Aluminium Fabrication

FONNOV ALUMINIUM provides extra machining and fabrication services when users request. Integrated with our extruded aluminium profiles, aluminium rods, square aluminium bars, rectangular aluminium bars, aluminium tubes, and aluminium sheets, we are a one-stop-factory that you can rely on for all of your custom aluminium extrusion, aluminium machining, aluminium fabrication, surface finishing needs. When you have a design in progress, we can help bring it into reality.


  • CNC Milling
  • Laser Cutting
  • Countersinking
  • Knurling
  • Counterboring
  • Threading
  • Laser Marking
  • Shearing
  • Precision Cutting
  • Punching
  • Deburring
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Welding
  • Bending
  • Sanding
  • Assembly

Fabricated aluminium products and machining aluminium products are used widely in many industries, like lighting, furniture, architecture, marine, sporting equipment, industrial equipment, electronics and more.

What is Aluminium Fabrication?

Aluminium fabrication is the process of creating aluminium parts through cutting, bending and shaping. In wide industries, aluminium fabrication can make various parts and structures for machinery, products, and artwork. Machining is a part of aluminium fabrication, it plays an important part in most aluminium extrusion component work by removing material from the parent workpiece. Machining service includes cutting, drilling, milling, countersinking, knurling, counterboring, threading, reaming, laser cutting, etc. Aluminium fabrication and machining operation can be done of machines such as CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine, drill, tapping machine, punches or presses, laser cutting machine, laser marking, plasma cutting, and welding machine, CNC bending machine, etc.

Aluminium Properties that Suitable for Fabrication Operation

  • Aluminium is highly flexible, which means it’s easier to bend and weld into shape. This characteristic makes aluminum ideal for small and structurally complex components.
  • Aluminum items can weigh much less than steel counterparts.
  • Aluminum can withstand the most common forms of corrosion by many kinds of surface finishing methods.

Which Alloy Work Best for Aluminium Fabrication?

If your project is made of extruded aluminium, 6063 6060 6061 6082 will be the best material for fabrication. The most popular alloy is 6061, which can be found in nearly all kinds of industries, from aerospace and automotive to packaging and communications.

If you’re looking for high weldability, choose an aluminum alloy in the 5XXX or 6XXX series. 2XXX and 7XXX alloys are not considered weldable.

In most cases, aluminum alloy 3003 is probably the best alloy for bending, then comes alloy 5052 right behind, and 5052 is with better formability than 3003.

Surface Finishing Options

FONNOV ALUMINIUM also provides surface finishing service for your fabricated aluminium products. Anodizing, powder coating, wood color coating, and PVDF coating can be chosen as below.


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