Aluminum Extrusion Alloys

Aluminum extrusion alloy is a necessary factor that should consider for extrusion production. General engineering industries are broad, which nearly including all industries around us and our life, so we can see aluminium extrusion profile everywhere. Bicycle, television, car, truck, bus, train, airplane, ship, sports equipment, shelf, facilities, as well as manufacturing parts that we even can not name. Most of the aluminium profiles request only mill finish or clear anodizing surface for a basic corrosion-resistance. They emphasize the mechanical properties of aluminum material that can meet the application requests.

Different aluminum alloys used in the aluminium extrusion are consist of various chemical components. Alloy selection plays an essential role in your aluminum extrusion project. Choosing the right alloy is necessary because it affects many of the aluminum’s characteristics. Like formability, tensile strength, surface treatment options, machinability, and electric conductivity. And different aluminum alloy and heat treatment are with separate mechanical properties on aluminium extrusion profile. A suitable aluminum material, combined with a proper temper, will give your product the specified features. Available alloys and tempers are listed below.

We produce and test this aluminium extrusion profile under NATIONAL STANDARD GB/T 6892-2015.

Aluminum Alloy
T4 ConditionSolution heat treated and natural aged.
T5 ConditionCooled from an elevated temperature and artificially aged.
T6 ConditionSolution heat-treated and artificially aged.

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