Aluminum Tool Box

The aluminum tool box is mainly used on pickup trucks, pump trucks and trailers, it is beautiful, lightweight, strong and durable, and it keeps the rust and moisture out of your tool box. The aluminum tool box can store various tools, such as loading tools, chains, jacks, wrenches, crowbars, and camping products. The installation locations are various, but the purpose is the same, protecting tools in transportation use.

There are many types of aluminum tool box based on different mounting styles. Mounting style is where the toolbox is installed to your truck. Crossover Tool Box is that the toolbox sits behind the cab and rests on the bed’s side rails. It does not reach the floor, leaving more floor space under it. Chest Tool Box is that the toolbox sits behind the cab on the floor of the bed. Topside Tool Box is that the toolbox sits on the side rails. This mounting method takes up very little space. Underbody Tool Box is that the toolbox sits under the bed, which does not take up spaces.

FONNOV ALUMINIUM produces a custom aluminum tool box for trucks and trailers. The aluminum tool box is made of different series of aluminum alloy sheets, generally 1060, 3003, and 5052. The different alloys are with different mechanical properties, and 5052 is the strongest among them. The thickness of aluminum tool box can be 1.5/2.0/2.5/2.75/3.0mm, and 2.0/2.5mm are the most common thicknesses for the toolbox. The thicker, the stronger. The material for aluminum tool box is mainly checker plate, and the texture can be chosen of diamond plate, three-bar plate, five-bar plate. The surface of the aluminum tool box is powder-coated, giving it extra protection from corrosion, and many colors can be chosen, like natural clear silver, black, white and grey, etc. Custom shapes, sizes, lids, drawers can be requested for production.

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