Aluminum Bike Frame

Proper material is one of the key issues in bicycle production. Not only the style is novel and chic, the appearance is generous, the weight is light, the speed is fast, and the price is reasonable and appropriate. This puts higher demands on bicycle materials. The way to reduce the weight of the bicycle is to improve its design and structure. The second and most important thing is to choose materials with high strength and low density. Aluminum is the material of choice for reducing the weight of bicycles. Aluminum alloy has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, easy surface treatment (anodizing and powder coating), abundant resources, excellent waste recycling, and moderate price. It was mainly used for racing bike and high-end bicycles.

bicycle frame and rim aluminum - fonnov aluminium

The aluminum alloy for bicycles has a maximum tensile strength of up to 500 MPa and a density of 2.85 g/cm2. Most parts of bike accessories are made of extruded aluminum, like bike frame, handlebar, front axle, center axle, rear axle, bicycle rim, crank, etc. The bicycle frame tube is made of 6061 6063 aluminum alloy pipe, the bike rim is made of 5083, 6061, 6063, 7003 aluminum alloy extruded profile, the handlebar is seamlessly controlled by cold drawn 5056 aluminum alloy, and the front and rear axles are made of 6061 extruded aluminium bar.

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