Custom Laser Engraving & Marking

laser marking-fonnov aluminium

FONNOV ALUMINIUM provides custom laser engraving and marking services.

Laser engraving is an excellent method to mark barcodes, product serial numbers, text, and brand logos to your aluminum parts with a Fiber Laser machine. Such a laser machine can work with any content such as text, graphic, charters, letters, barcode, QR code, etc, and the markings are accurately and legibly. Not only aluminum, But It can also engrave or mark nearly all types of metals including anodized aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, wood grain aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, silver, gold, titanium, and much more. Products made of metal are marked with lasers in a wide range of industries around us. It can be widely used in various metals and some non-metallic surfaces to create permanent marks.

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