There are customers ask for casting aluminum products from us, and some customers do not know whether the aluminum parts they need are the die-casting aluminum or extruded aluminum.

Both die-casting aluminum and extruded aluminum have a wide range of use in industrial production and our life. We can see them nearly everywhere. As a professional aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we FONNOV ALUMINIUM briefly introduce the difference between the aluminum extrusion and aluminum casting, as well as their characteristics.

Extrusion vs. Casting │ Different Appearance

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The extruded aluminum profile is a long strip with a uniform cross-section. In general, it is sawed from any length and its shape is the same. And look carefully to see some fine squeezing lines. For example, square tube, round tube, aluminum row, and angle aluminum are the simplest extruded aluminum profiles. The aluminum profile extrusion has a density of 2.71.

Die-cast aluminum products have no fixed cross-section and shape, and die-cast aluminum products are cast, one by one, without sawing. Casting process can produce very complex aluminum products. The shape of the die-casting aluminum product can be designed like an imaging toy, and the shape is different, which is convenient for connection in various directions. In general, die-casting aluminum have a lower density than extruded aluminum, and it has a density of 2.66.

Extrusion vs. Casting │ Different Production Process

extrusion vs die casting-fonnov aluminium

The aluminum profile is extruded through an extruder using a round aluminum billet heated to its critical point. If the size is different from design, it can be further modified. Extrusion is a mechanical processing method without melting aluminium materials; the raw materials for extrusion production are 2xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series and 7xxx series aluminum alloy. Most extrusion factory produce with 2024, 5052, 3003, 6005, 6063, 6061, 7075 and so on.

Die-casting aluminum is made of aluminum ingot and alloy material, melted in a furnace and molded into a die-casting machine. The cost of die-cast aluminum products is much higher than that of extruded aluminum profiles, and it is not easy to repair if the size is different from design. Die casting is a casting method. The metal material must be melted first. The die casting is an aluminum alloy material, generally ADC12.

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