Aluminum Profiles for Home Decoration And Furniture

Aluminium extrusion profiles are more and more used in furniture, including outdoor furniture and indoor furniture.

Outdoor Aluminium Furniture

Aluminium chairs, aluminium tables, aluminium sofas, aluminium flower boxes, aluminium gazebos are more and more popular now. This furniture has to be placed exterior for a long time, it must have properties such as sun protection, water-resistance, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum furniture has certain plasticity and anti-corrosion properties, its stable performance, high strength and not easy to deform, ensuring that it can be used well in harsh outdoor conditions, lightweight and portable. In the future, the application of aluminum in the field of furniture will be explored more.

Indoor Aluminium Furniture

Now more and more indoor fully-aluminum furniture has come to our eyes. Fully-aluminum furniture includes aluminum wardrobes, aluminum kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and wine cabinets. The fully-aluminum cabinets are composed of aluminum profiles and aluminum panels, which truly achieves zero formaldehyde, zero pollution, health, and environmental protection, and can be recycled. A variety of surface treatments can form a variety of color choices. Among them, the use of advanced wood grain transfer technology not only allows the furniture surface to have the texture and aesthetics of solid wood but also has a higher wear resistance than wooden sheets, easily meeting daily use. Wooden boards will swell, deform, and mold when they encounter water. For aluminum cabinets, the water expansion coefficient is zero and the combustion coefficient is zero. The furniture cabinets made of aluminum alloy is more than 4 times stronger than wooden material but weighs only 60% of the wooden plate.

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