Aluminum Profiles for Shower Room Enclosure

The shower room is mainly composed of glass and metal frame. At present, common shower room frame materials are stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The extruded aluminium frame is what we always see in shower room production.

Aluminium profiles for shower rooms often need to support the weight of even hundreds of KG of glass. If the hardness and thickness are not enough, the shower room will be unsafe, so the hardness and thickness of aluminum are very important. The qualified aluminium frame thickness is more than 1.2mm, and the upper rail which hangs glass must be more than 1.5mm. The hardness of the aluminum material needs to be above 13, which is difficult to deform by hand. Therefore, such aluminium profiles are usually made of 6061 alloys. Its high tensile strength, yield strength, extension rate, and hardness are the most suitable aluminum materials for shower rooms, which effectively ensures the safety of use.

The surface of aluminum is usually anodized and powder coated. The appearance is bright and durable. The main surface can be polished anodizing, brushed anodizing, clear anodizing, white and black powder coating.


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