Fonnov Baffle Ceiling at Rail Station.

baffle ceiling subway station fonnov aluminium

The hall’s interior decoration of the airport and railway station is critical. In many crowded public places, the baffle ceiling facilitates the circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation of the air, and also distributes the light evenly, making the whole space spacious and bright. These advantages of baffle ceiling are most reflected in the space of the airport hall and the railway station. The space light will not be very uniform before the decoration, and the ventilation will not be very balanced, but the ventilation row after the installation of the aluminum baffle ceiling Gas can be effectively relieved by the spacing between the ceiling panels and the installed style.

FONNOV ALUMINIUM can produce baffle ceiling with RAL colors as well as wood grain colors; can produce baffle ceiling with bended aluminum as well as extruded aluminium. Sizes can be custom, W40*H70, W20*H80, W30*H75, W50*H65, W20*H100, W30*H100, W50*H100, W25*H100, W25*H150, etc.

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