Aluminum Extrusion Die That You Should Know

What is the Aluminum Extrusion Die Opening?

Aluminum profiles are generally extruded to a curtain shape, so die opening is necessary for this aluminum extrusion process.

Under the action of three-direction uneven stress, the aluminum billet is extruded from the orifice or slit of the die, and finally form to a certain aluminum profiles. This process will decrease its cross-sectional area and increase its length, the processing method of the final product is called aluminum extrusion.

When extruded, the aluminum billet creates a three-way stress to make it been formed.

Extrusion, especially cold extrusion, high material utilization, improved material structure and mechanical properties, simple operation, high productivity, can produce long rod, deep hole, thin wall, profiled parts, is important, less cutting Processing technology. Extrusion is mainly used for the forming of metals.

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The Steps of Die Opening for Extrusion Aluminum

▸According to the use requirements, detailed understanding of die opening product parameters, such as: size, mechanical properties, etc., morphological structure (product size and structure, the difficulty will directly affect the cost of die tooling).

▸According to the above understanding, the technicians begin to design die drawings and technical parameters.

▸Both buyer and producer parties confirm and sign the die drawings.

▸Develop and produce the die tooling (the die is an important part of the aluminum extrusion production, which determines the structural shape of the profile), and detects the mold accuracy (the mold design accuracy control range is ±0.02mm);

▸According to the mold, the sample is tested. If the sample is confirmed by buyer, then can start mass-production.

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The Accuracy Control of Aluminum Extrusion Die

The accuracy technology of aluminum extrusion is very strict. The extrusion equipment, extrusion die and extrusion process technology are very strict in the production process, and the product precision value control range is ±0.04mm.

The design accuracy and material technology of the die tooling are the main factors that directly affect the quality of the aluminum profile products and the dimensional accuracy of the products. The selection of the mold materials must meet the requirements of high hardness, high temperature resistance and friction resistance; the normal working environment temperature of the extrusion die At 500 °C, the yield strength of the mold material under high temperature environment can not be lower than 1200N/mm2; the friction resistance of the mold in high temperature environment is mainly reflected in the hardness and thickness of the nitride layer. Generally, the hardness of the nitride layer should be 1150HV. Above, the thickness is between 0.25mm and 0.45mm, and the accuracy of the mold after nitriding should be controlled within 0.02mm.

Aluminum Extrusion Die Cost

The tooling die cost is calculated according to the complexity of the mold, the size of the mold, and the required tonnage of the extruder. The mold fee is usually returned to the customer after the customer reaches a certain level of use. The dosage level is determined by the manufacturer’s situation.

Aluminum Extrusion Die Opening Rules By FONNOV ALUMINIUM

▸MOQ of Aluminum Extrusion: The minimum starting quantity of aluminum profile is 500kg, and the cost of large section mold is relatively high, which will be adjusted according to the actual ratio.

▸Delivery time: The whole process from aluminum extrusion die opening to sample delivery is 3 weeks under normal conditions (except for special cases).

▸Die tooling fee: mainly calculated according to the mold specifications and difficulty level.

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