Aluminum is seen everywhere.

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In our daily life, aluminum can be seen everywhere, it is strong in plasticity, easy to process and beautiful in appearance. It is commonly used in machinery, household appliances, daily necessities manufacturing, and building decoration.

Durable consumer goods like household appliances. Due to its lightweight, beautiful appearance, adaptability to various forms of processing and low cost of manufacturing and processing, aluminum is widely used in household appliances. Its light weight is an important feature that can be adapted to vacuum cleaners and electric irons. , the requirements of the dishwasher and food processor and blender. Lightweight furniture, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, durability, and beautiful appearance are the main advantages of aluminum furniture.

Aluminum curtain wall cladding panels are favored by public buildings because of their good rigidity, lightweight, easy processing, and recyclability. Mainly used in lecture halls, hotel hanging boards, pedestrian bridges, billboards, and other buildings.

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat. Aluminum can be used in the manufacture of various heat exchangers, heat-dissipating materials and cookware.

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