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Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusions2024-02-20T03:16:57+00:00

Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion

FONNOV ALUMINIUM produces wood finish aluminum extrusions for architectural extruded aluminum products.
Wood finish aluminum looks like wood. It is a highly durable aluminum.
FONNOV has provided more than 1000 wood grain colors on aluminium profiles for architecture and interior design.
Wood aluminum extrusions are widely used in window frames, door frames, ceiling, wall cladding, screening, louver, siding, pergola, slat fence and gate, soffit, decking, and railing.

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Your Single Source Supplier of Wood Finish Aluminum Projects

Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion Sizes

We produce wood finish aluminum extrusions in various sizes for architecture, interior decoration, exterior decoration projects.

Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion Colors

We have standard wood finish colors for customers to choose from. We also accept custom wood finish colors.

Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion Shapes

Although most of the wood grain aluminum extrusions required for projects are custom-shape made, we still have many existing extrusion shapes.

Wood Finishing Service For Assembly Aluminum Sheets

If aluminum sheet is assembled with aluminum extrusions, we supply wood finish aluminum sheet to meet consistent color matching request.

CNC Machining & Fabrication Service For Wood Finish Aluminum

Services including precision cutting to length, hole-punching, CNC milling, bending, welding, laser cutting, deburring, counter sinking, assembly, etc.

Laser Etching For Wood Finish Aluminum

We provide laser etching service when you need LOGO, Series Number or Instructions on any aluminum products.

Supply Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusions

For Architecture Projects

Wood finish aluminum extrusion from FONNOV ALUMINIUM offers a nature timber appealing, environmentally friendly solution for many aluminium products in architectural building construction and home interior industry, such as wood effect windows and doors, curtain wall and facade, exterior screening, pergola, louvers, railing, decking, furniture, ceiling and cladding, house siding, garden slat fence and gate, cabinets, appliance, etc. The wood grain finish is ideally suited for applications where architects prefer to see a natural wood look on aluminum.

Wood Finish Aluminum Fence & Gate2022-05-02T01:34:06+00:00
aluminium slat fencing-fonnovaluminium

Instead of timber fencing, woodgrain aluminum slat fencing provides the latest architectural styling. The slats are aluminum tubes, and they can be designed vertical or horizontal. More woodgrain color options on slat to suit the decoration of your yard.

Wood Finish Aluminum Pergola2024-02-20T02:25:25+00:00
wood grain extruded aluminum pergola

An wood fnish aluminum pergola creates an extra living space outdoors. Here you can relax in with family and friends. Many pergola frames are made of woodgrain aluminum tubes instead of natural timber. Cherry wood color is what pergola designers like most.

Window & Door With Wood Finish Aluminum Frames2022-05-02T01:37:11+00:00
window profile-fonnov aluminium

The aluminum frame of windows and doors are extruded aluminum profiles. The color options of the frame can be anodized silver, anodized bronze, anodized black, anodized champagne. It also can be powder-coated white, powder-coated black,  powder-coated brown. It still can be wood finish of oak timber-look, teak timber-look, cherry timber-look, walnut timber-look, or other woodgrain colors.

CLICK to know more about aluminum extrusion for windows and doors.

Wood Finish Aluminum Baffle Ceiling2022-05-02T01:38:34+00:00

Woodgrain aluminum baffle ceilings can be seen in commercial areas, offices, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, or railway stations. Most of the wood slat ceilings are wood aluminium baffle ceilings. Woodgrain baffle Ceiling offers a unique pattern with a linear look ceiling. It is airy and ventilating, its lines are neat, and its layers are clear, making decoration a beautiful style.

FONNOV produces baffle ceilings as well as woodgrain tubes for the structural ceilings.

Wood Finish Aluminum Decking2022-05-02T01:33:14+00:00
timber look aluminum profile for decking-fonnovaluminium

Woodgrain aluminum decking is a revolutionary decking product compared with timber decking. It provides durability and longevity for decking products.

fonnov wood finish aluminum extrusion manufacturer

Professional Woodgrain Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer


FONNOV produces and controls product quality in strict accordance with National Standards GB/T5237, GB/T6892 and GB/T3191. Our customers are all over the world, and we are quite familiar with both American Standard ASTM B221 and European Union Standard EN755 of extruded aluminum products. The rich experience helps us know how to meet the strict quality requirements.

We use aluminum billets that strictly in line with national standards to complete the extrusion. We choose high quality coating suppliers and wood paper suppliers for surface finishing. Especially for outdoor super durable requirements of the extrusion products. The selection of qualified raw materials is the basis for us to provide qualified products.

You Best Choice of Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

Do you need woodgrain aluminum extrusions for your new project? Or, you want to develop more finishing options for your products?

Search no more. FONNOV ALUMINIUM is the right wood finish aluminum manufacturer for this task.

  • Experience

FONNOV has produced more than 1000 woodgrain colors for aluminum extrusion profiles for almost ten years. Our manufacturing workers have built up rich, deep experience from many previous wood finish aluminum projects, so they know what customers like on wood aluminum and how to meet customers’ quality requests.

  • Strict Quality Test

FONNOV is strict on qualify of wood finish aluminum. Providing high-quality woodgrain aluminum extrusion is what we should do for our customers.

See How FONNOV Produces the Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion

FONNOV ALUMINIUM produces wood finish aluminum extrusions. This finish is a timber look appearance on an aluminum extrusion profile surface. With the advanced sublimation process, woodgrain texture can be printed clearly on the aluminum metal surface. Wood finish aluminum extrusion profile is a highly durable product that is easy to clean and does not require any maintenance of real wood. It offers high resistance toward heat, acids, humidity, salt, detergents, and UV. So it is very suitable for residential and commercial architectural applications in both interior and exterior. FONNOV ALUMINIUM has engaged in high-quality wood finish aluminum extrusions for almost ten years and provided more than 1000 kinds of woodgrain colors for architecture and interior design. More and more architects prefer wood finish aluminum extrusion products for claddings, wall battens, ceilings, pergolas, sidings, fencing, and gates. Contact us now to find high-quality wood aluminum extrusions for your project.

▹Sublimation Process Creates Wood Finish Aluminum

FONNOV ALUMINIUM uses the sublimation process to create a wood finish on aluminum extrusion profiles. This is a physical-chemical process, which is the direct transition of a substance from the solid phase to the gas phase. The aluminum extrusion profile must be in powder coated or electrophoresis treatment firstly. Cover the aluminum with wood grain paper or heat transfer printing film/paper, then put it into the oven for 170-200℃ backing. Remove the film when the time is up. Then you will get a bright wood finish on aluminum. This production process can be briefly seen as Pretreatment ➟ Base coat powder coating ➟ Curing ➟ Wrapping woodgrain transfer paper/film ➟ Vacumming ➟ Curing ➟ Tearing transfer paper/film off.

Complete Woodgrain Color Range For Your Project

FONNOV ALUMINIUM has produced more than 1000 kinds of woodgrain colors on the aluminum extrusion since 2013. Available in a broad range of woodgrain color selections, such as white oak, red oak, dark oak, light teak, dark teak, walnut wood, black walnut, red walnut, cherry wood, black cherry, white ash, pine, aspen, beechwood, maple, etc. The standard texture is matt smooth and sandy texture.  Other options can be chosen like glossy and shiny. We also welcome your custom woodgrain color for wood aluminum.

We FONNOV ALUMINIUM has announced the most popular woodgrain colors on aluminum extrusion products for 2023. Tell us the one that suits your project. If any color does not interest you, contact us with your request and we will find it in our wide color chart.

woodgrain color chart on aluminum-fonnov

Woodgrain Coating Properties

Gloss Gloss Range(%) 60° Tolerance
Matt 3~30 ±5
Satin 31~70 ±7
Glossy 71~100 ±10
Indentation Hardness Adhesive Force Impact Resistance Erichsen Cupping Flexing Endurance
≥ 80 0 grade no rupture or shedding of coating 5mm 3mm

Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion FAQ

Here are most of the questions related to wood aluminum extrusion. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, please leave us a message.

How to make wood grain aluminum profile?2024-02-20T02:16:26+00:00

Step 1: Extrude aluminum profiles

Step 2: Apply powder coating on pretreated aluminum extrusion profiles. Then, heat the combination to polymerize it. A base coat will be formed. When left exposed, agents of corrosion and abrasion like weather can reduce the life of aluminum.

Step 3: Put a film transfer of wood grain effect and wrap it around the powder coated aluminum profiles. After that, use a vacuum to remove air.

Step 4: Sublimate the product using a special oven.

Why use wood finish aluminum extrusion?2024-02-20T02:17:30+00:00
  • Compliance

Every construction must be approved by the designated authority in a particular jurisdiction. Woodgrain aluminum extrusion profile is deemed non-combustible, therefore, it’s a preferred option because of its fire regulation compliance.

  • Strength

Aluminum is light yet strong. This combination of wood finish on aluminum extrusion is an added advantage over wood. Besides, it has the power to resist movement without breaking or bending easily.

  • Less maintenance costs

Timber requires maintenance more often than wood finish aluminum extrusion. The latter requires less maintenance costs but delivers the exquisite wood appearance other architects and designers look out for in timber.

  • High resistance to fade

Compared to timber, wood finish aluminum is slower in losing its coatings. This means avoiding coating/painting costs repeatedly over time. According to research, Aluminum resistance power to fade is three times that of wood. This means less exposure to agents of corrosion and adhesion.

  • Exterior-interior option

Wood finish aluminum extrusions can be used both internally and externally. Although timber has a fine look, its ability to resist fade and corrosion makes aluminum wood finish the better option. This has an impact on both finances and overall look/feel.

What are the benefits of a wood finish aluminum extrusion profile?2024-02-20T02:17:44+00:00
  1. Fully customizable, better than real wood which can be complicated by the grain often times
  2. Has a very high standard aesthetical value
  3. Durable
  4. Reduced maintenance costs
  5. Gives the designer alternatives to choose from
Use of wood grain aluminum extruded profiles2024-02-20T08:17:13+00:00
  • Doors and Windows

Wood grain aluminum extrusion profiles are common choice for designers. Aluminum does not swell especially when exposed to humidity. This makes it a better option than wood including other reasons like durability and better aesthetic appeal. Aluminum is also strong and this makes it a better material for massive lift and slide doors as well as windows.

  • Fence and Gate

Wood finish aluminum extrusion will definitely be the better option to real wood. Aluminum fence will last long and offers better security. Besides, Aluminum fences require reduced maintenance. Therefore, you’ll incur less costs in the process. In addition, wood finish aluminum is not as exposed to agents of corrosion and tear; like real wood is to insects and humidity.

  • Roofing and Canopies

Wood roofs have short life cycles. For projects that require longer time to serve purpose, different material must be prioritized. In this case, wood finish aluminum extrusion profile is the best option. It lasts longer and serves better.

  • Signage

Wood is associated with elegance but won’t last long enough when used to make signage due to exposure to humidity and wind etc. Wood grain aluminum profile then would be the best alternative.

  • Garage Doors

Garage doors are massive structures that require maintenance time and again. Wood finish aluminum extrusions will allow your garage door to operate optimally without the need for constant repairs.

What wood finish aluminum extrusion can you get from FONNOV Aluminium?2024-02-20T08:17:51+00:00

FONNOV ALUMINUM offer clients variety of wood finishes on aluminum extrusion options to select from. You can choose one of our wood grain coating options including matt, glossy, smooth and sandy texture.

We have produced 1000+ wood grain colors for our clients since 2016. With such properties, we’ve been able to develop fine wood grain finishes like:

  • Baffle ceiling
  • Slat fence & gate
  • Pergola
  • Window & door
  • Cladding
  • Furniture
  • Battens
How to care and maintain wood grain finish aluminum extrusion profiles?2024-02-20T02:18:05+00:00
  1. Clean the area with a mild liquid detergent.
  2. Rinse the area well ensuring that all detergent is gotten rid of.
  3. Apply turpentine, white spirit or methylated spirit. Ensure that you only use mild solvents.
  4. Avoid using strong solvents like acetates and petrol products or alcoholic solvents. They may have irreversible damage on the product.
  5. Avoid leaving your wood grain aluminum extrusion profiles exposed to cleaning agents for prolonged times.
  6. Maintenance intervals should also be observed. You should performance routines about two times a year, i.e. after every six months. The environment you live in also determines your maintenance frequency. Marine area residents are advised to clean more. This will help maintain your woodgrain finish in the right appearance at all times.
How do you get aluminum wood finish process done?2024-02-20T02:18:16+00:00

Step 1: Pre-painting

This step involves oil and dust removal before finishing with phosphating. The latter is the most important action in this phase.

After thorough cleaning and phosphating is done, a film is formed. The phosphate layer increases the product’s adhesive qualities. Besides, it boosts its corrosion resistance attributes.

Step 2: Powder Coating

The extruded aluminum profile is then powder coated in this second stage. The powder must be up to par with the wood grain’s heat transfer specifications. If these requirements aren’t met, the end product may not be as good.

Step 3: Wood Grain Paper/Film Cover

Cover the aluminum extrusion profile with wood grain paper or film.

Step 4: Sublimation

This process is also referred to as vacuum-curing. It entails passing the aluminum extrusion profile through a vacuum wood grain effect heat transfer machine. Place the wood grain on the substrate and heat the mixture.

Step 5: Film Removal

Remove the wood grain paper/film and clean your wood finish aluminum extrusion profile ready for quality analysis and packaging.

Which woodgrain is the most beautiful one?2022-01-03T08:12:26+00:00

There are thousands of wood in nature, and there must be a kind of wood grain color that suits architecture and design needs. For architects, the different project has different aesthetic and color preferences. The light-colored wood grain helps people calm down quickly and makes people feel peaceful. Therefore, light-colored wood grains ( like white oak, red oak, and white ash) are suitable for business areas such as meeting rooms or areas that require quietness. Dark wood grains easily arouse people’s emotions and make people happy. This type of color (like cherry wood or walnut wood) is suitable for living areas such as restaurants. So every woodgrain color and texture has its fascinating beauty.

Can you provide machining service for extrusion order?2023-05-04T04:13:17+00:00

We have an aluminum fabrication shop to provide CNC machining and fabrication service.
The material is not only aluminum extrusion products but also aluminum sheet panels. Please send us your CAD and 3D drawings for a quote.

Click Aluminum Machining / Fabrication to know more.

CNC Machining On Heatsinks

Can I get your newest timber look aluminum colorchart?2024-02-20T02:22:15+00:00

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is very famous for woodgrain aluminum among our customers. We have made more than 1000 wood colors. Anual popular timber-look colors will be published in each early year. 

Click Timber Look Aluminum Color chart to see the updated wood grain colors. They are popular in our existing market in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Or email us your project for suggestions. 

wood aluminum ceiling color -fonnov aluminium

How many wood finishing colors can be made?2024-02-20T02:22:40+00:00

FONNOV is a professional company on woodgrain finish on aluminum. More than 1000 wood colors have been made by FONNOV ALUMINIUM. We also accept custom timber colors.

Click Wood Grain Colors from FONNOV ALUMINIUMto see some colors which popular in our existing market.

How to make wood finish aluminum profiles?2024-02-20T02:22:59+00:00

Click Sublimation Process – How to Make Aluminium Look Like Wood to see the production video from FONNOV ALUMINIUM plant.

What should I provide for a quote from you?2023-02-28T03:35:38+00:00

▹Drawing is necessary. CAD drawing for aluminum extrusion request. CAD and 3D drawing for machining and fabrication request.

▹Required quantity / aluminium alloy and temper / surface finishing / dimension tolerance / quality standard.

The information above is all needed for the price. Please let us know more about your aluminum project.


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    FONNOV ALUMINIUM is one of the leading woodgrain aluminum extrusion profile manufacturers and suppliers in China. This timber-look finish helps you expand your product color selection. We offer them in various colors and textures to give your final products a premium look.

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