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T Slot Aluminum Extrusion with Full Sizes

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is a T slot aluminum extrusion manufacturer.

We manufacture and supply T-SLOT aluminium profiles with a wide range. At FONNOV, many selections of T slot extrusions, accessories, and hardware.

Whether large or small, Fonnov’s range of T slot aluminium profile comes in a variety of sizes to suit your application.

We offer T slot aluminum extrusions for custom colors with anodized finishes.

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What Can You Build With T SLOT Aluminum Extrusion?

  • Booths in trade show and exhibition
  • Racking
  • Workstations
  • Assembly stations
  • Cnc router table
  • Clean room structure
  • Equipment frames
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We offer a wide variety of T SLOT aluminum extrusions to fit for your project.

Take a look at the following size list to find the right T slotted aluminium extrusion for your project. Contact Us if don’t find it.

The Benefits You Can Get From T Slot Aluminum Extrusions

T slot aluminum extrusion is the basis of a framing system. Each T slot aluminum extrusion has T slots which allow accessories and panels to fit and slide as needed. T slot aluminum extrusion system is designed for an economic frame building. Compared with welded steel frame, the t slot aluminum extrusion system has many advantages.

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  • Easy To Install

T SLOT aluminum extrusions create custom frame structure solutions with an easy installation. No need skilled labor and professional machines or tools. Only hardware, bracket, or nuts are needed for T slot aluminum extrusion is a cost-effective structural framing solution.

  • High Strength

This structural design makes the T slot aluminium proifle very strong and suitable for assembly application.

  • Durable

An oxide layer naturally forms on the surface of aluminum, which makes the T slot aluminum extrusion never rust. 

  • Easy To Replace

It is easy to change the frame by slotted aluminum extrusion whatever you like. Fasteners, brackets, and connectors connect the T slot aluminum frame, and you can adjust and rearrange them. This replacement is much easier than a welded steel frame.

  • No Maintenance

T slot aluminum extrusions are maintenance-free, just clean with water will be fine. A clear anodized finish will be better to against scratches and corrosion. 

  • Light Weight

T slot aluminium profiles structure is with less weight than steel. It is the same reason that aluminum is replacing steel on a large scale in lightweight vehicle strategies.

Surface Finishing Options

T slot aluminum extrusions are generally coated with silver anodizing and black anodizing, which can meet the needs of different customers for color. Of course, it can also be customized in other colors, such as gold, bronze, and so on.

Anodized T Slotted 2020 Extrusion -fonnov aluminium
v slot aluminum profile black anodizing 2020 4040 - fonnov aluminium
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Connection Method of T Slot Aluminum Extrusions

T slot aluminum extrusions are assembled by related accessories. Different connection methods with different accessories. There are commonly two connection methods:
1. Inner connections. Such as bolts and nuts, built-in connectors, anchor pins, angled grooves, etc. different specifications of the slot extrusion, different accessories for it, which we need to pay attention to.
2. External connection. There are many accessories, such as corner pieces, steering angle pieces, three-dimensional connecting pieces, movable connecting pieces, T-shaped connecting plates, L-shaped connecting plates, hinges, and so on.
Of course, the accessories will also be used in conjunction with each other during use.


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aluminum t-slotted
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t slot aluminium profile
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Fonnov provides machining and fabrication services for T SLOT aluminum extrusions.

We will help to make the t slot aluminium profiles ready to assembly upon arrival.

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T SLOT Aluminum Extrusion FAQ

Here are most of the questions related to T SLOT aluminum extrusion. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

What is the safety level for the T-slot aluminum extrusions?2024-03-28T01:55:14+00:00

We have designed the T-slot aluminum extrusions to meet the safety standards. Safety for this type of product encompasses many elements including corrosion resistance, strength, and dimensional accuracy, all these in compliance with local and international safety standards. Our T-slot aluminum extrusions are naturally corrosion-resistant, thus you can use them even outdoors without any worry. Like the rest of our extrusions, we manufacture the t-slot aluminum extrusions in strict adherence to the safety standards in China. Whether it is the extrusion process or the consequent machining services, we apply precision engineering for high dimensional accuracy. We have corner brackets, bolts, nuts, and other accessories that help keep the structure stable.

What factors should guide me when choosing slot extrusions for a specific project?2024-03-28T01:50:13+00:00

It is important to consider several factors before picking the T-slot aluminum extrusion for your project. Mostly these considerations revolve around aesthetics and performance. When you come to us for the T-slot aluminum extrusions, we would advise you to first check the project requirements. Are there any specific design requirements? How strong do you want the structure to be? After answering these critical questions go ahead and select the appropriate extrusion size. Remember that extrusions are available in different alloys, so the specific properties can vary widely. You may also want to look at the available surface finish options for the T-slot aluminum extrusion and align it with your project requirements. Of course, you can always consult our experts if you are unsure which t-slotted aluminum to choose.

How can I customize the T-slot aluminum extrusion measurements?2024-03-28T01:47:35+00:00

You can customize the measurements of these extrusions according to your project requirements in terms of thickness, length, height, and so on. Since there are design requirements to meet, the customization process must start with the identification of the profile dimensions. Fonnov T-slot aluminum extrusions are available in different sizes, so they can serve a wide range of functions and structures. Having chosen size, we can proceed to machine the extrusion to the desired length and incorporate the other dimensions. We offer several machining and fabrication services including punching, tapping, drilling, milling, and CNC machining.

Are the T-slot aluminum extrusions affordable?2024-03-28T01:45:00+00:00

Yes, these extrusions are affordable for many applications. For instance, consider the long-term savings that come with the low maintenance, corrosion-resistance, and durable nature of the T-slot extrusions. You also want to look at the suitability of this product for many applications. You can use it in office structures, business sheds, and industrial systems, among other areas. With the modular design, these extrusions demand less for installation and dismantling. Overall, the T-slot aluminum extrusions are affordable and help users achieve the project goals.

How can I integrate the T-slot aluminum extrusions with electrical installations?2024-03-28T01:41:56+00:00

Integrating our T-slot aluminum extrusions with electrical installations is simple, a further testament to the high versatility of these extrusions. The extrusions allow for the inclusion of these installations without compromising the aesthetics and safety of the setup. There are various ways these installations can form part of the modular designs. A popular one is where you connect cable clips or wire ducts to the T-slot aluminum extrusions. Switches and other electrical hardware can attach directly to the frame using brackets or any other appropriate accessory. If you need customized installations, there is always room for incorporation of the required functionalities at the fabrication stage.

Are T-slot aluminum extrusions an improvement to welded structures?2024-03-28T01:36:28+00:00

Yes, the T-slot aluminum extrusions are an improvement to welded structures mainly based on the ease of use and versatility. There is no doubt that welded structures are strong and can also be customized, but the modular nature of T-slot aluminum extrusions is unbeatable. The assembly and disassembly ease offered by the t-slot aluminum extrusions is much higher than you can achieve with welded structures. The versatility of these extrusions encompasses the accessory range and the design options. Even with the simplest tools, one can activate the profiles into something usable, within no time. This is much different from creating welded structures, a process that requires specialized skills and equipment. It doesn’t matter the configuration requirements of the user; there is always a way to tailor the T-slot extrusions to achieve the structure. So, yes, T-slot extrusions are an improvement to welded structures on several fronts.

Can I use the T-slot aluminum extrusions with glass and other materials?2024-03-28T01:34:13+00:00

Yes, you can comfortably use the T-slot aluminum extrusions with glass or any other secondary material. We have designed and manufactured these extrusions in such a way that integrating other materials is easy. Secondary materials enhance the usability of the assemblies because they not only enhance the stability of the setup but also add visual appeal. For this combination to be effective, you need to do or ensure a few things. First, you need to apply accurate machining of the glass or other materials to ensure accurate fitting within the respective spaces in the framework. Second, you should use the right accessories to fix the secondary materials to the T-slot extrusions.

What is the disassembly ease or complexity for T-slot aluminum extrusions?2024-03-28T01:30:39+00:00

The disassembly of the T-slot aluminum extrusions is easy. The functional feature ensures that users can reconfigure and relocate their structures as easily as possible. No special training or tooling is required to dismantle the setups. Most of this ease of assembling and disassembling the T-slot aluminum extrusions comes from the innovative design of this product. As long as you have the right tool for removing the fasteners, you can easily remove the fasteners and reposition them as you wish. The versatility of the T-slot aluminum extrusions is such an asset for users who need to assemble and disassemble the extrusions.

Are specific hole patterns a possibility with T-slot aluminum extrusions from Fonnov?2024-03-28T01:23:49+00:00

Whether standard or customized patterns, Fonnov has the expertise and CNC machinery to deliver the desired results. We use the CNC machinery to create the patterns to ensure that your T-slot aluminum extrusions match the dimensional requirements of the accessories and other hardware. If you need the holes to be even more functional, just let us know.

Should I still use slot aluminum extrusions if the area of application is vibration-prone?2024-03-28T01:18:34+00:00

You can use the T-slot aluminum extrusions where vibrations are present but with some design considerations. First, the aluminum extrusion should be strong enough to withstand the vibrations. That means being safe from breakage or deformation. Using thicker T-slot aluminum extrusions would be a straightforward solution where the amount of vibrations is known. There are other ways of reducing the vibration effects on the structure. Consider incorporating isolators and other techniques to minimize the transfer of vibrations within the structure.

Can the T-slot aluminum extrusions carry heavy loads?2024-03-28T01:14:40+00:00

Yes, we have kinds of slot extrusions with various load-bearing capabilities, including for heavy loads. One thing worth appreciating is that the capacity to carry a particular load depends on several factors including the material thickness and the type of setups used to support the structure. What is the distance between the supports? How is the load distribution? Typically, a light-duty T-slot extrusion will carry a lighter load than a heavy-duty extrusion. All in all, the balance between the extrusion and its supports can make a big difference.

Can I use the T-slot aluminum extrusions outdoors?2024-03-28T00:50:09+00:00

Yes, our T-slot aluminum extrusions can work excellently in outdoor applications, especially if protected further by surface treatment. Anodizing is one such method that you can use to enhance the suitability of the slot extrusions for outdoor projects. We recommend 6063 alloy for T-slot aluminum extrusions. Overall, our T-slot aluminum extrusions are built for versatility and reliable performance even in outdoor conditions. We have various factors that you can consider when looking to optimize this reliability – surface finish, type of alloy, etc.

Can you provide machining service for extrusion order?2023-05-04T04:13:17+00:00

We have an aluminum fabrication shop to provide CNC machining and fabrication service.
The material is not only aluminum extrusion products but also aluminum sheet panels. Please send us your CAD and 3D drawings for a quote.

Click Aluminum Machining / Fabrication to know more.

CNC Machining On Heatsinks

What anodizing colors can you produce?2022-07-10T01:37:15+00:00

Click Anodizing Colors For Clear Anodizing & Dyed Anodizing produced by FONNOV ALUMINIUM.

Catalog of Slot Aluminum Extrusion2022-01-11T09:12:33+00:00

FONNOV produces a full series of T slot(slotted) aluminum extrusion for your framing project. Usual dimensions are 2020/2040/3030/4040/8020/4080/3060/8080. For more, click Slotted Aluminum Extrusion with Full Series produced by FONNOV ALUMINIUM.

We also supply accessories for aluminum slot frame installation. Nuts, bolts, angles, corners, connectors are all available.

slot aluminium extrusion-fonnov

Profile Length for Delivery2023-02-28T03:34:32+00:00

Max. L=5800mm for 20 container ( choose 40 container if L>5900mm)

Max. L=3000mm for LCL goods by sea (contact shipping agent for goods with L>3000mm, some shipping company accept with a higher cost.)

Max. L=2000mm for EXPRESS


Packing & Loading Details2023-02-28T03:34:57+00:00

aluminum extrusion packing loading-fonnovaluminium

▹Bundle Packing

Inside Packing Material: plastic protective film for each piece / plastic bag for each piece / none (optional)

Outside Packing Material: bundles by waterproof craft paper / EPE film / shrink film (optional)

▹Carton Packing

Inside Packing Material: plastic bag for each piece / none (optional)

Outside Packing Material: by carton

▹Wood Pallet Packing

Inside Packing: carton packing

Outside Packing Material: wood pallet

▹Plywood Case Packing

Inside Packing: bundle packing

Outside Packing Material: plywood case


What is your delivery time2022-04-30T01:51:18+00:00

Batch Production: 20-25 days after sample confirmed & down payment received.

We will answer your EMAIL within 1 day!

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T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile Manufacturer in CHINA

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is one of the leading T slot aluminum extrusion profile manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also provide value-added CNC machining, fabrication and assembly service for your T slot extruded aluminum.

Reach out to us now so we can help you in producing your ideal T slot aluminum extrusion profiles.


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