The UK remains a leading zone for the aluminium extrusion profiles manufacturing. This country hosts some leading bespoke aluminium extrusion manufacturers that provide some of the strongest aluminium profiles in the world. We’ve sampled some of the top five aluminium extrusion manufacturers in the UK. Read on.

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gsm aluminium extrusion uk

GSM is located in West Yorkshire, UK. GSM is a leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer that also specializes in bespoke aluminium extrusion, aluminium fabrication and aluminium profiles finishing (anodising and powder coating).

The company was established in 1992 and has over 220 staff both in the UK and other nations. In addition to that, the company has operations in the US, Poland, and other European countries. They are solution-driven and make aluminium profile products with their clients in mind. For a while now, the organization has been a leader in the bespoke aluminium extrusion supplier.

aluminium shapes extrusion uk

Aluminium Shapes is located in Northamptonshire, UK, and it boasts of bespoke aluminium extrusion products. The company manufactures high-quality aluminium profiles and is locally owned.

Other than quality aluminium profiles, the manufacturer offers the much-needed advisory. They also have extensive machining service, including cutting, punching and CNC machining. They do so step by step guiding and leading you in the right direction.

They can extrude with both direct extrusion process and indirect extrusion process, but they are in limited range. They provides finishings of anodising and powder coating for aluminium profiles.

smart aluminium extrusion uk

The Smart Architectural Aluminium extrusion company is located in South West of England. It boasts of over four decades of experience in manufacturing aluminium profiles for architectural use. Despite the longevity, this manufacturer also is UK’s most modern and efficient bespoke aluminium extrusion manufacturer.

Smart Architectural Aluminium has earned an reputation for the manufacture of aluminium extrusions to the highest quality.

The finish appearance is important for architectural aluminium products, and Smart operates the most advanced vertical and horizontal paint lines in the UK. This ensures a high-quality powder coated finish for aluminium profiles.

capalex aluminium extrusion uk

CAPALEX stands for Capital Aluminium Extrusions Limited. Capalex is a bespoke aluminium extrusion manufacturer in Cumbria, United Kingdom.

It produces aluminium profiles for both architecture and general industry. Their market sector including Architectural, Automotive, Defence, Display, Electronics, Engineering, Furniture, Leisure, Marine, Product Design, Retail, Rail & Signage, Aerospace.

Not only alloy 6060 and 6082, CAPALEX also provides a greater range of alloys on profile design. Except bespoke aluminium extrusion manufacturing, CAPALEX also produce T SLOT aluminium profiles, aluminium tubes, aluminium rods, aluminium bars, beams, channels, etc.

They also can help on lightweight aluminium extrusion and thin wall luminium extrusion. The manufacturer not only makes good quality aluminium extrusion profiles but also offers extrusion advice.

For all this time, the organization has been gathering experience and expertise that has been instrumental in the establishment of the organization as a leading bespoke aluminium extrusion supplier in the UK and the world.

GARNALEX aluminium extrusion uk

Garner Aluminium Extrusions Ltd is located in Derbyshire, UK. It is a UK-based aluminium extrusion manufacturer.

Garner is specialising in alloy 6063 aluminium extrusion. This is a kind of aluminium alloy mainly used in architectural aluminium.

Not only aluminium extrusion manufacturing, Garner also operates its brand SHEERLINE for aluminium window and door.


As aluminium extrusion continues to gain popularity the world over, aluminium extrusion manufacturers keep growing. More and more of aluminium extrusion manufacturers are setting up branch in the UK.

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What to consider while choosing a Bespoke Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer?

When your new project needs to be completed by the aluminium extrusion process, it is time for you to find out the manufacturers active in bespoke aluminium extrusion manufacturing, and choose one to create your aluminium profiles.

Quality should always be the first factor when settling for an aluminium extrusion manufacturer. Good customer feedback will make your selection easier.

Maximizing your needs is also an essential factor to consider.

Aluminium Extrusion manufacturers may work on different aluminium profiles, different markets or different services. Some might focus on architectural aluminium profiles. If you don’t need any surface finishing on your product, an extrusion manufacturer that provides high-quality coating service will not bring your interest. And if a extrusion manufacturer is professional on small size aluminium profiles, they might not help for your large and heavy aluminium profiles.

So you need to spend a little time understanding if any manufacturers are familiar with your product and if they can complete your project most professionally. When you are trying to find “a bespoke aluminium extrusion manufacturer near me” or “where to buy custom aluminium extrusions in the UK”, the above five professional aluminium extrusion manufacturers will be a great help to you.

Know More About Aluminium Extrusion

Extruded aluminium profiles are widely used in general industries. It has obvious advantages of high strength, high resistance, durability, rust resistance, easy manufacturing, and recyclable.

These properties make aluminium profiles highly valuable in structural applications. We can see extruded aluminium profiles in construction, automotive, transportation and architecture.

After surface treatment, aluminium profiles can present a variety of colours and textures, which makes aluminium profiles have a high decorative value in use.

This video can well present the aluminium extrusion process. The final aluminium profiles by extrusion process will be solid and lightweight.

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ABOUT Fonnov Aluminium Extrusion

Fonnov is a professional Chinese bespoke aluminium extrusion manufacturer. The established company leads in producing custom aluminium profiles, aluminium tubes, aluminium heatsinks, rods, and bars. Other products include aluminium beams and T-slots.

Fonnov boasts of close to two decades in operation having set up factory in 2004. Thanks to these many years, Fonnov understands the extrusion process well besides knowing what the clients want. This explains why it meets client expectations by producing bespoke aluminium profiles and offering highly sought-after customer service.

Fonnov does excellently through finishing processes. Some of their finishes include powder coating, woodgrain, PVDF painting, and anodizing. With such kinds of finishes, the aluminium profiles they make look good and last long. That’s why they continue to attract and retain big shots in the industry.

Fonnov also provides value-added services for the aluminium profiles. CNC machining, fabrication and assembly services make it deliver your goods from design to completion.