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Large Diameter 6061 Aluminum Seamless Tube For Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles2024-02-21T02:50:30+00:00

Large Diameter 6061H112 6061F Aluminum Seamless Tube For Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

large diameter 6061 aluminum tubes for hydrogen fuel

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is an aluminum tube manufacturer for hydrogen fuel vehicles.

  • We produce and supply large diameter aluminum tubes upto OD600mm.
  • We produce 6061 aluminum seamless tubes.
  • We can produce custom large diameter 6061H112 6061F aluminum seamless tube for hydrogen fuel vehicles.
  • We provide finishing and machining services for your large diameter aluminum tubes order.


Aluminum Alloy Temper OD (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Tube Length (mm)
6061 H112 370/371 as per request as per request
6061 F 270/304/360/375 as per request as per request

Mechanical Property

Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation /%


310 264 12

✣The tested value is Min.

Why Is 6061 Aluminum Seamless Tube Used For Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles?

The number of hydrogen fuel vehicles continues to increase, and hydrogen has become the gas of choice for new energy vehicles. It has the advantages of abundant resources, high calorific value, and cleanliness. Whether it is a hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle or a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, the problem to be solved is the storage of hydrogen.

At present, conventional steel pressure vessels cannot meet the requirements of lightweight and high hydrogen storage density for hydrogen fuel vehicles.
In the case of this demand, the large diameter aluminum seamless tubes with aluminum alloy 6061 are more and more used in hydrogen fuel vehicles as hydrogen storage tubes.

Advantages of large diameter aluminum seamless tube with 6061 alloy for hydrogen fuel vehicles:

  • The 6061 aluminum alloy is made of Mg and Si as the main alloy elements, and it belongs to the aluminum alloy that can be strengthened by heat treatment.
  • It has lightweight, medium strength, high corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency, and good welding performance.
  • The corrosion performance of the welding zone is unchanged, and the formability and process performance are very good.

More Options For Large Diameter Aluminum Seamless Tubes

Product name

seamless extruded aluminum tube for hydrogen vehicle, seamless aluminum tube for automobile, aluminum seamless tubing, large diameter aluminum tubing, large diameter aluminum tube, large aluminum tube, aluminum tube large diameter, large diameter seamless aluminum tube for vehicle.

Description Extrusion process can create extruded aluminum tube/pipe and extruded aluminum seamless tube/pipe. Compared to extruded tubes, seamless aluminum tubes have no welds and are preferred for hydrogen storage and pressure vessels.  The aluminum seamless tube has good mechanical properties, complete structure and good corrosion resistance. Large diameter aluminum seamless tubes usually refer to seamless aluminum tubes with an outer diameter greater than 100mm. (sometimes 200mm)
Material aluminum alloy 6061, 6063, 2024, 5083, 7075, etc.
Temper T4, T5, T6, etc.
Finish & Color anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting anodizing, brushed anodizing, etc.
Length CNC cut-to-length as per request.
Packing wooden frame, plywood case, shrink film.
Application The large diameter seamless aluminum tube with 5083 aluminum is widely used in ship and vessel, marine industry. The 6061 large diameter seamless aluminum tube is widely used in pressure vessel, hydrogen storage, vehicles and trailer trucks.

What FONNOV provide you on 6061 aluminum seamless tube for hydrogen fuel vehicle

  • Optimize the 6061 aluminum alloy composition

FONNOV adjusts the element content of 6061 alloy in weight percentage. This is because the medium in the hydrogen storage tube is a high-pressure gas, and the composition of each part of the tube and the various strengthening phases in the structure must be uniformly distributed and the grains are fine.

  • Optimize the heat treatment process and use H112 heat treatment

H112: Slightly strain-hardened from working at an elevated temperature from a limited amount of cold work (mechanical property limits specified). This can meet specific mechanical property requirements.

  • Control the critical dimensions

Control the roundness and straightness of the extruded tube. Control the inner diameter and wall thickness of the extruded tube, and ensure that the extruded tube can be inserted into the forced spinning mandrel.

large aluminum tubes-fonnovaluminium

Need CNC Machining And Fabrication On 6061 Aluminum Seamless Tube?

We provide services including machining, CNC machining, bending, welding, laser etching of logo and series number, assembly.

cnc machining-fonnovaluminium
aluminum bending-fonnovaluminium
aluminum profile assembly-fonnovaluminium

Professional Manufacturer of Large Diameter 6061 Aluminum Seamless Tube

We produce 6061 aluminum seamless tubes for some well-known hydrogen automobile enterprises. We have rich experience in producing qualified 6061 seamless aluminum tubes.

Our expertise is in producing extruded aluminum and machined aluminum. Such as aluminum profiles, custom aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, aluminum seamless tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum trims, aluminum beams and channels, aluminum heatsinks, etc. Our aluminum products are widely used in architecture, building and construction, vessel and ship, vehicles, and general industries.

Here are most of the questions related to 6061 aluminum seamless tube for hydrogen fuel vehicle. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

Why choose your seamless aluminum tube for hydrogen fuel storage?2024-02-21T02:43:30+00:00

We can produce the seamless tube for hydrogen fuel vehicles in H112 or F temper. With years experiences, we know what the customers need. Material integrity is one of the core qualities of tubes for hydrogen fuel storage. Hydrogen fuel vehicles regularly operate in unfavorable weather conditions. It is paramount for the aluminum tube for hydrogen fuel storage to be built of corrosion-resistant materials. Our alloys have excellent corrosion resistance, even in the welding zone.

How is 6061-F aluminum alloy suitable for hydrogen fuel vehicles?2024-02-21T02:37:58+00:00

The 6061-F aluminum alloy helps hydrogen fuel vehicle tubes achieve their expected performance. Since temper F is an “as-fabricated temper”, this large aluminum tube for hydrogen fuel vehicles focuses on the formability of the material. With this temper, creating complex geometries of seamless tubes for hydrogen fuel vehicles is relatively easy. Thus, the alloy supports the manufacture of tubes that are suitable for the storage and distribution of hydrogen fuel. The 6061-F aluminum is easy to fabricate, so it is possible to form a hydrogen fuel system that meets the strict requirements of safety and performance.

How can I be certain am using quality 6061 seamless tubes?2024-02-21T02:34:44+00:00

Working with renowned customers in vehicle manufacturing, Fonnov is a reputable company that has supplied different clients with the same results – reliable performance. If you need assistance or any form of customization, our specialists are pleased to work with you.

Are 6061-F and 6061-H112 alloys strong?2024-02-21T02:30:42+00:00

Yes, these alloys are strong enough to perform reliably in hydrogen fuel vehicles. When looking at the strength of an alloy, we look at two parameters: Tensile strength and Yield strength. The yield strength is the value beyond which the alloy will deform permanently. On the other hand, an alloy will break if its tensile strength is exceeded. That said, our tubes manufactured from these alloys are reliably strong for their specific applications in hydrogen fuel vehicles.

Do you offer CNC machining services for the aluminum tube for vehicle use?2024-02-21T02:29:04+00:00

Yes, Fonnov offers CNC machining, along with other fabrication services for the large-diameter 6061-F and 6061-H112 alloy tubes. As a reliable supplier of large-diameter aluminum tubes for vehicles, we strive to deliver products that are as usable as possible for our customers. One such strategy is the provision of quality CNC machining services. We use 5-axis CNC machining equipments to machine the aluminum seamless tubes. We have very advanced machinery for these services. The features of these machines ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision.

What makes seamless aluminum tubes for hydrogen fuel storage special?2024-02-21T02:26:33+00:00

There are both seamless and non-seamless tubes in the market, so telling the difference between the two is important. Our seamless aluminum tube for hydrogen fuel vehicles is made of very reliable aluminum alloys 6061-F and 6061-H112. We use indirect extrusion, which produces flawless tubes. The biggest advantage of the seamless tube is the higher capability to bear pressure compared to non-seamless or welded versions. This large-diameter tube has a uniform texture. It also doesn’t have the flaws to the mechanical properties that you expect in welded tubes.

What are the advantages of your manufacturing process for 6061 seamless tubes?2024-02-21T02:24:03+00:00

The method we use to produce the large-diameter aluminum seamless tube for hydrogen fuel vehicles is designed for the most reliable results. It is different from the usual direct extrusion where the work billet is pushed towards the ram. We instead produce the seamless tubes through indirect extrusion. This process is also called reverse or backward extrusion. It entails the ram moving towards the stationary billet. Since our billets are of the highest quality, the chances of getting defective extrusions are minimal. The process reduces the friction during extrusion and therefore the possibility of the product cracking is reduced, and this guarantees excellent seamless tubes for hydrogen fuel vehicles.

Does Fonnov have a good quality control process for the seamless aluminum tubes?2024-02-21T02:19:20+00:00

Yes, Fonnov is very rigorous in its adherence to the quality control requirements for the manufacture of 6061-H112 aluminum seamless tubes and 6061-F aluminum seamless tubes for hydrogen fuel vehicles. We perform a series of measurements including dimensional measurements, mechanical properties inspections, macrostructure and microstructure tests. Our experienced team constantly checks whether the manufacturing process is adherent to local and international regulations and standards. By abiding by stringent quality control measures, we can deliver aluminum seamless tubes for hydrogen fuel vehicles that are durable, reliable, and safe.

Can the 6061 aluminum seamless tubes perform in harsh conditions?2024-02-21T02:14:14+00:00

Yes, Fonnov manufactures the aluminum alloys 6061-H112 and 6061-F for large-diameter seamless tube for hydrogen fuel vehicles with the harsh working conditions of hydrogen fuel vehicle applications in mind. Hydrogen fuel vehicles often operate in unpredictable environments with the dangers of extreme conditions.  Owing to its strain-hardened state, 6061-H112 has the right mechanical properties to withstand these conditions. The 6061-F aluminum is equally suitable for these applications.

What We need For Your Order or Quotation?

DWG (or PDF) File

The cross-section drawing includes dimension details, aluminum alloy and temper, length, dimension tolerance, critical dimensions, and inspection standard.

STEP File If Machining or Fabrication

If need CNC machining, bending, or assembly for your extrusion order, a STEP file will be necessary for our manufacturing. If need laser marking/etching of logo or series numbers, an AI (or CDR) file will be needed.

Finish & Color

Finish and color information is necessary for most architectural aluminum extrusion products. A super durable resistance request is also needed to provide for exterior use.


Quantity is necessary information that you should provide us together with your drawing for quotation. Different order quantities will make price changes.

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