29 49*27 50*11
50*29 50*28 50*22 50*27 51*27
52*15 52*25 53*17 59*40 60*30
60*20 60*31 60*27 62*30 62*22
70*28 70*32 73*45 76*20 77*52
79*31 83*40 85*60 85*40 90*36
90*40 90*32 90*27 90*69 91*60
92*32 95*65 95*48 98*50 98*45
99*70 100*65 100*43 102*78 106*42
110*50 111*56 111*32 114*42 115*65
115*50 119*65 120*92
round heatsink solid type-fonnovaluminium

Round Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions – SOLID TYPE

49*28 49*27 50*11 52*28 52*14
53*28 37*12 38*20 38*12 39*23
39*24 54*23 60*30 61*36 65*23
66*31 69*30 70*18 74*37 74*17
75*28 75*25 78*27 79*30 80*36
80*50 82*24 94*35 95*30 96*22
98*50 99*33 101*34 105*35 105*42
110*62 110*6 122*54
heatsink straight fin-fonnovaluminium

Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions – STRAIGHT FIN TYPE

14*15 28*10 28*11 30*5 37*15
40*5 40*11 40*19 40*20 40*30
45*10 45*18 50*16.5 50*20 50*22
50*22.5 53*28 55*30 56*10 56*20
60*18 60*23 63*30 66*15 69*36
70*15 70*16 70*35 74*22 75*20
75*25 76*22 76*55 80*27 80*39
80*45 84*25 85*12 85*25 89*40
95*24 98*40 99*45 99*60 100*8
100*18 100*36 100*50 100*55 108*40
120*7 120*12 120*29 120*50 127*63
130*30 138*30 140*30 140*43 140*50
140*58 146*22 150*13 150*35 150*45.5
150*46 150*52 150*60 152*18 160*45
160*50 175*73 178*21 180*19 185*60
188*47 190*61 190*80 190*81 200*25
200*30 200*37 200*44 200*45 200*50
200*61 201*15 220*20 220*40 220*45
230*26 230*45 230*67 230*80 239*64
240*15 240*35 250*40 253*50 253*88
260*20 260*80 262*60 270*15 300*40
300*43 300*83 301*47 301*51.5 302*26
309*76 325*34.5 353*64 400*50 400*65

Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure

25*25 71*25.5 76*46 80*24 83*30
88*38 97*40 106*40 106*55 107*47
114*33 125*51 145*68 147*41 168*54

CNC MACHINING For Aluminum Heatsinks

Extra machining works can be done in FONNOV for your direct use of the aluminum heatsink extrusion.

  • CNC Milling
  • Hole Punching
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Countersinking
  • Laser Etching
Machined Aluminum Heatsink
anodizing powder coating aluminum heatsink-fonnov

FINISHING Options For Aluminum Heatsinks

Anodizing and powder coating are all available in FONNOV.

Aluminum Heatsink Extrusion FAQs

What is the max. width you can extrude?2022-11-25T08:30:44+00:00

The max. width that we can do depends on the exact profile shape. Please send us your CAD drawings for a brief check firstly.

The wider the cross-section, the larger the extrusion press is needed. Our largest capability is with width 500mm for some shapes.

Many construction companies will be concerned about the maximum width that an aluminum extruder can do. For example, the width of the aluminum formwork usually needs to be at least 300mm.

4000ton extrusion press-fonnovaluminium

Can you provide machining service for extrusion order?2022-07-10T01:37:04+00:00

We have an aluminum fabrication shop to provide CNC machining and fabrication service.
The material is not only aluminum extrusion products but also aluminum sheet panels. Please send us your CAD and 3D drawings for a quote.

Click Aluminum Machining / Fabrication to know more.

CNC Machining On Heatsinks

What anodizing colors can you produce?2022-07-10T01:37:15+00:00

Click Anodizing Colors For Clear Anodizing & Dyed Anodizing produced by FONNOV ALUMINIUM.

What is the difference of 6060 and 6063?2022-04-30T01:49:30+00:00

Some countries prefer to use aluminum extrusion with alloy 6060 for production, and some countries perfer to use 6063 instead. The mechanical properties are nearlly the same. Click 6060 VS 6063 to see details of the two popular aluminium alloy for production.

6063 aluminium ingot for extrusion-fonnov


Profile Length for Delivery2022-07-10T01:49:47+00:00

Max. L=5800mm for 20 container ( choose 40 container if L>5900mm)

Max. L=3000mm for LCL goods by sea (contact shipping agent for goods with L>3000mm, some shipping company accept with a higher cost.)

Max. L=2000mm for EXPRESS


What is the difference of 6063T5 and 6063T6?2022-04-30T01:50:09+00:00

Different temper is with different mechanical properties and prices, as well as different requirement in application. Click 6063T5 VS 6063T6 to see the differences of T5 and T6 of 6063 aluminum alloy, which can help you to select the material that you need for production.



What should I provide for a quote from you?2022-07-10T01:38:40+00:00

▹Drawing is necessary. CAD drawing for aluminum extrusion request. CAD and 3D drawing for machining and fabrication request.

▹Required quantity / aluminium alloy and temper / surface finishing / dimension tolerance / quality standard.

The information above is all needed for the price. Please let us know more about your aluminum project.



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