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Woodgrain Extrusion For Aluminum Decking

▹Properties & Application

Aluminum decking now is commonly used in homes and parks. When compared with wood decks and composite plastic decks, aluminum decking will not rot, rust, warp, splinter, crack. It is extremely weather-resistant and durable, and it is four times lighter, but three times stronger. It is much easier to maintain than any wood or composite plastic decks, just clean will be fine. Aluminum decking is very suitable for:

Backyard Decks
Front Porch Decks
Decks Around Pools
Balcony Decks
Dock Decks

timber look aluminum profile for decking-fonnovaluminium

▹Custom Extrusion

Different alloys and tempers are available depending on the strength required. The custom extrusions for aluminum decking are mainly made of 6061T6, which is a very strong alloy. But if your deisgn is tested and good enough, 6063 alloy is also workable. You can check below the properties of both alloy 6061 and 6063.


▹Woodgrain Colors Range

The powder coated finish makes aluminum decking more durable than wood deckings and plastic deckings. Colors are mainly grey and sand yellow. Woodgrain aluminum deckings are more and more popular in the market, which bring a harmous timber look. Click to find the woodgrain colors you preper, no matter teak, peechwood, oak, or some more, choose or custom one you like.


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