Aluminum LED Heatsink

What LED heatsinks that FONNOV ALUMINIUM can produce?

FONNOV ALUMINIUM extrudes kinds of shapes for the LED light heatsink. We have stock of many LED light heat sinks, Click HERE to check the closest dimensions to your request. The heatsinks can be cut to length, and also can be CNC-machined to suit your application.

round heat sink hollow type-fonnovaluminium
round heatsink solid type-fonnovaluminium

Why do led lights need heatsinks?

Comparing CFLs, LEDs have the advantage of energy-saving, they don’t give off a lot of heat, and are very safe to use. Now the LED lights are mostly used in road lighting, landscape lighting, interior lighting, etc.

The biggest disadvantage of LED lights is heat-sensitive, Its calorific value is very high. LEDs give off heat and they convert electrical energy to 60-70% light energy and 30-40% heat energy. Too much heat will result in color changing, less lifespan and lower light output.

Generally, when running LEDs>350mA, you need to consider a heatsink. The heat sink transfers the heat to the heat sink through contact with the surface. The heatsink is usually with many fins. This can fully extend the heat sink surface and largely increase the heat radiation, and at the same time, the circulating air will also take away more heat energy. An efficient heatsink carries the heat away from the LEDs, it can withstand and quickly dissipate the heat. Only by taking the heat energy away immediately can effectively reduce the temperature of LED lights and avoid the LED lights premature ageing.

What are the most suitable heatsinks for LED lights?

The best metal material for conducting heat is silver, copper, gold and aluminum(highest to lowest). Gold and silver are expensive, and they are not suitable for industrial production. So copper and aluminum are the main material for heat sinks. In a real application, aluminum is mostly used as heatsink with its advantages of lower cost and lighter weight.

There’re different production methods for aluminum heat sinks, like machining, die casting, extrusion. Most heat sinks are made of 6063/6060 extruded aluminum. The aluminum alloy is soft and can be extruded to a certain shape easily. This production method makes the heatsink shape easily custom made. This means we can design the heat sinks with fins to get the most efficient heat sink.

The heat sink shapes are various, and main channels and fin types. The heat sink sizes are also various, click HERE to find the size lists of stock LED heatsinks. You also can send us your drawings to get a custom production.

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