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Extruded Aluminum Decking Planks For Trailer2023-12-15T02:05:25+00:00

Extruded Aluminum Decking Planks For Trailer

interlocking aluminum decking for

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is an extruded aluminum decking plank manufacturer for trailer, horse trailer, truck trailer and semi trailer.

  • We produce and assemble extruded aluminum decking and flooring for trailer.
  • We produce custom aluminum extrusion flooring planks with aluminum 6082T6, 6061T6, 6063T6, 6005A-T6 for trailer and truck trailer.
  • We can produce custom interlocking aluminum decking and flooring for trailer.
  • We provide CNC machining, decking assembly services for your trailer decking aluminum extrusion order.

Mechanical Property

Aluminium Alloy & Temper Thickness


Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation /%


6005A-T6 (solid profile) ≤5.00 270 225 90
>5.00-10.00 260 215 85
>10.00-25.00 250 200 8 85
6005A-T6 (hollow profile) ≤5.00 255 215 85
>5.00-15.00 250 200 8 85
6061-T6 ≤5.00 260 240 95
>5.00-25.00 260 240 10 95
6082-T6 ≤5.00 290 250 95
>5.00-25.00 310 260 10 95
6063-T6 ≤10.00 215 170 75
>10.00-25.00 195 160 8 75

✣The tested value is Min.

More Options For Trailer Decking Aluminum Extrusions

Product name

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Description Trailer decks carry a lot of weight. The extruded aluminum decking planks are designed using light yet strong aluminum alloy. A common type is the interlocked aluminum deck. This has special features that allow interlocking planks for trailer aluminum flooring.
Material aluminum alloy 6061, 6063, 6082, 6005A, 2024, 5083, 7075, etc.
Temper T4, T5, T6, etc.
Finish & Color anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting anodizing, brushed anodizing, etc.
Length CNC cut-to-length as per request.
Packing wooden frame, plywood case, shrink film.
Application trailers, semi trailers.

What FONNOV provide you on Extruded Aluminum Decking Planks for Trailer

Aluminum alloy 6xxx series is used to make aluminum trailer decks. The T6 temper is preferred with the 6082, 6061, 6063 and 6005A aluminum alloys.

We produce thick decks to allow trailers handle heavy loads. The deck’s thickness plays an important role in determining the strength of the trailer and truck trailer.

All the decks we manufacture also have advanced features for effective handling of their tasks. Grip is also important in the design of a deck as it allows the load to settle well. This also minimizes unnecessary movements of the heavy load.

We produce interlocking aluminum decking and floor plank for traielr and truck trailer. This has special features that allow interlocking. The interlocked decks come in different sizes and are meant for various applications including architectural millwork, construction and marine. This kind of deck is also popularly used for dock and decking services.

interlocking aluminum extrusion flooring for

Need CNC Machining And Fabrication For Trailer Decking?

We provide services including machining, CNC machining, bending, welding, laser etching of logo and series number, assembly.

cnc machining-fonnovaluminium
aluminum bending-fonnovaluminium
aluminum profile assembly-fonnovaluminium

Professional Manufacturer of Extruded Aluminum Decking Planks for Trailer

We produce 6082T6 and 6061T6 aluminum extrusions for trailer decking and trailer flooring. We have rich experience in producing qualified interlocking aluminum decking planks and their assembly.

Our expertise is in producing extruded aluminum and machined aluminum. Such as aluminum profiles, custom aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, aluminum seamless tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum trims, aluminum beams and channels, aluminum heatsinks, etc. Our aluminum products are widely used in architecture, building and construction, vessel and ship, vehicles, and general industries.

Here are most of the questions related to extruded aluminum decking plank for trailer. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

What length can you produce for the interlocking aluminum flooring planks?2023-10-21T11:40:31+00:00

We can extrude and fabricate the trailer aluminum flooring plank with lengths up to 25 meters (82ft).

What width can you produce for the extruded aluminum flooring plank?2023-10-21T11:40:59+00:00

We can produce trailer aluminum extrusions with a width of up to 750mm.

What is the most suitable aluminum alloy for interlocking aluminum trailer decking?2023-10-21T11:39:33+00:00

Many variables are considered when deciding about the best aluminum alloy for trailer decking and trailer aluminum flooring.

  • How regularly will be using the trailer?
  • What kind of goods do you usually carry?
  • What is the typical weight of the cargo?
  • What type of roads will the trailer be used on?

After pondering over these and other pertinent questions, kindly get in touch with us so we can help you choose the best aluminum alloy for extruded aluminum trailer flooring. Different alloys have varying capabilities, including strength, so patient analysis is necessary. Aluminum 6061, 6063, 6005 and 6082 are main options.

How does FONNOV Aluminum stand out in the provision of interlocking aluminum trailer decking?2023-10-21T11:10:26+00:00

FONNOV Aluminum is a leading manufacturer, supplying the high-quality interlocking aluminum trailer decking and trailer flooring needed in the market for a long time. Our production processes, related quality control, and other quality checks for aluminum trailer floor and aluminum floor planks are our priority. For us, quality comes first. That’s how we have managed to build our name.

We are committed to quality products, and this is our policy that leads to operations that are both cost-effective and compliant with existing national, US and EU standards. You can rest assured that we are compliant with the highest quality requirements. As many of our customers will attest, our firm commitment to quality standards is evidenced in the unmatched quality of aluminum products we continuously deliver.

What makes aluminum extrusion a great choice for trailer decking and flooring?2023-10-21T11:43:40+00:00

Aluminum extrusion is preferable for trailer decking and aluminum trailer flooring for several reasons.

First, aluminum trailer deck boards (or aluminum trailer floor planks) are corrosion-resistant, so they won’t be damaged by elements.

Aluminum extrusion is also lighter compared to options such as steel and wood. The lower weight of the trailer can translate to a lot of costs for maintenance and fuel.

Aluminum extrusion is also relatively strong, particularly when alloyed with some elements.

The flexibility of aluminum extrusion is another reason you need to invest in this trailer decking and aluminum trailer flooring type. The aluminum trailer floor and deck can carry all manner of goods and it won’t deteriorate. With its pliability, aluminum can be recycled easily.

For its malleability characteristics, the material can be convenient during fabrication.

Are the extruded aluminum decking planks non-skid?2023-10-21T08:07:14+00:00

Yes, the FONNOV Aluminum interlocking decking is non-skid. The aluminum extrusion design can fully take into account the anti-slip function.

How can I maintain the interlocking aluminum trailer decking?2023-10-21T07:52:06+00:00

There are guidelines for maintaining the trailer decking made from interlocking aluminum. We suggest these guidelines so that trailer decking or flooring may last longer. These tips are not comprehensive and extra care may be needed depending on how you use your trailer:

  • Regularly inspect for dents and fix them
  • Clean the extruded aluminum trailer decking often to get rid of dirt

What We need For Your Order or Quotation?

DWG (or PDF) File

The cross-section drawing includes dimension details, aluminum alloy and temper, length, dimension tolerance, critical dimensions, and inspection standard.

STEP File If Machining or Fabrication

If need CNC machining, bending, or assembly for your extrusion order, a STEP file will be necessary for our manufacturing. If need laser marking/etching of logo or series numbers, an AI (or CDR) file will be needed.

Finish & Color

Finish and color information is necessary for most architectural aluminum extrusion products. A super durable resistance request is also needed to provide for exterior use.


Quantity is necessary information that you should provide us together with your drawing for quotation. Different order quantities will make price changes.

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