Precision Cutting Aluminum Extrusions

FONNOV ALUMINIUM provides a secondary precision cutting on the aluminum extrusions we produce.

6063 mill finish aluminum fonnov

Precision cutting aluminum extrusion is the separating of aluminum extrusions into two or more pieces by a CNC cutting machine. The precision cutting can be straight cut or miter cut with certain angles(mitre cut). FONNOV ALUMINIUM can cut aluminum extrusions to any length which is strict to the length specifications.

All aluminum extrusions need to be precision-cut to a specific length for final use. The main reason that customers require cut-to-length of their aluminium extrusions is that the extrusions can be directly used on their production line, which can save money by reducing scrap in their further operations. While in the fabrication of aluminum extrusion profiles, precision cutting can ensure the extrusions are cut to the specified length required in the specification or design for the product. The typical uses for precision cutting for aluminum extrusion include creating kinds of frames, connectors, enclosures, etc.

Although we can cut the aluminum extrusion to any length, we still suggest a length limit for a better shipping and lower cost in different shipping methods.

  • Suggested Length ≤5.8M for loading in Full container
  • Suggested Length ≤3M for LCL goods by sea or by air
  • Suggested Length ≤2M for goods by Express



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