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7075 Aluminum Flat Bar2024-02-06T03:50:21+00:00

7075 Aluminum Flat Bar

7075t6 aluminum rectangular flat bar - fonnov aluminium

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is an 7075 aluminum flat bar manufacturer and supplier.

  • We produce and supply 7075 aluminum flat bars with width upto 750mm.
  • We produce 7075 aluminum flat bars with temper 7075-O, 7075-T6, 7075-T6510, 7075-T6511, 7075-T73, 7075-T73510, 7075-T73511.
  • We provide machining services for your 7075 aluminum flat bars.


The chemical composition of 7075 aluminum flat bars.

ALUMINIUM ALLOY Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Zr Others Al
7075 0.40 0.50 1.2-2.0 0.30 2.1-2.9 0.18-0.28 5.1-6.1 0.20 —— totally 0.15 remainder

✣All compositions are in percent.

The mechanical properties of 7075 aluminum flat bars.

Aluminium Alloy & Temper Thickness


Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation /%


7075-T6       7075-T6511 ≤25.00 540 480 7 150
7075-T6       7075-T6511 >25-100 560 500 7 150
7075-T6       7075-T6511 >100-150 550 440 5 150
7075-T6       7075-T6511 >150-200 440 400 5 150
7075-T73       7075-T73511 ≤25.00 485 420 7 135
7075-T73       7075-T73511 >25-75 475 405 7 135
7075-T73       7075-T73511 >75-100 470 390 6 135
7075-T73       7075-T73511 >100-150 440 360 6 135
7075-O ≤200.00 ≤275 ≤165 8 60

✣The tested value is Min.


(Width*Thickness in mm)


30*1.5 32*8 35*10 38*30
40*3 40*3.5 40*7 42.5*7 48*7
48*3.5 48*36
50*5 50*6 50*8 50*10 50*27
50*50 56*27
60*8 63*7 63*3.5 63*8
70*12 71*29 75*7 75*10 78*4.2
80*10 80*12 81.1*5 82*8 83*7
83*3.5 83*6.8 84*6 85*5 85*7.7
85*8 86*6 88*8 89*8.5 89*8.58
90*15 90.2*7.5 92*6.8 93*55 95*6
97*6.35 98*7.9 99*9
100*6 100*5 100*7 100*8 100*9
100*10 100*11 100*12 104*2 105*6
105*7 105*12.7 108*7 108*7.7 108*3.5
110*7 110*8 113*25 116*25 115*7
115*8 110*10
120*10 120*12 123*3.5 123*7 125*6
125*8 125*10 125*14 125*30 125*45
125*85 126*70 129*7
136*6 136*6.5 136.6*9.2 143*3.5 143*7
150*8 150*10 150*15 156*90
170*43 175*12 175*15 178*162
180*40 187.8*10 189.8*10
200*20 200*22 200*66 205*25 210*15
210*16 210*60 220*50 233*3.5 233*7
255*28.7 265*12 265*22 270*25 285*27
288*28.5 290*12 290*12.5 300*3.8 300*10
300*50 302*35 305*28.5 320*90 325*28.5
326*12 356*10.5 357*25.8 357*28.5 360*35
365*16 370*27 374*28.7 380*30 394*80
395*45 399*65 399*70 405*28.5 417*18
420*18 422*35 426*28 460*10 460*28
470*23 480*25 485*12 495*12 500*16
500*23 500*25 500*60 510*15 520*40
535*56 535*70 550*16 550*30 550*50
560*20 586*28 595*11 595*12 606*15
690*12 715*13.5

More Options For 7075 Aluminum Flat Bar

Product name

7075 flat bar, 7075 aluminum fat bar, 7075 bars, 7075 t6 aluminium fat bar, 7075 aluminum alloy flat bar, 7075T6511 flat bar.

Description The 7075 aluminum flat bar is a type of aluminum extrusion product that made of aluminum alloy 7075. The 7075 aluminum fat bar is one of the strongest aluminum products. 7075 aluminum flat bars are hardened to extremely high strength.
Material aluminum alloy 6061, 6063, 2024, 5083, etc.
Temper T4, T5, T6, etc.
Finish & Color anodizing, polishing, etc.
Length CNC cut-to-length as per request.
Packing wooden frame, plywood case, shrink film.
Application 7075 aluminum flat bar is normally used for marine, automotive, and aerospace, etc.

Need CNC Machining And Fabrication On 7075 Aluminum Flat Bars?

We provide services including machining, CNC machining, bending, welding, laser etching of logo and series number, assembly.

cnc machining-fonnovaluminium
aluminum bending-fonnovaluminium
aluminum profile assembly-fonnovaluminium

Professional Manufacturer of 7075 Aluminum Flat Bars

We produce 7075 aluminum flat bars for industrial use. We have rich experience in producing qualified 7075 aluminum bars.

Our expertise is in producing extruded aluminum and machined aluminum. Such as aluminum profiles, custom aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, aluminum seamless tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum trims, aluminum beams and channels, aluminum heatsinks, etc. Our aluminum products are widely used in architecture, building and construction, vessel and ship, vehicles, and general industries.

Here are most of the questions related to 7075 aluminum flat bars. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

Can I machine intricate details on the 7075 aluminum flat bar?2024-02-06T03:48:26+00:00

Aluminum 7075 has relatively good machinability, even though it cannot match the machinability of an alternative such as 6061 aluminum. There are a variety of machining processes suitable for the aluminum 7075 rectangular bar. They include electrical discharge machining (EDM), CNC turning, and CNC milling.

It is possible to machine intricate details on the 7075 aluminum flat bar, but a diligent approach is necessary for quality and precise results. As we mentioned, the choice of tooling when machining this alloy matters. Apart from using carbide tools and specific cutting speeds, you want to use the right cutting methods for the 7075 aluminum flat bar. For instance, following an optimized tool path can be effective in meeting the tight tolerances needed in intricate shapes.

Remember to use the coolant to get rid of the heat and maintain the tool. Equally important is the stability of the workpiece, which you can achieve with quality fixtures. You also need to follow a thorough inspection routine that ensures adherence to the machining specifications.

What temper designation suits the 7075 aluminum flat bar the most?2024-02-06T03:45:38+00:00

The most popular temper designation for 7075 aluminum flat bars is T6 temper. With a tensile strength of up to 540 MPa and yield strength of up to 480 MPa, T6 temper 7075 is comparable to some steels. The T6 temper 7075 is made through solution heat treatment, homogenization, and quenching. The result is an alloy with the highest strength possible. Such peak strength makes the 7075-T6 aluminum flat bars applicable in defense equipment, meter shafts, aircraft shafts, and so on.

Can I use 7075 aluminum bars in the marine environment?2024-02-06T03:42:20+00:00

Yes, 7075 aluminum flat bar extrusions can be used in marine environments. The alloy belongs to the 7000 series whose primary alloying element is zinc. The extruded 7075 aluminum bars feature good corrosion resistance, so they deal well with exposure to the saline conditions of the marine environment. Adding copper to the alloy can make it even more corrosion-resistant.

Why would I choose the 7075 flat bar instead of a 7075 rod?2024-02-06T03:39:37+00:00

The choice mostly depends on your application. The flat bar and rod are some of the standard aluminum alloy shapes, but their applications may differ. While both are linear, they have different cross-sectional geometry. For both, the elongated status suits applications where easy machining is necessary. The products are also strong along their length, so the applications should suit such properties. You will mostly use the rods in shafts in machinery. The 7075 aluminum flat bar is preferred in marine, automotive, and aerospace applications.

What is the bending limit for a 7075 aluminum flat bar?2024-02-06T03:35:14+00:00

Being a 7000 series aluminum alloy, this product is understandably difficult to bend. The bending capability is even more complicated when you bring in the tempers 7075T6 and 7075T651 extruded aluminum flat bar. But you can make the bending easier before heat treatment. After that, you want to subject the flat bar to an age-hardening process.

How does the toughness of 7075 aluminum compare to steel?2024-02-06T03:32:02+00:00

With zinc as its main alloying element, 7075 aluminum is incredibly strong. It is one of the toughest aluminum alloys in the market, which belongs to the 7000 series. Its strength is comparable to that of many types of steel. The hardness of the alloy at 150HB is also impressive – it can rival some mild steels. It is possible to strengthen the alloy even more with heat treatment.

Can I weld the 7075 aluminum flat bar?2024-05-15T03:11:34+00:00

Yes, you can, but with some challenges. It is not as easy to weld the 7075 aluminum flat bar as it would for, say, a steel bar. The aluminum alloy has high thermal expansion and electrical conductivity. Given that this material is super hard, a lot of heat is required for melting. It has an extremely high dissociation temperature. This alloy forms an oxide layer quickly, with the melt section being even more prone to this challenge. For the welding process to be effective, one must use argon or any other inert gas cover.

What is the strength performance of the 7075 aluminum flat bar?2024-02-06T03:30:04+00:00

This product has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios you can get. Its tensile strength is at least 540Mpa (83,000 psi), a mark that is only attainable by very few other alloys. This strength is very attractive for manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries. They can manufacture high-strength parts that are lighter, yet very long-lasting. The 7075 aluminum flat bar is reliable when used for fuselages, wings, and other airplane parts. In cars, these high-performance bars make sprockets and other components.

What We need For Your Order or Quotation?

DWG (or PDF) File

The cross-section drawing includes dimension details, aluminum alloy and temper, length, dimension tolerance, critical dimensions, and inspection standard.

STEP File If Machining or Fabrication

If need CNC machining, bending, or assembly for your extrusion order, a STEP file will be necessary for our manufacturing. If need laser marking/etching of logo or series numbers, an AI (or CDR) file will be needed.

Finish & Color

Finish and color information is necessary for most architectural aluminum extrusion products. A super durable resistance request is also needed to provide for exterior use.


Quantity is necessary information that you should provide us together with your drawing for quotation. Different order quantities will make price changes.

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