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tips to choose aluminum metal ceiling

Many consumers have a misunderstanding, that is, thicker the metal ceiling, better the quality. So some ceiling manufacturers prefer to produce thicker ceiling panels by increasing the coatings as well as coating thickness.Even more, some factories produce aluminum ceilings with recycled aluminum, which contains harmful substances such as chromium, lead and mercury, such ceiling is low in price, high in hardness and thick in aluminum panel.

Under the premise of using high-quality aluminum material, if the project does not clarify, FONNOV ALUMINIUM suggests thickness 0.6mm for home and general decoration, and 0.7-0.8mm for large projects decoration. These thicknesses of aluminum ceiling tile are the best performance with best price, and fully able to meet the bearing strength. If the thickness is thicker, not only waste materials, but also increase the unnecessary economic burden.

In fact, when purchasing the aluminum ceiling tiles, not only judge the quality by the thickness of the aluminium sheet. It is necessary for the consumer to clearly define the aluminum material. Grab the aluminum plate at the corner, check the elasticity and toughness of the aluminium panel. The high-quality aluminum ceiling tile is made of high-quality pure aluminum or aluminium alloy with suitable toughness and strength. The aluminum plate with poor quality is made of recycled aluminum, the hardness of the whole plate is very hard and there is no elasticity.

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