Aluminum Railing Extrusions

FONNOV Capabilities

  • FONNOV ALUMINIUM has manufactured and supplied aluminum railing extrusions for almost 20 years. 
  • Railings are always different, and our custom extrusion provides the exact sizes and lengths to your drawing. RAL/PANTONE colors, timber look, metallic finish are available in FONNOV. You can choose the handrail colors and appearance.  
  • Our machining and fabrication capability provide you with an easy installation. We can do precise cutting, miter cutting, punching, drilling, tapping, countersinking, and bending for your railings. 
  • We have produced and delivered aluminum railing extrusions to the US, UK, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Netherland, France, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 
  • FONNOV also provides necessary accessories for aluminum railing. 
handrail railing aluminum profiles- fonnov aluminium

Aluminum Extrusion Materials For Railing

6000 series aluminum alloy is what we always use for railing extrusion, like 6063, 6061, 6005, 6082. Aluminum alloy 6061 is widely used for railing extrusion in structural construction projects where strength and corrosion resistance are significant concerns. 6063 alloy is a lower-strength choice than 6061, and it has a better finishing appearance than 6061. It is mainly used in architectural projects where design and appearance are major concerns.

FONNOV ALUMINIUM, as a professional aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we can produce a full range of aluminum extrusion profiles for handrails and railing frames. 

Know More About Aluminum Railing

Aluminum railings are used in residential and commercial buildings. They are made of extruded aluminum for the handrail and frame parts. Aluminum extrusion profiles are easy, flexible, and simple to install rails.

The aluminum railing provides safety for people in the building. The railing is made of handrails, slats, aluminum tubes, aluminum posts, etc. Aluminum offers enough strength, and It prevents people from falling. Meantime, it also provides an aesthetic design to the architectural space. Different railing designs and surface finishing show a fantastic match to the architectural space. 

Aluminum railing can be seen everywhere around us, including balconies/patios in high buildings, entryways, swimming pools, etc.

Benefits of Aluminum Railing

  • It’s safe.

An aluminum railing provides higher strength than timber. Aluminum is an ideal non-corrosion metal for railing compared with steel. 

  • It is durable.

Traditional timber railing has apparent disadvantages, like crack, warp, rot, or mold after years of use. But aluminum will not. Aluminum railings are lightweight, strong, and durable. The most important is No maintenance with aluminum railing, and you don’t need to recoat or replace it for a new appearance.

  • It is colorful.

Many colors can be chosen for aluminum railing, even timber look. Railing surface coating can enhance rust resistance, and it also provides versatile colors to match the interior or exterior design. 

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