Looking to install an aluminum metal baffle ceiling in your company or any commercial project? Consider checking out the top ten best manufacturers to help make your work easier.

A baffle sound reduces the strength and movement of sound in a room. The design of aluminum metal baffle ceilings allows a clear view of the concrete used to make the ceilings. Moreover, when installed with lights, the metal baffle ceilings appear more glamorous and give a room or hall a warm and great feeling. Many architects prefer going for aluminum metal baffle ceilings in these recent times because of their benefits. Metal baffle ceilings aid in reducing acoustic issues such as improving the quality of speech in places such as conference rooms, academic institutions (lecture halls), and other official gatherings. Alternatively, metal baffle ceilings improve the aesthetic appeal of the building, making it appear more furnished and fancy. Discussed below are the top ten best aluminum metal baffle ceiling manufacturers:

Hunter Douglas Architectural

hunter douglas aluminum metal baffle ceiling

Hunter Douglas Architectural is a famous architectural material company that has dealt with specified projects for the design and architectural community for over fifty years. They mainly build and install specified ceiling products for their clients worldwide with offices in over one hundred countries. Hunter Douglas Architectural, specialize in producing many kinds of metal baffle ceilings.

Lindner Group

lindner aluminum metal baffle ceiling

The Lindner Group of companies is based in Arnstorf, Germany. They specialize in building envelopes, interior fit-out, and insulation with more than fifty years of innovation and research. Their aluminum metal baffle ceiling with a linear design that can be used both in public and private areas such as recreational and cultural centers, workplaces, transport stations, library rooms, and hotels and resorts. It features one piece of central running aluminum frames that is easy to install and has special acoustic properties.

Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong World Industries is a famous company located in Pennsylvania, USA. Armstrong offers ceiling & wall solutions for commercial and residential spaces. This company offers METALWORKS Blades metal baffle ceiling systems.

Rockfon Company

Rockfon aluminum metal baffle ceiling

Rockfon is an American company located in Chicago, Illinois that specializes in the manufacture o acoustic stone wool products, metal ceiling panels, and Chicago metallic ceiling suspension systems. The company is focused on sustainability, especially with its new wooden baffle ceilings that are integrated with recycled materials. Some of their outstanding innovations with aluminum metal baffle ceilings include:

  • Rockfon Intaline Round base Metal Baffle Ceiling
  • Rockfon Intaline V-Base Metal Baffle Ceiling

Fonnov Aluminum Company

fonnov aluminium metal baffle ceiling

This aluminum extrusion and fabrication company based in China actively produces and sells aluminum extrusions and extruded profiles. They produce different designs of metal baffle ceilings that can range shape and design, i.e., square baffles, rectangular baffles, round baffles, or custom-made baffles.

Durlum Company

Durlum is a company located on the Swiss-German border that specializes in the manufacture of metal ceilings, lightings, and fixtures to suit the modern architecture. Durum specializes in the metal baffle ceiling system with several variations and applications. This design features a linear, open baffle ceiling with a range of options that can be used as a cooling ceiling, acoustic refining, and printed wooden work.

SAS International Group

SAS aluminum metal baffle ceiling

This is a multinational corporation that manufactures different construction materials and structures. Their aluminum metal baffle ceilings range from bespoke to environmentally friendly, depending on the specifications stated. SAS produces metal baffle ceilings that control a variety of problems such as drifting noise and unwanted echoes, which reduce speech intelligibility which can be particularly useful in classrooms, hospitals, and meeting rooms.


USG BORAL aluminum metal baffle ceiling

USG Boral Building Products is a joint venture company of USG Corporation and Boral Limited. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At USG Boral, they are committed to providing solutions for walls and ceilings projects.

The metal baffle ceiling includes SIMPLICITY BAFFLES, SLIM BAFFLES, STREAMLINE BAFFLES, and TUBELINE BAFFLES. These series are all made of extruded aluminum.

Knauf AMF Company

knauf amf aluminum metal baffle ceiling

Their construction variant includes:


THERMATEX® Baffle classic

THERMATEX® baffle exclusive

THERMATEX® Baffle color

CertainTeed Saint-Gobain Company

certainteed aluminum metal baffle ceiling

This is a multinational corporation that manufactures different construction materials. They provide aluminum metal baffle ceilings for interior commercial spaces. Tavola Series is a  lightweight aluminum solution made of aluminum panels. It can be plain and perforated. High Profile Series™ Straight Baffle ceiling system is made by extruded aluminum profiles, and the largest size could be 4″ x 4″. Curved baffle ceiling available in High Profile Series™ which creates a wave across ceiling areas.

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