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Powder Coating Aluminum

▹Wide Applications

Powder coating aluminum is mainly used in architectural and building construction industry, and it is widely used in both interior and exterior. Including window and door, facade wall cladding, ceilings, furniture, household products, etc. It is also widely used in general industry in many products around us, such as lighting, household appliance, gym equipment, kitchen products, etc.

powder coating aluminum - fonnov aluminium


Electrostatic powder coating is no solvents or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), so it is no damage to the environment while been sprayed.

▹RAL Color Range

Powder coating aluminum can be with a broad range of RAL colors. Surface appearance can be smooth, sand, and metallic. Gloss can be bright, satin and matt.

RAL COLOR - fonnov aluminium

▹Powder Coating Process

Powder coating process on aluminum is applied by electrostatic spraying gun. When the powder coating is evenly sprayed onto the surface of the aluminum workpiece, then cured in an oven to melt, level, and solidify the powder. Then a powder coated finish can be done.

powder coating -fonnov aluminium


GLOSS RANGE(%) 60° Tolerance
Matt 3~30 ±5
Satin 31~70 ±7
Bright 71~100 ±10


Indentation Hardness Adhesive Force Impact Resistance Erichsen Cupping Flexing Endurance
≥ 80 0 grade no rupture or shedding of coating 5mm 3mm

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