Fonnov is invited as professional visitor to CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO. in Shanghai.

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National Exhibition and Convension Center (Shanghai)

The 1st CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO is held in Shanghai in November 5-10, 2018.

ciie shanghai FONNOV ALUMINIUM

In the automobile show hall, many imported cars comes into sight. Almost all the mainstream car companies in the world come to show their latest cars and smart technologies as well as new energy car technologies. In this AUTOMOBILE HALL, you can find TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, GM, FORT, TESLA,Volkswagen,BMW, BENZ, AUDI, VOLVO, Porsche, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Jaguar, Peugeot, Bentley, Iveco, Citroen.

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A car can fly – AEROMOBILE

The shape of the Aeromobil car has both the elements of the car and the wings of the aircraft. It can be understood to subvert the concept of the traditional car. In addition to driving, you also can fly with open wings. It uses ordinary car fuel, and the fastest speed is 200 kilometers per hour. The Aeromobil flight car is planed to be mass-produced after 2020.

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