Thermal break (or thermally broken) aluminum windows have always occupied the high-end window market and price are expensive. Many people and families are now considering choosing thermal break window when buying or replacing windows. So can it help us improve our home decoration and life? Is it worth investing for our home?

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What is Thermal Break Window?

It is nearly the same in appearance between ordinary aluminium window and thermal break aluminum window, but there’re heat insulation strips used in the middle of two aluminium alloy window frames. The aluminum alloy frame is disconnected from the middle, and the separator with low thermal conductivity is connected with the aluminum alloy on both sides, so that the heat is not easily transmitted, so it is called thermal break (thermally broken) aluminum.  the thermal conductivity of the metal is the strongest, The function of the heat insulation strip is to insulate the heat, and at the same time, it can also play a role of heat preservation, disconnecting the high heat transfer of the aluminum and preventing the circulation of the heat insulation amount.

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What problems can a thermal break window help to solve for home? 

Thermal break windows have excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation.

The thermal conductivity K value of the aluminum door window with thermal break is less than 3W/m2K, which is half of the heat loss of the ordinary aluminium window, and the heating cost is reduced by about 30%. In the winter, aluminium window frame with insulated strips can reduce the amount of heat lost through the window frame; in the summer, if there is air conditioning, the window frame with insulated strips can be reduced more Loss of energy. The temperature of the inner surface of the aluminium frame with the insulation strip is close to the room temperature, avoiding the possibility of indoor moisture condensing on the surface of the aluminium frame due to supersaturation.

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Different thermal break aluminum window system has different soundproof sealing effects. The larger the system, the larger the insulating glass spacing is, the better the sound insulation effect is. Tested with decibel tester, using large series of thermal break aluminum frame, glass is 5+20+5 hollow glass, the test result of exterior is 70-85 decibels, the result of interior with the thermal break aluminum window is 40-50 decibel. If you use 3 layers of argon filled insulating glazing, you can achieve remarkable results in noise reduction and noise reduction. Even if you live on the side of the road, you can have a quiet and comfortable living place.

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Is thermal break window a good choice for your house?

If you live in these surroundings, you can consider to buy or replace thermal break window.

1-Noisy community, close-to-road houses and other areas with serious noise pollution.

2- Houses are installed with heating, such as wall heating or floor heating.

3- There are public places around the house, resulting in a large flow of people and a lot of noise.

4-Rainy area

5- high-rise residential building

6-Luxury residential area

Thermal break window will be a good choice to let noise away, and keep a quiet and comfortable temperature for your home.

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