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Aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the earth’s crust. Aluminum products can be seen everywhere in our life, which has an important role in our daily life.

Architecture has always been inseparable from building materials. Aluminum is used as a building decoration material, and doors and windows are used as the basic components of the building. Among all kinds of different architectural styles, doors and windows have become one of the expression methods without exception. Sliding doors, folding doors, landscape windows, glass curtain walls, guardrails, and sunrooms made of aluminum alloy profiles all make the building emit new vitality. The development of aluminum formwork has played an important role in advancing the process of building energy conservation and environmental protection and the industrialization of buildings. The aluminum curtain wall is favored by public buildings for its good rigidity, lightweight, easy processing, and recyclability. Outdoor advertising impacts our sights in office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, subways, airports, etc, and aluminum profiles are the frame material for lightboxes, photo frames, wall publicity frames, showcases, outdoor newsstands, mobile poster stands.

In the era of “wood instead of wood” and “green environmental protection”, the furniture with aluminum alloy frame structure and fully-aluminium furniture have the characteristics of novel design and health.

Due to its lightweight, beautiful appearance, adaptability to various processing forms, and lower manufacturing and processing costs, aluminum is widely used in household appliances. Its lightweight is required for vacuum cleaners and electric irons, dishwashers and food blenders.

Aluminum foil can be made even thinner than paper. Such aluminum foil is widely used for the packaging of confectionery, medicine and the like. The packaging industry has been one of the markets for aluminum, and the most popular beverage container aluminum cans are made from a variety of aluminum alloys.

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, and its thermal conductivity is three times greater than iron. In daily life, aluminum is widely used in the manufacture of cooking utensils.

The application of aluminum profiles on bridges has made the demand for aluminum in bridge construction more and more, and more aluminum alloy footbridges and highway bridges are designed for use. Aluminum profiles for automobiles, containers, aerospace, rail vehicles and ships all use the characteristics of aluminum alloys such as lightweight, strong mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance, making them Excellent selection of materials.

High-speed rail vehicles and maglev vehicles with speeds greater than 200km / h have all been aluminized. Aluminum fire trucks, semi-trailers, tank trucks, and rail car bodies all require complex and large-section aluminum profiles in production.

You see! How wide a range of aluminum uses in everyday life.

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