Wood Grain Finish On Aluminium Profiles

▹Wide Applications

Woodgrain finish aluminium profiles from FONNOV ALUMINIUM offers a nature timber appealing, environmentally friendly solution for many products in architectural building construction and home interior industry, such as windows and doors, curtain wall and facade, louvers, railing, decking, furniture, ceiling and cladding, house siding, garden fence and gate, cabinets, appliance, etc. The wood grain finish is ideally suited for applications where architects prefer to see a natural wood appearance.


Woodgrain finish on aluminium profile is a highly durable product that is easy to clean and does not require any maintenance of real wood. It offers high resistance toward heat, acids, humidity, salt, detergents, and UV. So it is very suitable for residential and commercial architectural applications in both interior and exterior.

▹Complete Wood Grain Color Range

Available in a broad range of wood grain color selections, such as oak, teak, walnut, cherry, ash, pine, aspen, beechwood etc. The standard texture is matt smooth, and other options can be chosen like glossy, shiny, 3D, sand.


▹Wood Grain Sublimation Process

FONNOV ALUMINIUM uses the sublimation process to create wood grain finish on aluminium extrusion profiles. This process is a physical-chemical process, which is the direct transition of a substance from the solid phase to the gas phase. The aluminum profile must be in powder coated or electrophoresis treatment firstly. Cover the aluminum with wood grain paper or heat transfer printing film/paper, then put it into the oven for 170-200℃ backing. Remove the film when time is up. Then you will get a bright wood grain color. This production process can be briefly seen as Pretreatment ➟ Base coat powder coating ➟ Curing ➟ Wrapping woodgrain transfer paper/film ➟ Vacumming ➟ Curing ➟ Tearing transfer paper/film off.

wood aluminium fonnov


▹Coating Properties

GlossGloss Range(%) 60°Tolerance
Indentation HardnessAdhesive ForceImpact ResistanceErichsen CuppingFlexing Endurance
≥ 800 gradeno rupture or shedding of coating5mm3mm

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