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Aluminum Tube For Facade Cladding

Extruded Aluminum Rectangular Tubing Wood Color For Exterior Facade Louvres fonnov

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is an aluminum tube manufacturer for facade cladding.

  • We produce and supply aluminum tubes and aluminum battens for facade cladding.
  • We produce cladding aluminum tubes with aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061.
  • We produce powder coated aluminum tubes, wood finish aluminum tubes and anodized aluminum tubes for facade and wall cladding.
  • We provide finishing and machining services for your cladding aluminum tubes order.
box sun louver tube extrusion - fonnov aluminium
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aluminium square tube for wall screening louver 23

Contact our consultants for more aluminum tubes for wall cladding and facade.


Many existing sizes can be chosen from FONNOV ALUMINIUM. Width and height can be 15mm, 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm. Custom sizes also can be produced as per drawing.

Mechanical Property

Aluminium Alloy & Temper Thickness


Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation /%


6063-T5 all 160 110 8 58
6063-T6 all 205 180 8
6061-T6 all 265 245 8

✣The tested value is Min.

More Options For Aluminum Tubes

Product name

aluminum tubes for wall, aluminum tubes for cladding, aluminum tubes for facade, aluminum tubes for screen,  aluminum tubes for cladding louvre


The Extruded aluminum tubes are used on the exterior walls of the building for decoration and shading.

Material aluminum alloy 6066, 6063, 6082, 6061, etc.
Temper T5, T6, etc.
Finish & Color anodizing, powder coating, wood finish, sandblasting anodizing, brushed anodizing, etc.
Length CNC cut-to-length as per request.
Packing wooden frame, plywood case, shrink film.
Application wall cladding, facade, louvre, folding screen, partition, etc.

Aluminum tubes (square tube, rectangular tube, square section, rectangular section) are more and more used for building facade decoration, the partition of interior design, and commercial project decoration. Different sizes, colors, and tube arrangements can create different design styles. This style also can be seen in interior ceiling, which we called baffle ceiling.


Need CNC Machining And Fabrication On Aluminum Tube?

We provide services including machining, CNC machining, bending, welding, laser etching of logo and series number, assembly.

cnc machining-fonnovaluminium
aluminum bending-fonnovaluminium
aluminum profile assembly-fonnovaluminium

Professional Manufacturer of Facade Cladding Aluminum Tube

We have rich experience in producing qualified 6063 and 6061 aluminum tubes for wall cladding and facade.

Our expertise is in producing extruded aluminum and machined aluminum. Such as aluminum profiles, custom aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, aluminum seamless tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum trims, aluminum beams and channels, aluminum heatsinks, etc. Our aluminum products are widely used in architecture, building and construction, vessel and ship, vehicles, and general industries.

Here are most of the questions related to facade cladding aluminum tubes. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

How helpful are the alloys for intricate designs in facade cladding?2024-01-31T02:45:34+00:00

The malleability of the alloys, especially alloy 6063, comes in handy in such applications. Its silicone and magnesium content allow for the formation of complex shapes in intricate designs. Engineers have successfully capitalized on this attribute of the aluminum extrusions in curved elements that raise the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Any welding for the facade cladding aluminum tubes?2024-05-15T03:11:52+00:00

Whether welding is required depends on the project. Some items require welding, while most projects require simple screw mounting.


How dependable are your aluminum tubes for corrosion resistance?2024-01-31T02:39:14+00:00

Our aluminum tubes for facade cladding exhibit good corrosion resistance. You can add a protective layer over the alloy to prevent corrosion on the aluminum tubes. As for aluminum 6063, the corrosion resistance is great. You can comfortably use its tubes for facade cladding where the weather exposure is greater.

Can these aluminum tubes for facade cladding enhance the energy efficiency of a building?2024-01-31T02:36:47+00:00

Yes, the aluminum tubes are influential on the energy efficiency of a building when used for facade cladding. Heat transfer in facades occurs in different forms including convection, radiation, thermal bridges, and conduction. The façade system materials aid the conduction process. That’s where the thermal conductivity of the facade cladding material comes in. They both do a great job of keeping the indoor temperatures comfortable and reducing the building energy consumption.

How do your aluminum tubes serve the need for unique facade cladding?2024-01-31T02:33:17+00:00

With the extrusion capability at Fonnov Aluminum, we can customize the aluminum tubes for cladding to various designs. Parameters that we can diversify include surface finishes, cross-section dimensions, and profiles. Whichever variation the customer is looking for, our team is ready to deliver suitable products. Our aluminum tubes are used in a wide range of architectural setups. Their provision of both the aesthetic appeal value and superior performance has been excellent.

What are the benefits of the alloy choices for the facade cladding?2024-01-31T02:31:47+00:00

Our use of aluminum alloys 6063 and 6061 for the tubes used for facade cladding is very deliberate. First, these materials have amazing extrudability, so they can be formed into the customer’s preferred profile and size. Their corrosion resistance is also good, and this supports the need for durability. Regarding mechanical properties, these alloys give the user some of the best combinations. If you are looking for strong and heat-treatable facade cladding, you can pick 6061 aluminum. Go for 6063 aluminum if your focus is on a wide range of surface finishes and the formability of the aluminum tubes for cladding.

What are the maintenance requirements for aluminum tube cladding?2024-01-31T02:21:37+00:00

Our aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 tubes for facade cladding are generally low-maintenance. However, the exact maintenance requirements or intervals of the aluminum cladding can vary based on the environmental conditions. Frequent cleaning of the extruded aluminum tube cladding can maintain its aesthetic appeal and eliminate tough deposits. In some areas, the cladding may not need cleaning until after a couple of years. As you clean the aluminum tubes, avoid excessive rubbing and the use of aggressive detergents. The temperature of the water should neither be too hot nor too cold to prevent chemical reactions and poor cleaning.

Does the aluminum tube for facade cladding warp?2024-01-31T02:19:26+00:00

No, our aluminum tube extrusions do not warp over time. Unfortunately, that’s a problem you can expect with alternative cladding materials such as timber. Leave alone warping, some of the alternatives attract algae and mold growth, particularly in wet conditions. That problem is unheard of with our wood finish aluminum tubes for facade cladding.

Can I use your wood finish aluminum tubes where fire resistance is a consideration?2024-02-20T02:13:00+00:00

Yes, these popular wood look aluminum tubes for facade cladding are worth considering for the project. They present other good attributes such as corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio.  Like stainless steel and copper, aluminum is put in class A or “no contribution to fire” by the EU. This means that the product does not contribute to fire. Using fire-resistance coatings and other remedies against fire is always recommended where fire resistance is a big issue.

What We need For Your Order or Quotation?

DWG (or PDF) File

The cross-section drawing includes dimension details, aluminum alloy and temper, length, dimension tolerance, critical dimensions, and inspection standard.

STEP File If Machining or Fabrication

If need CNC machining, bending, or assembly for your extrusion order, a STEP file will be necessary for our manufacturing. If need laser marking/etching of logo or series numbers, an AI (or CDR) file will be needed.

Finish & Color

Finish and color information is necessary for most architectural aluminum extrusion products. A super durable resistance request is also needed to provide for exterior use.


Quantity is necessary information that you should provide us together with your drawing for quotation. Different order quantities will make price changes.

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