The coronavirus broke out in the world in early 2020, and the demand for surgical masks was in short supply. As a result, the face mask and its supply chain and downstream companies were all concerned. The surge in demand for surgical masks has led to a surge in demand for mask machine equipment. Many mask machine manufacturers seize the opportunity to expand production, resulting in a surge in demand for mask machine frames, and the frame material of mask machine equipment is standard industrial aluminum profiles produced by aluminum extrusion plants.

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Application of Aluminum Profiles in Surgical Mask Machine

The mask machine is not a single piece of equipment, but a combination of multiple parts. The aluminum frame is processed and assembled by standard industrial aluminum profiles, which is an important part of the surgical mask production line. Standard industrial aluminum profiles are processed by cutting, tapping, drilling, etc., and can be connected with related accessories(without welding), this method is with environmental protection and safety. The aluminum alloy material makes it anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and oxidation-resistant and has a long service life. The overall anti-static, fundamentally eliminate the potential threat of static electricity to the product. The materials can be reused, saving production costs, and supporting environmental protection.

What Size of Aluminum Profile Is Suitable for The Frame?

Which specifications of the industrial aluminum profile are suitable for the mask machine frame? This is related to the load-bearing of aluminum profiles. A profile with a large cross-section will cause waste and bulkiness, and a profile with a small cross-section will fail to meet the load-bearing requirements and unstable structure. Among the existing specifications, the 4040 T slot aluminum profile and 4080 T slot aluminum profile are mostly suitable for the custom mask machine frame. These two aluminum profiles are also popular choices for many equipment frames. Their load-bearing capacity is at least 1000KG, which is not wasteful and bulky for mask machine frame, and the structure is also very stable.

4040 aluminium extrusion profile-fonnov            4080 extrusion-fonnov

How to Connect These Aluminum Profiles to Be A-Frame?

The connection method used for industrial aluminum profiles is accessories but without welding, and the assembly is simple and convenient. So what are the connection methods that can be used in the mask machine frame? Like other aluminum frames, mask machine frames are also assembled using related accessories. The connection accessories between aluminum profiles are mainly bolts, nuts and corner pieces and seals, end caps, and other conventional accessories.

t slot extrusion (1)

The mask machine frame is divided into two parts, one is the machine hood frame, and the other is the mask conveyor line frame. The connection methods used by these two parts can be the same, or they can be used together according to needs. The mask frame of the mask equipment is used to place mechanical equipment, so it is necessary to install plates. The commonly used connection methods are hexagon socket bolts, built-in connectors, anchor connecting pins, etc. These accessories are internal connectors and will not occupy the space in the groove is convenient for installing plates.

The mask conveyor line frame is equivalent to a pipeline conveyor bracket. Many connection methods can be used. The commonly used is the corner piece connection. The hexagon socket bolts can be used for connection, and the corner pieces can be used in conjunction with the hexagon socket bolts. The specific connection method can be selected according to actual needs. The mask frame structure is not complicated, only these types of accessories are needed.


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