The demand for custom aluminum extrusion has heightened with its wide application being in many different sectors in USA, such as architectural industries, telecommunications, transportation, energy, and many other industries. The goal remains to be maintaining quality standards for the aluminum extrusion companies.

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Extruded aluminum is replacing steel in most of these sectors because of its amazing properties such as durability, flexibility, strength, and recyclable properties. The increase in demand for custom aluminum extrusion in product design has pushed these aluminum extrusion companies to venture into the top extrusion manufacturing field in the United States. This list will be helpful for you while considering a project with extruded aluminum, let’s find any custom aluminum extrusion companies near me.


Bonnell Aluminum is one of the best custom fabricated and finished aluminum extrusion manufacturers. The company offers a wide array of extruded aluminum products such as custom extruded aluminum products, architectural extruded products, standard extruded products, T-slot, and Futura transition.

Bonnell Aluminum is located in Newnan City, Georgia, USA. The company also has other manufacturing sites in Carthage Tennessee, Niles Michigan, Clearfield Utah, and Elkhart Indiana.

Bonnell Aluminum’s production manufacturers are committed to customer excellence. They serve many of America’s largest and most prestigious manufacturing companies through design solutions, unique extrusion capabilities, and exceptional services.

The company specializes in large diameter aluminum extrusions, painted aluminum extrusions, thermal barrier assemblies, and fabricated aluminum extrusions.

sierra aluminum

This is a world-class aluminum extrusion company. Sierra Aluminum produces both large and small extruded aluminum profiles. They provide individualized customer services by utilizing quicker lead time. Sierra Aluminum extrusion manufacturer are located in Riverside, California and Fontana CA.

Sierra Aluminum’s capability includes aluminum extrusion manufacturing, surface treatment, fabrication, assembly, custom packaging and transportation coordination, quality assurance, and customer services. The company services different markets including; transportation, building and construction,  solar energy, and consumer goods.

They specialize in standard and custom aluminum extrusions. Under standard extrusion, Sierra Aluminum extrusion houses a wide array of standard shapes die banks that customers can utilize. Under custom aluminum extrusion, Sierra Aluminum takes the customer’s concept and produces customers’ tailored products.

custom aluminum products

Custom Aluminum Products is one of the leading aluminum extrusion companies in Elgin, Illinois and Genoa, IL. Custom Aluminum Products prides itself in its commitment to producing sustainable aluminum extrusion profiles of the highest quality.

Custom Aluminum Products produces fully fabricated components from customized aluminum extrusion. They have experts who design, extrude, and manufacture aluminum profile elements that shape the world.

Its capabilities include; recycling aluminum and extruding aluminum profiles, building systems, precision aluminum tubes, welded aluminum tubes, poles, cast house products, low-carbon aluminum, bauxite, and alumina.

TABER aluminum extrusion

Taber extrusions have been at the forefront of the custom aluminum extrusion manufacturing for over four decades following its value addition philosophy. It is one of the largest aluminum extrusion companies and manufacturers in USA. Its leadership in this industry can also be attributed to its custom aluminum extrusion capabilities and its top-notch customer services.

Taber extrusions manufacturing company is based in Gulfport, Mississippi. The company has an annual sale of between 100-250 million. They specialize in manufacturing complex and intricate aluminum extrusion profiles. Their biggest advantage is to extrude large and intricate aluminum profiles, aluminum heatsinks. Taber extrusions serve markets including, transportation, automotive, architectural, sporting goods aircraft & aerospace, and naval marine industries.

The team players have extensive capabilities that include welding, painting and anodizing, ultrasonic testing, finishing services for extruded aluminium profiles, and alloy casting. They work with the customers to integrate whole assemblies of small components into the one-piece extruded aluminum part.


The Astro Shapes company is a professional custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer located in Struthers, Ohio. The organization mainly focuses on building materials but specializes in custom aluminum extrusions, fabrication, and metallurgy. They serve different industries including, building and construction, transportation, consumer durables, electrical, and distribution.

Astro Shapes has earned a reputation for excellence through its ingenious ability to combine the leading aluminum extrusion manufacturing, finishing services and value-added fabrication service.

Astro Shapes’ capabilities include aluminum extrusion, aluminum fabrication and machining, anodizing, painting, thermal barriers, customer service, and quality service.

mid states aluminum

Mid-States Aluminum Corporation is one of the custom aluminum extrusion company located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. A complete line of extrusion with the capability to produce standard shapes in row, lineal and complex custom aluminum extrusion that is fully fabricated and finished. The Mid-States Aluminum Corporation works with their customers to produce the customer’s design product. Their market includes automotive, furniture, marine, construction, electronics, sporting equipment, and utilities.

whitehall aluminum extrusion

Whitehall industries manufacture precise extruded aluminum profiles mainly for automotive industries. They pride themselves in their dedication to providing quality services in the automotive industry. Whitehall industries are top aluminum extrusion manufacturers with 4 plants located in Michigan, Kentucky, and Mexico.

The company has integrated aluminum extrusion to support its fabrication and assembly process. The integration provides high levels of quality control that lead to the production of stricter tolerance and high-quality standards.

tri city extrusion

This one functions as a custom aluminum extruder with an extensive customer base. They pride themselves to produce products that satisfy tight-tolerance, critical finish, and difficult profile requirements. They utilize the most advanced technologies to produce customized aluminum extrusion products to fit customer preferences.

They have extensive capabilities for both custom and standard aluminum extrusion. Although custom aluminum extrusion is their primary capability, they also focus on standard aluminum extrusions. Under standard extrusion, they provide a wide variety of shapes including bars, channels, tubes, rods, and angles.

tower extrusions

Tower aluminum extrusion company is located in Olney, TX. Tower extrusions have 11 extrusion presses ranging from 6″-12″ diameter billet to 24′ wet and two 24’ powder coating lines. The 11 extrusion presses are categorized based on the shapes and diameter of the billets.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion provides numerous standard dies, making many shapes available with no tooling cost.

Tower extruders have one of the largest anodizing lines in the USA. Tower extruders pride themselves on all levels of quality control to ensure customer satisfaction. The company specializes in custom aluminum extrusion, aluminum fabrication, anodizing, powder paint, design, building and construction, transportation, window & door, LED lighting, architectural, solar, and contract manufacturing.


Vitex Extrusion is located in Franklin, New Hampshire.

Vitex aluminum extrusion company serves different markets including automotive, transportation, building and construction, electrical and machinery, and consumer goods.

Vitex Extrusion has a team that possesses full spectrum capabilities in extruding custom shapes, and fabricating finished aluminum profile products.

They pride themselves in delighting their customers with high-quality custom aluminum extrusions and timely delivery.


Quality should be a priority when settling for an aluminum extrusion company. Your needs and expectations should also be considered concerning what these companies offer. Above all, there are aluminum extrusion manufacturers that have made a name irrespective of your personal needs. The above 10 falls in that category and that’s why you’ll never go wrong by picking one of them in the United States.

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What to consider while choosing an Custom Aluminum Extrusion Company?

Deciding whether to use aluminum extrusion in product design is often not an issue to many. The mind-boggling question is usually who to choose to create your extruded aluminum product.

Quality should always come first when settling for an custom aluminum extrusion company. One way to establish a quality producer is through analyzing feedback from previous clients. That way you’ll have a clue about who delivers better.

If it were possible to access company details about customer loyalty and retention, establishing the organization’s quality would be easier. But we can’t ascertain that and so we can only rely on client feedback relayed to the public.

Your needs are also an important factor to consider when choosing the right aluminum extrusion company. Different manufacturers offer different products and cover different markets. One manufacturer can be the best fit for one industry but fail to deliver in a different industry. All these are things to consider when choosing the right aluminum extrusion manufacturer for designing your dream product. When you search for “custom aluminum extrusion company near me” or “where to buy custom aluminum extrusion in USA”, The above are the top 10 Custom Aluminum Extrusion Companies in the USA based on their different production capabilities.

Know More About Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusions are aluminum products that are highly valued in a broad spectrum for structural uses following their aluminum extensive properties. Some of these properties include: strength, resistance to temperature and rust, durability, ease to fabricate, and recyclability. These properties have proven useful and that explains why the extruded aluminum is dominantly used in industries like building and construction, automotive, transportation, and architectural industries. It’s safe to say that extruded aluminum profiles are some of the most used in the innovative world.

The aluminum is also common in weather-affected industries and the extrusion process improves it to withstand these extreme climatic conditions. It’s also important to note that the aluminum extrusion process is relatively inexpensive as compared to other metals.

The process takes a front-to-back approach in the beginning. The manufacturers first envision the product’s final design with the user in mind. Then, the design process begins. After that, raw aluminum billet goes through a precipitation-hardening process. The metal aluminum is heated to an alloy-specific temperature to extrude profiles. Afterward, it’s pushed through a preheated steel dye by a hydraulic press through a precision opening.

The results are specific aluminum extrusion profiles that are strong, stable, and light in weight. The end products are used to design resilient structures that are used in product design. The end product of the aluminum extrusion process can either be solid, semi-hollow, or hollow.

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ABOUT Fonnov Aluminum Extrusion

Fonnov is a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer in China. It produces custom aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum tubes, aluminum heatsinks, rods, bars, beams, and T-slot aluminum extrusion.Fonnov set up the first extrusion factory in 2007 and the second extrusion factory in 2015. With years of experience, Fonnov understands the extrusion process well besides knowing what the clients want.

Fonnov does excellently through finishing processes. The finishing treatment includes powder coating, woodgrain, PVDF painting, and anodizing. The aluminum profiles look good and last long with such kinds of finishes.

Fonnov also provides value-added services for extruded aluminum products. Punching, Countersink, Laser cutting, Laser etching, CNC machining, fabrication, and assembly services make it your single source supplier.