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FONNOV ALUMINIUM is a thin wall aluminum tubes manufacturer and supplier.

  • We have the capability to extrude thin wall aluminum tubes with thickness starting from 0.25mm (or 0.01″).
  • We produce 6063, 6061 seamless thin wall aluminum tubes, 6063T5, 6063T6, 6061T6 thin wall extruded aluminum tubing.
  • We also produce thin wall aluminum square tubes, thin wall rectangular aluminum tubes and thin wall round aluminum tubes.
  • We provide finishing and machining services for your thin wall aluminum tubes order.

More Options For Thin Wall Aluminum Tubes

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A thin walled aluminum tube refers to the aluminum tube with relatively thin wall thickness.

Material aluminum alloy 6061, 6063, 2024, 5083, 7075, etc.
Temper T4, T5, T6, etc.
Finish & Color anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting anodizing, brushed anodizing, etc.
Length CNC cut-to-length as per request.
Packing wooden frame, plywood case, shrink film.
Application The Thin wall aluminum tubes are widely used in automobiles, ships and aerospace industries.

Need CNC Machining And Fabrication On Thin Wall Aluminum Tube?

We provide services including machining, CNC machining, bending, welding, laser etching of logo and series number, assembly.

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Professional Manufacturer of Thin Wall Aluminum Tube

We have rich experience in producing qualified 6063 6060 6082 and 6061 thin wall aluminum tubes.

Our expertise is in producing extruded aluminum and machined aluminum. Such as aluminum profiles, custom aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, aluminum seamless tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum trims, aluminum beams and channels, aluminum heatsinks, etc. Our aluminum products are widely used in architecture, building and construction, vessel and ship, vehicles, and general industries.

Here are most of the questions related to thin wall aluminum tubes (thin aluminum tube). We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

How suitable are the thin aluminum tubes for hot temperature applications?2024-02-05T09:32:36+00:00

You can use the thin wall extruded aluminum tubing for high-temperature applications. The products perform exceptionally well even with temperature variations. Aluminum alloys 6063 and 6061 exhibit good thermal stability that allows the tubes to remain structurally reliable under both hot and cold temperatures. It is for this quality that our thin wall aluminum tubes are popular in the energy, automotive, and other industries. Processes here are characterized by extreme temperatures, which can pose challenges to many other materials. The ability of our tubes to remain structurally reliable in diverse temperatures translates to durable and reliable systems.

What makes the thin aluminum tubes suitable for automotive applications?2024-02-05T09:30:46+00:00

The most prominent benefit of thin wall aluminum tubes in the automotive industry is how they promote fuel efficiency. Our 6063T5, 6063T6, and 6061T6 thin wall extruded aluminum tubing is lightweight, so the overall weight of the car is less. Since a lighter car means reduced energy requirement, the fuel efficiency factor comes in. In addition, the thin wall aluminum tubes have high thermal conductivity, which affects heat dissipation. Thus, automotive systems perform better with our thin wall extruded aluminum tubing.

Can you customize the thin aluminum tubes for finishes and dimensions?2024-02-05T09:28:51+00:00

Yes, we are committed to providing different customization options for our customers as part of our larger goal of serving a wide range of projects. Our customers for thin wall aluminum tubes can make their orders with specifications for wall thickness, dimensions, and surface finish. Whether you are looking for a surface finish that serves your aesthetic needs or specific dimensions for your space requirements, we have the customization flexibility to deliver.

What is your capability to meet the dimensional accuracy requirements?2024-02-05T09:27:31+00:00

Meeting the dimensional accuracy of the aluminum extrusions is a key aspect of our business. We use the best machining technologies accompanied by unmatched quality control steps so that each thin wall aluminum tube can meet the expected dimensions accurately. Advanced extrusion processes and precision machining methods help us reach the dimensional accuracy requirements. Our team is also very vigilant, ensuring that the products are at par with requirements at every stage of the production process. Thanks to this approach, our customers always get dimensionally accurate thin wall aluminum tubes for their diverse applications.

Do your manufacturing processes adhere to quality standards?2024-02-05T09:26:24+00:00

No doubt, we produce all our aluminum extrusions in line with domestic and international standards. Some focus areas for these quality standards are mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy. We take our extrusions through strict quality control steps to ensure adherence to all quality standards. That’s how we have built a reputation for providing thin wall aluminum tubes that meet the specific requirements of different industries.

Can I use the thin wall aluminum tube in thermal projects?2024-02-05T09:24:38+00:00

Yes, the thin wall aluminum tubes are built for different use scenarios, including thermal applications. Aluminum naturally has a high thermal conductivity, which makes it a good conductor of heat. Whatever thermal management system you are dealing with – radiator, heat exchanger, etc. – these thin wall aluminum pipes are applicable. They dissipate heat effectively, thus they add to the durability and performance of the entire system. Thermal efficiency is also dependent on the weight of the product, the more reason you should consider these lightweight extrusions for your thermal applications.

Where can I use the aluminum thin wall tubing?2024-02-05T09:23:28+00:00

Our thin wall aluminum tubes, manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy 6061 and 6063, are applicable in several industries. The tubing is used in the automotive industry, where they are effective as part of precision parts and heat exchangers. The construction industry is also a popular destination for the items, where architectural structures capitalize on the high strength-to-weight ratio. These are only examples of where you can use the thin wall aluminum tubes – the lightweight, durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant products are suitable for many more applications.

Can I bend and form the thin wall aluminum tubes?2024-02-05T09:20:44+00:00

Yes, you can. One of the attractive attributes of thin wall aluminum tubes is their ductility. Because of this property, users can bend and form the product without a loss of structural integrity. You can shape the aluminum thin wall tubing into intricate shapes, and therefore be able to build a wide range of products with the tubes. Whether you are looking for special shapes for your machinery or the latest designs for architectural applications, you have a suitable product in the thin wall extruded aluminum tubing. It is easy to fabricate and the item is as strong as the constituent materials – aluminum alloy 6061 and 6063.

What We need For Your Order or Quotation?

DWG (or PDF) File

The cross-section drawing includes dimension details, aluminum alloy and temper, length, dimension tolerance, critical dimensions, and inspection standard.

STEP File If Machining or Fabrication

If need CNC machining, bending, or assembly for your extrusion order, a STEP file will be necessary for our manufacturing. If need laser marking/etching of logo or series numbers, an AI (or CDR) file will be needed.

Finish & Color

Finish and color information is necessary for most architectural aluminum extrusion products. A super durable resistance request is also needed to provide for exterior use.


Quantity is necessary information that you should provide us together with your drawing for quotation. Different order quantities will make price changes.

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