According to the environmental conditions in use, aluminium profiles must be regularly cleaned of pollutants to maintain brightness. The surface of the aluminium profile should be cleaned with a soft cloth. It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive paper, wire brushes or other abrasives to clean the surface of the profile. You can use warm water containing lubricants or neutral cleaning agents. The surface of the aluminium profile is easily corroded. If the surface of the aluminium profile is eroded and contaminated, it should be cleaned in time. The dirty thing can be scrubbed with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol, and then washed with clean water. The cleaned aluminium profile should be protected with a high-quality top coat.

maintenance - fonnov aluminium

The storage environment of aluminium profiles should be dry and ventilated. The bottom of the aluminium profile must be separated from the ground by padding, and the distance from the ground should be greater than 10CM; it is forbidden to store it with chemical or humid materials.


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