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Woodgrain Colors On Aluminum2024-02-20T02:47:51+00:00

Wood Grain Colors On Aluminum

FONNOV ALUMINIUM has produced more than 1000 kinds of wood grain colors on the aluminum surface for different industrial areas since 2013.

The most popular aluminum wood grain colors include:

Oak, Teak, Walnut, White Ash, Agarwood, Pine, Sapele, Rosewood, Pearwood, Merbau, Aspen, Maple, Cherry, etc.

Different textures can be made in each wood grain color, such as smooth texture, sand texture, high gloss, or matte finish.

We also can produce custom aluminum wood grain colors if you request.

woodgrain colors on aluminum-fonnov aluminium

Most Popular Wood Grain Colors on Aluminum for the Year 2024

We FONNOV ALUMINIUM announce the most popular wood grain colors on aluminum extrusion products for 2024.

Our customers ordered these wood colors most for their architectural design projects in the last year.

Select One For Your Wood Finish Aluminum Project.

w54-woodgrain color oak-fonnovaluminium
SB018-20Fs-wood finish aluminum-fonnov
JXY003Fs-wood grain colors on aluminum-fonnov
JXY002Fs-woodgrain colors aluminum-fonnov
50746-F1070-1Fs-walnut wood grain color-fonnov aluminium
13950SF25Fs-timber grain-fonnov aluminum extrusion
M92413SF25Fs-white ash-fonnovaluminium woodgrain
JXY020Fs-faux woodgrain finish aluminum-fonnov
9628-1A-270Fs-woodgrain finish aluminum-fonnov
8627-4Fs-woodgrain color-fonnov aluminium
8119-8112AFs-red wood finish aluminum-fonnov
8118-9684-3AFs-teak timber look aluminum-fonnov
8110-9129-9AFs-walnut timber look aluminum-fonnov
8110-8130AFs-walnut wood-timber look on aluminum-fonnov
8109-9188AFs-red wood finish on aluminum-fonnov
8107-9684-3AFs-cherrywood-fonnov aluminium
8109-9129-9AFs-cherry timber look-fonnov
8107-9617AFs-teak woodfinish on aluminum-fonnov
8107-9188-2AFs-walnut timber look-fonnov
8107-8112-1AFs-walnut woodgrain-fonnovaluminium
8107-8111AFs-red wood-fonnovaluminium
7159-11Fs-woodgrain aluminum-fonnov
7135-7-1553Fs-cherry woodgrain-fonnov aluminum
7135-7-1332Fs-timber grain-fonnov aluminium
7127-7-11769Fs-teak woodgrain-fonnov aluminum
3101-8130AFs-cherrywood-aluminum fonnov
1116-9160AFs-wood color aluminum-fonnov
1116-8123-26AFs-pine woodgrain aluminum-fonnov
1115-9665Fs-teak grain aluminum-fonnov
1111-9188-5AFs-whiteash-woodgrain aluminum-fonnov
1010-8111-4AFs-teak finish on aluminum extrusion-fonnov
1111-9160AFs-woodgrain color on aluminum-fonnov
0409-1558-005Fs-teak timber look-fonnovaluminium
0171-7040-17 Fs-faux timber finish on aluminum-fonnov
111-8091-woodgrain colors oak-fonnov aluminium
0171-3001-22-timber color fonnov aluminum


Due to different daylight conditions and screen settings, there will be a color difference between the picture and the actual sample. A common acknowledgment of wood grain finish on aluminum products is that some color variation may occur for different batch production. Color sample confirmation before batch production will be necessary for our customers. We recommend that you order enough quantity for every manufacturing because there might be a color difference for one finish with different manufacturing.

Woodgrain Colors FAQ

Here you will find most of the questions related to woodgrain colors on aluminum. We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, leave us a message to see if we can help.

Which woodgrain is the most beautiful one?2022-01-03T08:12:26+00:00

There are thousands of wood in nature, and there must be a kind of wood grain color that suits architecture and design needs. For architects, the different project has different aesthetic and color preferences. The light-colored wood grain helps people calm down quickly and makes people feel peaceful. Therefore, light-colored wood grains ( like white oak, red oak, and white ash) are suitable for business areas such as meeting rooms or areas that require quietness. Dark wood grains easily arouse people’s emotions and make people happy. This type of color (like cherry wood or walnut wood) is suitable for living areas such as restaurants. So every woodgrain color and texture has its fascinating beauty.

Can I get your newest timber look aluminum colorchart?2024-02-20T02:22:15+00:00

FONNOV ALUMINIUM is very famous for woodgrain aluminum among our customers. We have made more than 1000 wood colors. Anual popular timber-look colors will be published in each early year. 

Click Timber Look Aluminum Color chart to see the updated wood grain colors. They are popular in our existing market in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Or email us your project for suggestions. 

wood aluminum ceiling color -fonnov aluminium

How many wood finishing colors can be made?2024-02-20T02:22:40+00:00

FONNOV is a professional company on woodgrain finish on aluminum. More than 1000 wood colors have been made by FONNOV ALUMINIUM. We also accept custom timber colors.

Click Wood Grain Colors from FONNOV ALUMINIUMto see some colors which popular in our existing market.

How to make wood finish aluminum profiles?2024-02-20T02:22:59+00:00

Click Sublimation Process – How to Make Aluminium Look Like Wood to see the production video from FONNOV ALUMINIUM plant.

What should I provide for a quote from you?2023-02-28T03:35:38+00:00

▹Drawing is necessary. CAD drawing for aluminum extrusion request. CAD and 3D drawing for machining and fabrication request.

▹Required quantity / aluminium alloy and temper / surface finishing / dimension tolerance / quality standard.

The information above is all needed for the price. Please let us know more about your aluminum project.




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