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Large Diameter Aluminum Seamless Tubes2024-02-20T02:32:48+00:00

Large Diameter Aluminum Seamless Tube And Pipe

FONNOV ALUMINIUM extrudes large diameter aluminum alloy seamless tubes for industrial products.

FONNOV produce aluminum seamless round tube and seamless aluminum square tube.

FONNOV produce large diameter aluminum seamless tube with OD upto 360mm.

We produce seamless extruded aluminum tubes mainly with alloy 6061, 5052, 5083, 2024, 7075, etc.

Large diameter aluminum seamless tubes are widely used in hydrogen fuel vehicles, LNG boats and vessels, air separation system.

extruded aluminum seamless

Your Single Source Supplier of Aluminum Seamless Tubes And Pipes

Aluminum Seampless Tube Sizes

We produce seamless aluminum tubes with diameter upto 360mm.

Aluminum Seamless Tube Shapes

The seamless aluminum tube shape we produce can be round and square.

Aluminum Seamless Tube Alloys

We produce aluminum seamless pipe with alloy 6061. 7075, 2024, 5083, 5052, etc.

CNC Machining & Fabrication Service For Aluminum Seamless Tubes

We provide value-added machining and fabrication service for your seamless extruded aluminum tubes.

Supply Large Diameter Aluminum Seamless Tubes For Industrial Projects

We extrude large diameter seamless aluminum tube and pipe without any weld, to ensure consistent mechanical properties and good bearing capacity. Different alloys meet the special requirements of mechanical properties of project products.

Large diameter seamless aluminum tubes are used in a wide range of industries, including transportation, marine and vehicle industries. The large diameter seamless aluminum tubes are preferred for compressed gas storage, air separator system, as well as hydrogen fuel storage.

aluminum seamless tube for hydrogen fuel vehicles

Hydrogen Storage In Vehicles

Air Separation Equipments

Shipping LNG Vessels

large diameter aluminum seamless tube pressure vessel

Pressure Vessels

large diameter 6061 aluminum tubes for hydrogen fuel

Professional Large Diameter Aluminum Seamless Tubes Manufacturer


FONNOV produces and controls product quality in strict accordance with National Standards. We use aluminum billets that strictly in line with national standards to complete the extrusion. Our customers are all over the world, and we are quite familiar with both American Standard ASTM B221 and European Union Standard EN755 of extruded aluminum tubes. The rich experience helps us know how to meet the strict quality requirements of aluminum seamless tubes.

You Best Choice of Large Diameter Aluminum Seamless Tube Manufacturer

Do you need large diameter seamless aluminum tubes for your new project? Or, you want to develop more vendor options for your products?

Search no more. FONNOV ALUMINIUM is the right large diameter aluminum seamless tube and pipe manufacturer for this task.

  • Experience

Our manufacturing workers have built up rich, deep experience from many previous large diameter seamless aluminum tube projects, so we know what customers focus on seamless tubes and how to meet customers’ quality requests.

  • Strict Quality Test

From aluminum billets, extrusion manufacturing, heat treatment to quality tests, we are strictly in accordance with the standards.

Aluminum Seamless Tube Mechanical Properties

(Only List Aluminum Alloy 6061 5052 5083 7075 2024)

Aluminum Alloy & Temper Wall Thickness (mm) Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation /%


6061-O all ≤150 ≤110 14
6061-T4 all 180 110 14
6061-T6 ≤6.30 260 240
6061-T6 >6.30 260 240 9
6061-F all
5052-O all 170-240 70 17
5052-H112 all 170 70 15
5052-F all
5083-O all 270-350 110 12
5083-H111 all 275 165 10
5083-H112 all 270 110 10
5083-F all
7075-O ≤10.00 ≤275 ≤165 10
7075-T6 ≤6.30 540 485
7075-T6 >6.30-12.50 560 505 6
7075-T6 >12.50-70.00 560 495 6
2024-O all ≤240 ≤130 10
2024-T3 ≤6.30 395 290
2024-T3 >6.30-18.00 415 305 9
2024-T3 >18.00-35.00 450 315 9
2024-T3 >35.00 470 330 7
2024-T4 ≤18.00 395 260 10
2024-T4 >18.00 395 260 9

✣The tested value is Min.

Large Diameter Seamless Aluminum Tubes FAQ

Here are most of the questions related to large diameter aluminum seamless tubes. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

2024 Aluminum vs. 7075 Aluminum2023-09-13T07:58:38+00:00

If you are unsure which option between 2024 and 7075 aluminum is better, it is understandable. Both alloys are known for their high strength, so they could suit a project if that is the sole consideration.

But when it comes to specifics, things begin to change. For instance, if you are looking for an alloy with higher stress/stain resistance, then we would recommend the 7075 aluminum. However, use 2024 aluminum if the cyclic fatigue resistance requirements for your project are high.

The 2024 aluminum is mainly composed of aluminum, copper and magnesium. The 7075 aluminum is mainly composed of aluminum, zinc and copper.

They are all hard alloy, and widely used in aircraft parts. But the 2024 aluminum is not common for general industries.

For more comparision, click 2024 ALUMINUM VS. 7075 ALUMINUM.




Can I use 6061T6 instead of 7075T6?2023-02-28T03:35:14+00:00

Different aluminum alloy and temper is with different mechanical properties, as well as different requirement in application. Click How to Choose Aluminium Profiles: 7075T6 VS 6061T6 to see the differences of 6061T6 and 7075T6, which can help you to confirm the material that you need for production.


What is the max. width you can extrude?2023-12-05T03:13:45+00:00

The max. width that we can do depends on the exact profile shape. Please send us your CAD drawings for a brief check firstly.

The wider the cross-section, the larger the extrusion press is needed. Our largest capability is with width 750mm for some shapes. Many construction companies will be concerned about the maximum width that an aluminum extruder can do. For example, the width of the aluminum formwork usually needs to be at least 300mm.

In cooperation with top institutions in China, we offer and produce aluminum extrusions with a maximum section width of 1100mm. We are working with many famous transportation companies on large size aluminum extrusions.

Can you provide machining service for extrusion order?2023-05-04T04:13:17+00:00

We have an aluminum fabrication shop to provide CNC machining and fabrication service.
The material is not only aluminum extrusion products but also aluminum sheet panels. Please send us your CAD and 3D drawings for a quote.

Click Aluminum Machining / Fabrication to know more.

CNC Machining On Heatsinks

Profile Length for Delivery2023-02-28T03:34:32+00:00

Max. L=5800mm for 20 container ( choose 40 container if L>5900mm)

Max. L=3000mm for LCL goods by sea (contact shipping agent for goods with L>3000mm, some shipping company accept with a higher cost.)

Max. L=2000mm for EXPRESS


Delivery Ports2023-02-28T03:34:42+00:00

The ports near FONNOV are LIANYUNGANG, QINGDAO, SHANGHAI. Our suggestion:



You can consult your shipping forwarder for the most suitable delivery port.



Packing & Loading Details2023-02-28T03:34:57+00:00

aluminum extrusion packing loading-fonnovaluminium

▹Bundle Packing

Inside Packing Material: plastic protective film for each piece / plastic bag for each piece / none (optional)

Outside Packing Material: bundles by waterproof craft paper / EPE film / shrink film (optional)

▹Carton Packing

Inside Packing Material: plastic bag for each piece / none (optional)

Outside Packing Material: by carton

▹Wood Pallet Packing

Inside Packing: carton packing

Outside Packing Material: wood pallet

▹Plywood Case Packing

Inside Packing: bundle packing

Outside Packing Material: plywood case


What should I provide for a quote from you?2023-02-28T03:35:38+00:00

▹Drawing is necessary. CAD drawing for aluminum extrusion request. CAD and 3D drawing for machining and fabrication request.

▹Required quantity / aluminium alloy and temper / surface finishing / dimension tolerance / quality standard.

The information above is all needed for the price. Please let us know more about your aluminum project.


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  • Large Diameter Aluminum Seamless Tubes Manufacturer in CHINA

    FONNOV ALUMINIUM is one of the leading large diameter aluminum seamless tube manufacturers and suppliers in China. Seamless aluminum tube manufaturing ensures that its mechanical properties are consistent, and the loading capability will be better than the common extruded aluminum tube.

    Reach out to us now so we can help you in producing your ideal large diameter seamless aluminum tube and pipe.


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